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BPO Call Center Quality Assurance: Why It Matters and What It Aims to Achieve?

Abhishikha Chatterjee
October 13, 2023
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A BPO call center is a crucial unit for the success of any business. It is the point of contact between a company and its customers. As such, the quality of service rendered by the call center agents reflects the company. 

However, BPO call center agents aren’t able to deliver the expected quality. Why?

One of the biggest challenges in BPO call center quality is maintaining consistency in service quality across a diverse team of customer service agents who handle a wide range of customer inquiries across industries. Hence, the job is demanding and often results in mistakes, mis-selling and poor customer experience.

Therefore, it is imperative to have a quality assurance program in place to monitor and improve the performance of the call center agents.

This blog post will discuss call center quality assurance, why it is essential, and how it can be implemented effectively in a BPO. 

Before we jump into why leaders implement QA in their call centers, let’s understand the role of quality assurance in a call center.

What is Call Center Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance in a BPO call center is a process that ensures that all customer interactions are of high quality and meet the company's standards. 

It involves monitoring, evaluating, and measuring the performance of the call center agents. QA is performed against a pre-defined checklist of parameters designed by the QA team.

Call Center Quality Assurance Training Helps Improve Customer Satisfaction

What is the Call Center Quality Assurance Checklist?

A quality assurance checklist is a tool that helps to evaluate the performance of the call center agents. 

It contains a list of standard operating procedures (SOPs) that the agents must follow. The checklist covers different areas, such as greeting the customer, handling the call, resolving customer issues, and ending the call

The checklist ensures that all the agents handle every customer interaction consistently.

Call center quality assurance checklist template for BPO Call Center.
Call center quality assurance checklist template for BPO Call Center.

There are 3 essential elements of a checklist, as discussed here:

1. Quality Assurance Call Script

The call script is a critical aspect of quality assurance in a call center. It provides the agents with a guideline for handling customer interactions. 

The call script should be developed with the customer in mind and should be easy to understand. The script should be based on the customer's needs, the product or service offered, and the company's values and goals.

2. Call Center Quality Assurance Guidelines

Quality assurance guidelines outline the protocols and procedures that agents should follow to ensure excellent customer service

These guidelines should be in line with the company's values and goals. These guidelines should be communicated to all the agents through training and regular feedback sessions to ensure they adhere to the set standards.

3. Call Center Quality Assurance Scorecard

A quality assurance scorecard is a performance metric for evaluating call center agents. It is a tool to measure the agent's adherence to the set standards. The scorecard should be developed using the quality assurance checklist, call script, and guidelines. 

The scorecard should be used to evaluate individual performance, team performance, and the call center's overall performance.

The checklist helps in the evaluation of the agents. Beyond the checklist, QA teams publish specific guidelines for the agents.

Customer Service QA Checklist
Customer Service QA Checklist
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10 reasons quality assurance is essential for every BPO Call center

The purpose of quality assurance in a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) call center is to ensure that customer interactions, typically phone calls but also including emails, chats, and other communication channels, meet established standards of quality and align with the objectives and values of the organization. 

Quality assurance serves several vital purposes:

  1. Maintains Consistency: Quality assurance ensures that all agents consistently handle customer interactions, providing a unified customer experience.
  2. Identifies areas for Improvement: Through monitoring and evaluation, quality assurance can identify areas that need improvement and provide feedback to agents for continued growth.
  3. Increases Customer Retention: Satisfied customers are more likely to remain loyal to a company, thus improving customer retention rates.
  4. Reduces Cost of Complaints: By ensuring high-quality service, quality assurance can help minimize the number of customer complaints and reduce the cost associated with resolving them.
  5. Boosts Employee Morale: A well-implemented quality assurance program provides agents with the support and tools they need to excel in their roles, increasing job satisfaction and morale.
  6. Provides Valuable Data: Quality assurance data is used to identify patterns and trends in customer interactions, providing valuable insights for improving processes and services.
  7. Ensures Compliance: Quality assurance ensures that agents follow company policies and regulations, reducing non-compliance risk.
  8. Drives Continuous Improvement: Quality assurance is an ongoing process that encourages continuous improvement and ensures that the call center always strives for excellence. QA helps in uncovering trends, issues, and opportunities for process improvement.
  9. Enhances Brand Reputation: A quality call center reflects positively on the company's brand, leading to a good reputation in the market.
  10. Improves Customer Satisfaction: When agents follow quality assurance guidelines, they are more likely to provide excellent service, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Business outcomes of implementing quality assurance in a BPO call center

With QA in the BPO call center, leaders can expect a positive change in their business outcomes. 

  • 21% Increase in Sales 
  • 27% Increase in CSAT
  • 25% Increase in Retention Rate
  • 12% Increase in Repeat purchases.
  • 100% Compliance monitoring
  • 17% Increase in Collection Rate
  • 56 sec lower AHT(average handle time)
  • 60% decrease in Ramp-up time

How to improve your customer service in a BPO?

Quality assurance in a BPO call center is crucial to providing excellent customer service. 

It helps ensure that all customer interactions are high quality and meet the company's standards. 

Quality assurance involves monitoring, evaluating and measuring the performance of the call center agents. It provides feedback to the agents to enhance their performance, identifies areas that need improvement, and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

But what if I tell you that your BPO call center only needs one tool to get the highest QA standards? Yes, Convin is an intelligent automated QA software that uses generative AI to audit conversations and offer excellent AI feedback to agents.

Effective implementation of Convin’s quality assurance program involves a combination of training, monitoring, evaluation, and feedback. Using customized scorecards, call scripts, checklists, and guidelines helps provide a consistent and Convin’s data-driven approach. You can measure the performance of the call center agents and show improvement in no time.

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1. Why do you(quality analyst) want to work in quality assurance in call center?

Working in call center quality assurance provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. Quality assurance agents leverage tools and their analytical skills to improve the call center agents' performance and customer experience. They provide a data-driven approach to measuring call center performance and identifying areas of improvement. This role requires a detail-oriented, analytical person with excellent communication skills.

2. What is the quality assurance process in a call center?

The quality assurance process in a call center involves a series of steps and activities aimed at monitoring, evaluating, and improving the quality of customer interactions and service delivery.

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