Fundamental Truths That Will Reshape How You Sell

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April 13, 2021
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When it comes to closing more deals and selling your product, there are thousands of articles and opinions about how you should pitch your idea, what should be your sales pitch, etc. According to a report, 36% of sales reps feel closing is one of the most challenging part of the sales process. But all of these are hearsay and you sales teamwork on facts and data.

So in this article, we will show you strategies that will change the way you sell. So without much ado, let’s start the process.

4 Fundamental Truths About Selling

1) Influence Selling

In your enterprise sales, you do not sell to any one person. Your interaction might begin with a single person but as the course of the sales moves ahead there would be multiple people joining the interaction.

So what did you do here?

Well, you actually socialized the prospect team and had them interact with each other. You also navigated through the entire prospect team and then finally brought them together.

Now when there are multiple people involved in the process, the communication and discussions increase. This is actually very vital for the sales team as it increases your chances of closing the sales deal more.

You can consider this as a new momentum and you do not want to miss on this one.

So how do you keep your prospects more socialized during the sales entire process of sales closing?

Enters cold calling 3.0

There are plenty of articles and opinions about why cold calling is the correct way and why it is not. We are going to continue that argument in this Cold Calling article.

The entire concept of cold calling 3.0 is that it is NOT a cold call.

Calling random people and expecting them to answer is not going to work in 2020. Instead you cold call people when you already have a connection established. Once you know the other person on the call, it is not a cold call.

This will help you when you are in discussion with the prospects and you call them to follow up.

Having influence over your prospects is important because they add more force to your sales process.

The message couldn’t be clearer: the more stakeholders you access through sales meetings and calls, the higher your success rate. That makes multi-threading a must.

2. Want To Sell More? Bring Your Team

We already know that sales is a team effort. But we wanted to confirm if it is true for the sellers’ side too.

And to answer that, YES, it is.

If you have your team joining the sales call during the closing of the sale, the chances are very high.

Team selling is a sales strategy that is widely used in account-based selling to close more deals. It is a collaborative sales approach where two or more team members work together to win business—rather than work those accounts on their own.

It actually Strengthens relationships and business partnerships through collaboration and communication and engages customers on a personal level rather than just on pricing and terms.

But your senior team members cannot join your sales calls every time, right?

To overcome this, sales teams use process monitoring which sends trigger notifications and shares multiple insights from your call activities that will let you know if the buyer is uncertain.

When you know that the buyer is uncertain only then introduce your senior team into the game.

This is a proven truth about reshaping the way you sell because when you invest time and resources into your buyer, you build trust which builds your credibility.

3) Deals That Close Have More Communication

Do you remember the last time when you made all the efforts in closing that deal but in the end it got sour?

Well, we all have failed deals.

But how do you know if the deal is going south?

There can be 2 ways you will realize this.

  1. You can check your discussions and leads section in the CRM and make a call that the deal is going out of hands.
  2. Intuitions or gut feeling.

But both of the pointers are not objective and this is the reason the deal did not get through.

During your communication course with the prospects, you will understand the nature of the sales deal. The more communication more is the chances of the deal coming through.

This communication can be either emails or calls. Emails are mostly used for the initial communication and then the follow-ups are taken by up calls.

One important indicator to understand if the sales deal is going in the right direction is when communication through email increases as you reach a point where you need documents to get signed.

More calls are made during the last couple of weeks before the deal is signed.

It makes sense when you think about all the last-minute objections, contract updates, and final confirmations that precede a signed deal. Most of those happen over email these days.

But this is a two-way street. Buyer engagement is critical. There has to be back and forth.

If you are the only one who is making the communication then there are minimal chances of the deal coming through and it is better to understand the cause of it.

4) Sell An Idea

The first step to this is to identify the common customer pain points.

You have to figure out the most common pain points which can also be an important part of the process — without this information, you can’t effectively target prospects or present your solution.

Analyze the deals that you have won to check what triggered the prospects to buy your product. Ask them, “What made you decide to work with us?”

Now once you have figured the most common problems your product solves for buyers, you need to build a set of questions that’ll help you diagnose prospects.

With the right questions prepared, you’ll have more time for the sales conversation focused on the buyer and their company, rather than your product and its features.

You can start with broad, open-ended questions that will go into the relevant aspects of your prospect’s business. Then get more narrow — you’re looking for specific facts and figures that will help you build a case for your solution.

How is life easier with your product?
Which challenges or tasks are eliminated or reduced?
Does your product save the buyer time? If so, how much? What could they accomplish in those minutes, hours, or days?
Does your product save the buyer money? If so, how much? What could they accomplish with that amount?
How does your product influence others’ perceptions of your prospect? Do they look more credible, important, effective, or successful?

Once you have understood the above problems and pitched, the buyer will definitely make a call to close the deal.


Every salesperson is dedicated to winning more deals. And to accomplish that you want to bring your senior sales team in the deal closing process that will help you get more conversions.

To make it happen, you can use meeting intelligence which highlights the topics discussed in the meetings so you can easily identify them and make better decisions. It easily shows you the questions asked by the prospects and how your teammates responded.

You can also find the objections raised and how they were handled. This will help you to close more deals and sell even more.

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