10 Sales Best Practices for Providing Enhanced Customer Service

Team Convin
April 19, 2021
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10 Sales Best Practices for Providing Enhanced Customer Service

We have been hearing this always that the customer is king and all power rests in the hands of the customer. Well, most of the companies agree and live up to that phrase. Customers can determine the success of your company. They can either go with you or the competitor. In today’s competitive world, customer experience is everything.

According to this report, around 83% of companies that believe it’s important to make customers happy also experience growing revenue.

Many experts believe that Improving customer experience is not so easy as it seems to. And we don’t blame them. Understanding the customer and figuring out practices to enhance customer services is what every salesperson looks for.

So without further ado, let’s understand these amazing sales practices that you can use, to enhance customer service.

Tips To Enhance Customer Service

1. Understand Your Customers

Be aware of the things that your customers want. They want to be heard all the time but especially when they have a problem with your solution. When they express their concerns or desires make sure you and your employee understand this.

Sometimes you get customers that are angry and want to express their problems. In such situations just let them be them. A lot of times that is what they need  Once they will get it out of their system, they will like you more.

understanding customer communication

2. Customers Want to Be Heard

Make sure you and your team ask questions and repeat and confirm the customer’s concerns. Your company needs to fully understand the customer situations. A lot of times that is solving these problems that are off the mark and not addressing the actual problem that the customer has. So you can see that this is extremely important.

3. Show Some Care

Your customer wants to be cared for. They need to feel important. Your and your team need to show concern for them and show an effort to solve their problems and accommodate their requests. Regardless of that, the customers want to see if the effort is being made.

Acknowledge what the customers are saying and repeat it back to them so you are sure that you are driving the right issue. Empathize with your customers when they are having issues.

4. Align Solutions to Customer Needs

Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to simply attempt to sell products to customers. Instead, the very best organizations work backward from the customers’ context and attempt to sell solutions to real problems customers are facing. This may also mean identifying and tailoring the right solution for the right customer.

5. Determine the Success of the Sales Rep

Identifying the top performers is relatively easy, but it gets very difficult to identify why they are successful. Moreover, world-class organizations take the time to do so, working with sales consulting experts, using performance metrics, and pinpointing the skills, behavior, and traits that lead to sales success.


6. Find Shortcuts and Hacks

Once the salesperson finds a strategy or technique that works, they use it again and again, until it stops working.

This is smart sales reps are always working against the clock, which means the more time they spend experimenting, the less time they have for selling. Plus, there’s an opportunity cost. Try one thing that doesn’t work, and you’ve missed the opportunity to use something that does.

7. Create a Culture That Supports Employee Development

For the very top businesses, employee development is deeply ingrained into their culture. It is not seen as a box to be ticked or something to be done only when an employee first joins, or when an employee has a problem with their performance. Instead, training, coaching, and development activities are seen as continuous.

8. Practice Active Listening

Successful salespeople are completely present when they talk to prospects. They’re not thinking about another deal, scrolling through Reddit threads, or sending funny memes to their team members. They’re engaged — and as a result, their conversations with buyers are deeper and more meaningful.

Active listening may be one of the hardest skills to develop since it’s human nature to care more about what you have to say than your prospect. However, it’s incredibly valuable. Not only will you build stronger relationships, but you’ll unlock information that’ll help you position your product as the best option.

9. Encourage Users to Leave Reviews

Reviews are important for a variety of reasons. The more reviews you receive, the better you will be able to measure progress, as well as any shortcomings or concerns people have when interacting with your company.

Your customer experience will only improve if you listen to your customers. Collect reviews, research the interaction behind them, keep track of areas of improvement that are mentioned, and find trends.

10. Communicate With Your Customers Online

The key to excellent customer experience management is communication and effective customer experience touch points. Offline communication includes in-person contact during a visit or a phone call. Effective communication online, however, is also tantamount to a company’s success.

11. Pay Attention to Social Channels

Customers aren’t shy about complaining when they have a problem or an experience that’s less than optimal. Make sure you are monitoring social channels for signs of concern. Deal with them immediately and publicly to demonstrate others you have a commitment to customer experience.


12. Stay Always On

Not only do you need to connect with customers the way they want, but you also must be available when they want to connect. This means 24/7. Your website is open 24/7, but you can enhance it by creating content that serves customers when you’re not around. This includes how-to guides, FAQs, and knowledge bases that can answer questions.  Additionally, chatbots can be effective to provide quick answers and resolutions.


Customer expectations are higher than ever and word of mouth travels fast. And as the customer becomes even more empowered, it increases the importance of the customer experience. Customer experience is an area that needs constant nurturing and care and, with a greater focus on customer experience strategy, companies will realize a positive impact on customer loyalty, higher retention, and increased revenue growth

If you have any queries or you’d like to try out any of the features of Convin for better customer service, feel free to get in touch with us!

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