How to help your sales team sell faster, better, and smarter in 2024? - Practical Sales Tips

Abhishikha Chatterjee
January 18, 2022
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February 23, 2024
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Would you believe us if we tell you that prospects no longer want sales reps to sell them products?

Also, prospects don’t want to waste a single moment on the call listening to what reps sell?

Sales tips in 2022
are a bit more bizarre than we’d expected. 

Due to the luxury of information available on the internet, prospects are educated and aware of their requirements. And that’s not all; they are smarter with their choices and faster with their decisions. 

Considering the unprecedented changes in 2023 and the many innovations that automatically fit into our lives without notice, it made us think about how difficult it is for sales reps to sell? But…

The Reality: Selling is not tricky. How you do it makes a difference.

“What you sell is not as important as How you sell the product?”- The Challenger Sale by Mathew Dixon and Brent Adamson.

And that’s exactly what we wish to achieve through this post. 

Help your sales reps understand how sales can be performed in a smarter, faster, and better way in 2024.

However, as sales managers, you’ll realize that the five sales tips we identified are just a starting point, and there’s more at the end of this post. Stay tuned…

So coming back to why we chose the five sales tips is because we received these tips on interviewing seasoned sales experts on our Sales Gambit Podcast.  

After studying these five sales tips, we discovered how successful they are.

Hence, we decided to share it with you’ll.

5 Sales tips to help you sell faster, better, and smarter in 2024

Sales Tip #1: Stay in constant touch with your current customers- @Patrick William Joyce

Your current customers are your biggest assets. They are your ammunition for new customers and new business. 

And why do we say this?

Your current customers are responsible for helping you understand-

  • What do customers need today?
  • What industry challenges are your customers facing?
  • What’s the current workflow?
  • What are their economic drivers?
  • What’s the current team structure?
  • What tools do teams use?

As sellers, you must constantly communicate with your customer success team and understand how your customers respond to the current product and service. Moreover, what problem have you been able to solve?

Have information about existing customers, speak easily and more effectively to present prospects.

Sales Tip #2: Support asynchronous work of sales teams- @Celine Grey

Sales managers can’t wait for sales teams to assemble at a single place and discuss progress. 

Because it’s impractical to expect the entire remote sales team to work simultaneously and at the same place. 

Sales managers must respect the difference in time zone. 

To make things easier for your sales team, you can invest in the following remote sales technology stack-

  1. Reliable CRM software
  2. Robust sales analytics tool
  3. High-performing demo platform
  4. Scalable collaboration tool
  5. Task management solution
  6. Call recording solution

In case you are wondering how to make progress and check on all team members, then here’s your answer. 

Celine says, “You need to lead with data and with objectives. The progress parameters should be activity-based.”

Sales Tip #3: Research a company like an analyst- @Sean Sheppard

A prospect shouldn’t be approached unless you know their company in and out.

Now you would argue saying How do I get all the information about the company?

Well, at least the internet and Google search makes that possible. Chances are, you can land 50-70 percent of the company’s information on the internet. 

Go through every detail possible. Try to explore:

  1. Financial status
  2. Organization structure
  3. SWOT analysis(if possible)
  4. Future plans
  5. Business targets
  6. Current technology stack

And much more.

The more research you invest in, the more personalized the experience you deliver. 

Sales Tip #4: Don’t sell the product; sell the experience- @Dale Dupree

Now this one is a common mistake and also the reason for the smartest sales tip we know. 

As a sales rep, chasing the prospect with the product will barely make any difference. 

Whereas chasing the prospect with an experience, a benefit, or a job-to-be-done makes a dramatic difference- because prospects listen.

If you wish your prospects to pay attention to what you are saying, you must sell them an experience that leaves a lasting impression. 

Focus on selling experience first, then talk about the product.

Sales Tip #5: A Baker needs to eat his own Bread- @Julien Winkel

As a seller, how do you think you can criticize your company’s product? 

Simple, by using it yourself. 

Unless you use the product and take interest in learning about the product, you may never understand what the outcomes are, benefits are, the experience of using is, and most importantly, you’ll be unable to sell it in the correct context.

Start with using the product yourself, and then preach your prospects. 

How does that sound for awesome sales tips?

Hang on! 

Don’t leave so soon. 

We’re not done yet.

These are just a few amazing sales tips we extracted from our Sales Gambit Podcast. 

But we have a treasure trove of sales tips that can help your team sell faster in 2024. 

Would you like to learn more about why to sell faster in 2024?- Read now

Start making simple changes in your current selling habits and methods with the help of the eBook. 

The eBook is a comprehensive guide to selling faster in 2022 under the new normal conditions. 

If you are ready to take advantage of the current scenario and achieve your sales goals, then this eBook is for you.

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Just more thing…

Don’t download and leave it in your downloads folder. Please read it! 🙂

We wish you all Happy and Smart Selling 2024!!

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