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Aarti Nair
September 2, 2021
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September 2, 2021
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Taking notes in a meeting is something we can’t avoid, right? 

And for you, sales folks to painstakingly take notes and create a task on your CRM with the meeting data every day can be quite understandably monotonous and time-consuming. A time you would prefer doing something pr Freshworks adds Freshworks instead. 

And that is just one side of the story. A human’s short-term memory is just about 30 seconds, we all forget something. Many times so many crucial sales meeting insights get missed out, sales leaders can’t view all calls at scale. Or can they?

All of us are aware of Freshworks CRM and for those of you who are not:

“Freshworks is the leading cloud-based CRM. It provides a full suite of tools to manage & engage with customers.”

Freshworks can be integrated with a variety of services, including PayPal, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Instagram, Zapier, and many others. 

“Convin is a sales intelligence tool that helps businesses improve their sales funnel and increase revenue and sales.

It not only takes notes for you in the meeting but also analyses the conversation for conversational insights. And it also adds and creates the task for you on your CRM.

And the good news is: It integrates with Freshworks.

So, what does it mean for you as a business owner?

A business owner can align their entire team goals from their CRM only. And help their sales leaders by simplifying and automating the process of closely looking at deal cycles and providing feedback. But the good news does not end here.

Let’s find out more about Freshworks and Convin to what else it unlocks for you salespeople.


As we know, Freshworks is an AI-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps salespeople to manage the entire sales and service process. The CRM offers tools to manage contacts, tasks, and calendars. It provides customer support and oversees projects and campaigns. 

Salespeople can manage and track the deal’s progress by saving the data. These are the following data stored in the Freshworks CRM that helps the entire sales team in tracking the deal:

  • Lead: A lead is a contact that can be a potential customer, it can be either inbound or outbound.
  • Contact: It contains details of a particular customer such as email, phone, position in the company, address, etc.
  • Account: Company or Organization- Name of company, sector, and its contacts.
  • Opportunity: Upsell and Cross-sell Opportunities. An account can have multiple opportunities.
  • Task: Notes or any other kind of actionable information.

Convin, the missing part in Freshworks

Still, the salespeople have to spend countless hours taking notes, listening to calls with the help of extensions. Sales leaders have to spend hours listening to calls to review their entire team. But with Convin this can be changed easily.

Convin can record, transcribe, and send the insight copy of the meeting directly into the inbox of the entire team. And add them as notes on Freshwork’s Task.

Amazing right?

Sales agents don’t have to spend endless hours creating and adding the tasks in the Freshworks CRM. And the pointers you may miss out in reporting manually, Convin won’t! 

Convin seamlessly integrates with Freshworks and your Dialer or Video Conferencing platforms. Sellers don't have to undergo a separate training session to understand its working. And can be onboarded in less than 1 hour It also currently integrates with these CRMs other than Freshworks.

 CRM Integration
Convin integrates with the CRM to uncover deal insights

Why Should you integrate Convin with Freshworks?

Convin captures the deal intelligence in real-time and adds them as notes for you in the CRM. So you can identify the real risks, churn risks early and help mitigate them. Convin provides a granular view of the entire sales process, without much effort from you. So you can focus on what is important, that is closing more deals with the help of conversational intelligence.

By integrating Convin and Freshwork, you can:

  • Automate Note Taking: Convin automatically add it selfs in the meeting to record and transcribe the conversation.
  • Create Task on Freshworks: Convin post the meeting, automatically creates the task on Freshwork
  • Push Meeting Data: Convin automatically adds the meeting notes in the task.

You can even automate the entire sales training process by creating different call playbooks. New hires can view the call or hear the playlist and learn.

Conversational intelligence apart from providing deal intelligence and sales training are good for sales enablement, and increasing sales productivity. And ultimately revenue. 

There is another good news: For all these insights and client data, you don’t need to jump from one dashboard to another. Just log onto your Freshworks account and find recordings, meeting insights, everything in one place.

Let’s dive deeper and see what all the integration unlocks for salespeople

Unlocking Supercharged Freshworks

Let us see every step of the call to show how Convin seamlessly creates tasks for the salespeople without any effort from them.

1. Note-taking

Taking notes during calls is a very distracting and time-consuming task. So Convin, as soon as it gets recording permission; records and transcribes the meeting. And at the same time analyzes the call for topics such as features, pricing, actionable steps, etc.

Convin Dashboard
Call Insights

2. Automatic Task Creation

Convin automatically creates the meeting notes by analyzing the call and adding them to the CRM. Data like meeting shared moments, features discussed, actionable items, and a lot more. - CRM data push from video conferencing tool.

automatic Freshworks task creation
Automatic Freshworks Task Creation

During the multiple touchpoints, the tasks get updated as notes 1, notes 2, notes 3...

3. Push Data

Convin automatically pushes a completed task to the appropriate Freshworks account. This task will contain recorded call links, topics discussed, action items, competitor discussed, and the overall sentiment of the customer.

In case the sales rep creates a task before the call, Convin updates the task by either adding the new notes or updating the original task.

Convin Integration flowchart
Convin Integration

4. Soft Skill Analysis

Sales soft skills are a big part of any sales people’s job profile. You can even see your soft skill score and what areas you need to improve.

CI Analytics Dashboard
Convin Analytics Dashboard

Now your mind must be wondering:

What are the integration requirements?

Not much.

Let me just list it down for you:

  • API Keys: Freshworks admin can just get the API Key by going to their profile>settings>API Settings and copying the key and giving it to us.
  • Dialer Integration: Whatever Dialer you use, Convin integrates with it as well.

 Does the whole integration seem too complex? 

But it’s not! It’s easy to implement and useful for forecasting deals. It helps salespeople improve their performance not just month on month but one deal after another deal. 

How to activate the integration

Here is how you can unlock the benefits of Freshworks and Convin integration. But remember a single user who is the admin of both Freshworks and Convin dashboard has to do the following steps.

Step 1: API Keys: As we stated before the admin of the Freshworks platform has to provide the Freshworks API KPI key from their dashboard. You can just go to your Freshworks dashboard, go to your profile, and then to settings.

Freshworks API 
Freshworks Alt profile

Under settings, go to API settings and copy your API Key it will look like below:

Freshworks API Key
Freshworks API Key

Step 2: Convin and Freshworks Interaction: Post that we add the key, domain, and API token in the Convin platform.

Freshworks Convin Integration Dashboard
Convin Integration Dashboard

Convin will store data about the user and its corresponding data in Freshworks. This is mandatory for user authentication. Convin is present for any help during and post-integration of Conversational Intelligence.

Step 3: Configure your Sales Stack: Your Dialer, and video conferencing and calendar with Convin.

Step 4: Data Transfer: As we stated earlier, this is a 2-way integration. Data transfer between your Freshworks CRM and Convin takes place. The following diagrams pretty much sum up the data transfer.

CRM and CI data flow
Convin and CRM 2-way Integration

And there you have it - all the sales conversational insights right in your inbox.

Even disconnecting is easy. Just go to the Convin dashboard settings > integrations > Freshworks > Disconnect.

Disconnecting Convin
Disconnecting Convin

But when you talk this much about data, your mind starts to wonder about the security

Keep your mind at rest. It is. Let me tell you how your data is secure.

Your Data is secure

Your data is secured by API key Integration supported by authentication tokens. And more importantly, password protected.

Moreover, the data exchange is exchanged and stored in the Convin database in an encrypted format.

Encryption can be achieved by SSL certificate like single domain, wildcard or multi domain.

Still not convinced, if Convin is the right stack to add to your CRM?

Let me give you a few more reasons.

Salient Features of Integration

1. Easy Integrations: Convin easily integrates with Freshworks and CRM. It is as easy as signing in on Facebook.

2. Task creation at various levels: As you'll remember, Convin automatically adds the task for you sales folks, removing a tedious and non-productive task for them when they can spend their time prospecting and closing more deals. Other than that, Convin also creates tasks by analyzing the conversations at various levels of the prospect journey. 

Keyword filtering
Conversation Keyword Filter

You can view this on Convin’s Dashboard.

3. Call Insights

Convin analyzes the calls and saves the data. You can easily add custom filters and save the recordings and insights. And escalate sales training and sales enablement.

4. Call at a View

Salespeople can access call history and insights on the Account or Opportunity record on the Freshworks dashboard.  And so can the entire team. It won’t just improve transparency in the team but help growth leaders guide at the right time.

5. Video Conferencing Platform  Integration

Additionally, you can even integrate your Freshworks or video conferencing platform with Convin and it will automatically push the data to the CRM.

Convin can not just provide the fifth gear to your Freshworks CRM but also help in aligning your entire organization with a single sales stack. Conversational Intelligence can help provide sales training, sales enablement, micro sales process tracking, and a lot more.

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