Why use AI-powered sales reporting tools? + top 10 sales reporting tools for 2022

Aarti Nair
July 24, 2022
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July 24, 2022
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We understand that sales reporting might be intimidating, and it's the aspect of the work that deals with numbers rather than people.

And if you're presently afraid of your reports, it suggests your company hasn't found the perfect sales reporting software to help provide a condensed picture of performance data.

Sales reports are crucial and cannot be overestimated. They assist managers in monitoring the performance of their sales team, developing efficient sales strategies, determining a sales forecasting method, and, most crucially, maintaining or shortening the sales cycle. 

But how are you devising these sales reports? 

Are you opting for the old-fashioned manual way? 

If so, chances are you're losing out on data points, which may be detrimental to your business. 

It is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sales reporting:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) supports organizations in raising the lead volume, close rate, and overall sales success. This is because this technology can automate and enhance the sales process. Consequently, salespeople can concentrate on what matters: closing the deal.

Sales reporting software links to data sources for gathering information and delivering insights in the form of graphs and charts, depending on its input data. This allows the user to find important information.

These sales reporting tools assist in decision-making. Detailed insights will offer you greater control over data.

Data is presented in an appealing manner using sales reporting tools. These technologies make data more understandable, usable, and presentable by visually expressing it.

Why should you use AI-powered sales tools?

Speed is the most important reason artificial intelligence marketing tools should be present in any company.

An AI tool analyses massive amounts of data from social media, email, and the Web. It also bridges the gap between data and effective solutions for improving your marketing and sales initiatives.

Benefits of sales reporting software:

Finding the best sales reporting software should be based on features offered while keeping the budget in mind. Several tools can be used, such as Excel, but they will not allow you to view your data in real-time or interact with the screen via drill-downs.

1. Real-time sales information

As previously stated, having access to real-time data is critical when completing a deal or upselling a product. You may easily alter the reporting based on the business question at hand using the top BI tools that give automatic data updates and rapid access to different filters and features.

Manual exports and computations are not required when comparing your datasets to past periods to determine how performance has evolved. The whole pipeline is instantaneously visible from a single screen.

2. Connect your sales resources 

Whether you want to view all of your sales channels in one place or examine your customers' purchasing habits, getting access to your data sources is a must for any sales reporting software. 

Professional data connectors enable you to integrate all your internal and external data into a single point of access in seconds. You may undertake cross-database research to derive superior business insights that will set you apart from your competition.

3. Automated reporting

If you need to schedule reports at specific intervals, modern sales reporting software can help. The sales reporting software automatically sends information with new data at the appropriate schedule. Whether it's sharing the entire dashboard, exporting to a pdf, or simply giving a link to your work, the features of these tools are expansive. 

Is the client looking for weekly data? It's easy to set up with only a few clicks. Do you require unique material for each report? Assign a filter to the report and send it to the chosen recipients.

4. Robust visualizations

Having large databases full of statistics might lead to wrong interpretation, costing you valuable time and money.

Keeping track of the most important sales reporting metrics with sales reporting software will become a fast and fun task that doesn't include hundreds of data rows but stunning visualizations you can build on your own or use from the sales reporting template's library.

5. Filter your data

What makes online sales reporting software so valuable for organizations is its versatility. Previously, sales reporting was done using static technologies such as Excel or PowerPoint.

Given our fast-paced world, this will no longer be viable. Because of comprehensive filtering capabilities, professional sales reporting software allows you to perform the full analytical process on a single screen.

6. Intelligent data alerts

These are other elements that should be incorporated into your sales reporting software. These strong notifications, powered by artificial intelligence technology, will warn you as soon as something unusual occurs with your data. It's very hard to monitor sales progress daily.

Still, with intelligent alerts, you can set a sales objective for a specified period, and the tool will notify you if the goal is fulfilled or any deviations occur.

Top 10 sales reporting tools for 2022

You may have worked with MS reporting/Report Builder in the past. Indeed, many of the tools you use daily are likely to include some form of reporting functionality. As your projects expand, you'll want something more cohesive and powerful to handle the volume of data and degree of information demanded.

Organizations have discovered that providing the appropriate tools and technology to their salespeople may directly influence the bottom line. 84% of sales professionals want to invest in sales intelligence sales reporting software.

So, to get you started, here is a list of the best sales intelligence/reporting tools available today.

Comparison of Best Reporting Tools

Reporting tool Best feature Price
Zoho Analytics Intelligent assistant, single integrated analytics, white-label / embedded BI, and more than 100 connectors with pre-built reports and dashboards. Free plan, Basic ($22/month), Standard ($45/ month), Premium ($112/ month), and Enterprise ($445/month). AI-powered sales reporting system interacts with sales channels and CRM to record, transcribe, and analyze 100% of calls. Small teams ($50/ month), Custom plan for big teams
HubSpot Marketing Analytics Analytics, reporting, and dashboards The majority of the features are completely free.
FineReport Data entry function for data collecting, scheduled report, mobile reporting, TV and widescreen presentation, all-in-one management platform, 3D charts with attractive animations, and exporter in many formats Personal usage is free; corporate usage is based on a quote.
SPOTIO Can manage all leads, prospects, and clients as they progress from one step to the next. Team: ($39/per user/month), Business ($69/per user/month), Pro ($129/per user/month)
Salesforce Sales Cloud Powerful analytic capabilities that allow you to define ROI objectives and analyze every part of your marketing campaign to reduce your cost-per-acquisition numbers. Starting at ($25/ user/month)
Pipedrive CRM AI-powered sales coach who will provide sellers with specific recommendations to assist them to enhance their sales performance. Essential - $9.90, Advanced - $ 19 .90 (user/ month), Essential Plan + -$ 39 .90 (user/ month) No-code and low-code choices and a user-friendly graphical interface. Use is based on a quote.
Juicebox Style of exploratory data storytelling; simple writing; professional design and styling; seamlessly connected data visualizations for drill-down analysis. The plan is free for up to three people. Team Plan is $49/ month and includes 5 editors and 15 viewers.
Answer Rocket Simple customization choices and reports are sent through email. Use is based on a quote.

1. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a simple sales reporting tool. It enables customers to generate actionable reports from any data in moments. It has an AI-powered assistant that can provide intelligent replies to customers' requests in the form of useful reports.


  • There are over 100 connectors for prominent business software, cloud storage, and databases.
  • Charts, pivot tables, summary views, KPI widgets, and custom-styled dashboards provide a wide range of visualization possibilities.
  • Business analytics that is unified and analyses data from several business apps.
  • Augmented analytics with an intelligent assistant driven by AI and ML that recognizes natural language inquiries.
  • White label solutions for embedded analytics and business intelligence/analytics portals.

The software provides intelligent data alerts and forecasts, and it employs AI, ML, and NLP technologies.


Convin's sales reporting software provides comprehensive visibility into the sales funnel and performance. Convin - captures, transcribes, and analyses 100% of the conversation for critical deal information and identifies the issues sales professionals experience during sales calls. It even prioritizes critical sales calls that require manual inspection.

Convin effortlessly integrates with your CRM and instantly uploads all transaction data to your CRM, providing you with total visibility into the sales process and pipeline. 


  • Connects seamlessly with your calendar, dialer, cloud telephone system, video conferencing platform, Slack, and CRM.
  • Conversations are recorded in real-time and are easily accessible.
  • Transcribes the whole discussion, so no more taking notes.
  • Analyzes based on specified factors and then shows call insights such as covered subjects, requests, comments, etc.
  • Easily shares the insights via email and Slack and logs the data in the CRM.
  • The sales reporting software is 100% safe.

It employs AI, ML, and NLP technologies. As of now, Convin supports English, Hindi, and Hinglish. And it takes less than a week to onboard the software.

3. HubSpot Marketing Analytics

With comprehensive built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards, you can track the performance of your entire marketing funnel in one place. HubSpot Marketing Analytics has everything you need to become a better marketer.

With integrated analytics, you can make faster and wiser decisions.


  • Marketing funnel measurement from acquisition to closure
  • Discover crucial patterns in your data over time by following a customer from anonymous visitor to devoted customer.
  • Close the loops to aid marketing efforts and focus on income potential.
  • Use essential website metrics to evaluate site performance.
  • Comprehensive reports for each marketing channel.

Blogging, Landing Pages, Email, Marketing Automation, Lead Management, Analytics, CMS, Social Media, SEO, Ads, and much more are all supported by this all-in-one inbound marketing software.

4. FineReport 

FineReport is full-fledged java reporting software for organizations to cope with the complicated demands of reports and dashboards and obtain insights into their company operations. It provides three easy and unique report design patterns to help IT and business teams fulfill a variety of report application scenarios.


  • Support for connecting to a large number of data sources and integrating data from numerous sources.
  • Export reports in Excel, PNG, and PDF with a single click and send automatic reports through email.
  • Support data entry into databases using online forms for data collecting.
  • Provide a plethora of 2D and 3D HTML5 charts and GIS maps (API available) with interesting animations.
  • Reports may be viewed and interacted with on PC, mobile, and big screens.
  • Support for incorporating CCTV and BIM in IoT dashboards.
  • It's adaptable enough to integrate, customize, and expand.
  • Provide an all-in-one user management and authorization platform.

FineReport simplifies and intelligently manages every reporting process, from data collection and integration to report display and administration.


Sales performance is more predictable with SPOTIO's Sales Tracking Software's easy-to-read insights and statistics. You'll be more positioned to make strategic decisions and achieve your objectives.

When your team is out in the field, you need to know how your representatives perform and where gaps may exist to avoid problems. 


  • Reporting on sales activity across multiple channels
  • Reporting on sales performance at the rep, territory, and organizational levels
  • Personalized pipeline visibility reports
  • Analysis of sales win-loss records
  • Custom report builder with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Weekly and daily updates
  • Create sales leaderboards and use GPS rep location monitoring to motivate performance.
  • Sync field data with your device automatically.

Managers may track rep location, sales activity, revenue data, and pipeline analytics at the rep and territory levels with SPOTIO.

6. Salesforce Sales Cloud 

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM and sales software platform that provides information to help steer a comprehensive sales strategy. It offers, among other things, sales enablement, sales forecasting, and sales force automation.

It uses lead scoring based on previous transactions to automatically select prospects most likely to convert. It also gives real-time opportunity, lead, and account analytics, as well as linking data from emails and meetings to reduce data input.


  • Automation of processes
  • Management of opportunities
  • Management of leaders
  • Reporting
  • Management of accounts and contacts
  • Sales pipeline administration

Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein uses artificial intelligence to evaluate CRM data and identify the most important sales to complete and the next steps to take

7. Pipedrive CRM7. Pipedrive CRMasas

7. Piped7. Pipedrive CRM7. Pipedrive CRM7. Pipedrive

7. Pipedrive CRM Pipedrive CRM 

Pipedrive makes activity-based selling sales processes more efficient. You can successfully handle leads and sales around the clock with personalized chatbots and online forms. Interactions are logged, and you may view calls, emails, and contact history. Furthermore, you may eliminate repetitive activities by using AI to automate administrative duties, freeing up your time to focus on broader goals.


  • Automation of the sales force
  • Management of the sales pipeline and transactions
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring communication
  • Customer service management

Pipedrive provides excellent automation tools. You may use automated workflows to do almost anything, such as contacting prospects, adding them to a pipeline, or generating tasks.

8. is a data integration platform that runs in the cloud. It provides marketing, sales, support, and development solutions. will assist you in developing a full marketing and sales analytics solution. You can create extensive campaigns and tactics.

The marketing solution from will deliver up-to-date, transparent, and reliable marketing data. It will deliver information based on data. Your campaigns will provide you with a large picture and practical information. will assist you in increasing conversions and optimizing marketing efforts.


  • Combine your marketing sources, including social media data, analytics, and CRM data.
  • Combines customer support data with information from other sources such as social media, analytics, etc. 
  • This sales solution will assist you in making more informed business decisions.
  • The customer support analytics solution from will give complete information.
  • Combine your customer support data and data from other sources such as social media and CRM. provides both low-code and no-code solutions. And data integration, ETL, and ELT are all supported.

9. Juicebox

Juicebox is the most attractive and simple sales tracking software to create visually engaging, interactive data visualizations and presentations. Juicebox distinguishes itself from other visualization tools by emphasizing data narrative and usability. The pricing plan is free for individuals and reasonably priced for groups.


  • A novel way to data storytelling.
  • Editing made simple
  • Data visualizations that are interactive and simple to configure.
  • Simple styling options guarantee that the design is professional.
  • Drill-down data exploration is made possible by automatically connecting visualizations.
  • Upload data or connect to a database to several data sources.
  • Mobile viewing requires a responsive layout.
  • User administration via public or private publication.

Juicebox enables the rapid creation of high-quality reports, dashboards, and infographics. Juicebox, unlike more technical visualization systems, can combine simple in-browser editing with attractive, current visual design.

10. Answer Rocket

Answer Rocket is suitable for every business. Because this product is designed for business people, no technical knowledge is necessary. Any member of the team can generate reports and analytics. Because it's a web-based tool, it's compatible with any operating system.


  • You can ask a question, and the chart will be generated depending on your query.
  • It enables you to ask natural language inquiries.
  • Colors, labels, and other simple customization choices are provided.
  • Reports will be saved to the dashboard automatically.
  • Complete data exploration.
  • You may send reports via email. It also allows you to schedule the delivery of reports.

This web-based utility is compatible with any operating system. It allows you to schedule the report's delivery.

Finding the best sales tracking software

A sales career might feel like a rollercoaster ride at times. There are, however, actions you can do to make the highs more frequent and the lows less catastrophic. You can invest in sales reporting software.

Quality sales reporting tools will assist you in better organizing leads, tracking sales rep activity, forecasting future sales, and optimizing crucial sales reporting metrics such as revenue per transaction. But, before enjoying these benefits, you must first select the best tool for your team.

The 10 tools described in this article are among the market's best sales reporting software options, but each company's demands are unique.

While each of the ten sales reporting software listed above has the potential to assist your business, we believe Convin is the finest option in this area and meets a wide range of business requirements.

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