Boost sales performance by Integrating Convin with your Pipedrive CRM tool.

Abhishikha Chatterjee
August 24, 2021
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August 31, 2021
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Gone are the days when you didn't know why you couldn’t close deals.

You had to spend countless hours trying to decode client notes, which you created manually by listening to calls, or plugin live. You had no track of calls, follow-ups, or action items. In your google search, you only found what was available online, you had no idea what was going on internally.

With Convin- an AI-powered conversation intelligence platform, you can relax as all your calls are not only recorded and transcribed but also analyzed automatically. 

Great news, isn’t it? Hold on, there’s some more.

Once you start snagging deals with Convin for your inside sales teams, you can multiply the number with a simple addition in your sales tech stack

And the change is simple. Make your CRM talk to the conversation intelligence tool at Convin. 

Why do I integrate my CRM tool with Convin?

The reason is straightforward but needs a little elaboration.

In terms of coaching and increasing sales teams' productivity, conversation intelligence solutions are powerful assets. 

Salespeople increasingly use the tool to their advantage to nail the follow-up calls and big fishes in the future. However, wouldn't it be best to view your clients' data across the board in the CRM?

And that’s why we introduced the Convin and CRM integration. With client data gold mine, you can go beyond conversation intelligence and get all prospects’ data in one place.

By logging into your CRM solution, you can access the conversation recordings of your clients, and did we mention conversational insights?

Integrations may seem complex at first, but they are easy to implement and extremely useful for scaling sales organizations. Let’s dive deeper.

Which CRM solutions can Convin integrate with?

Currently, Convin integrates with 7 highly competitive CRM solutions. And soon, we’ll have Salesloft and Microsoft Dynamics 365 on board.

Convin integrates with 7 CRM solutions for better sales management.
Convin integrates with 7 CRM solutions for better sales management

However, today we’ll like to shed some light, specifically on one CRM solution that has the potential to help you sell 28% more- Pipedrive.

What is the Pipedrive CRM solution?

The Pipedrive CRM and pipeline management app is a web-based system.

With Pipedrive, you can visualize your sales pipeline and make sure that you don't miss important activities or conversations.

Pipedrive’s popularity is derived from its intuitive, straightforward, and easily customizable functionalities. Managers appreciate it as well since it eliminates nagging their employees. 

It also sports built-in forecasting, integrations with other software such as Google Apps, Convin, Zapier, etc. 

In contrast to some CRMs and platforms, Pipedrive is designed to scale and grow your business.

What happens when you integrate Convin with Pipedrive? 

You can automatically create a task in Pipedrive without any human intervention. 

Let's take a look at how you can integrate Convin with Pipedrive step-by-step: 

  1. After the sales guy gets on a call with the prospect/client, the Convin assistance is activated and the call is automatically recorded by Convin. The transcription and analysis are ready to be consumed by all Convin users. 
  1. As soon as the call is completed, a task is automatically logged in Pipedrive against the relevant lead, contact, account, and opportunity record in the CRM. 

Following a call, Convin can automatically push a completed task to the appropriate Pipedrive account. This task will contain the following data points:
1. Recorded call link
2. Topics Discussed
3. Action items/Next Steps
4. Competitor discussed
5. The overall sentiment of customer

3. There’s a chance that your sales rep may have created a task in Pipedrive before joining the meeting. In such cases, there are 2 possibilities- First, a new task is created with all the data points from Convin or the original task will get updated with Convin’s data. You can discuss your preference during the onboarding phase.

4. Your reps are free to edit the existing task on Pipedrive to add more details. 

Integration between Pipedrive and Convin
Integration between Pipedrive and Convin

Now, you know how the integration works between Pipedrive and Convin. We’d like to give you a quick tour of how simple it is to activate the integration between the two systems. 

How to activate integration between Pipedrive and Convin?

Integrating Pipedrive is the first step to unlocking all the integration push features. 

In just two clicks, you can align your calls with the appropriate Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, and Contacts.

Let’s take a closer look at the prerequisite steps to kick-start integration:

  1. You’ll need to appoint an admin user on both Convin and Pipedrive’s systems. They’ll administer the integration process.
  1. On Convin’s Dashboard, follow these steps to activate the integration flow.
Steps to activate Pipedrive
Steps to activate Pipedrive

The following screen will appear.

Pipedrive integration
Pipedrive integration
  1. Now, all you need to do is add the API key and domain name 
    API key: If you need your personal API key on Pipedrive, it can be found under 
Pipedrive API key
Pipedrive API key

For more information around the API key, consider referring to this link-

Domain Name:

  1. As part of the integration activation process, Convin will store data about the relation between users registered with Convin and corresponding data in Pipedrive. This is required for Convin user authentication with the Pipedrive CRM tool.
  2. Installation is performed by the Customer's admin user. Convin will be available to assist with any integration-related issues.
  3. Additionally, disconnecting an integration is not at all a biggie. 
Disconnecting Pipedrive
Disconnecting Pipedrive from Convin

Once the button is clicked, no more data will be exchanged between the CRM solution and Convin.

Flowchart to sum up the Integration process between Convin and Pipedrive

Integration process between Convin and Pipedrive
Integration process between Convin and Pipedrive

Now, let’s look at the functionalities and benefits that come with the integration between Convin and Pipedrive.

What are the salient features of the integration?

  1. The number of steps and complexity of setting up the integration is not difficult. It's quick and easy to set up.
  2. Sales reps can get rid of one step in the CRM i.e. creating a task and adding call notes.
  3. Convin users can narrow down calls and meetings based on information received from Pipedrive by using the various filters. Here’s a quick look at the filters you can access:
Features Of Pipedrive and Convin integration
Features Of Pipedrive and Convin integration
  1. Get quick access to all call history on the Account or Opportunity record in Pipedrive.
  2. As far as reporting is concerned, you can develop reports on both Convin and Pipedrive using the exchanged data between the two solutions.

Is your data secure and private?

Pipedrive and Convin communicate customer/prospect data securely and privately. To ensure that, the following measures are taken into consideration:

1. Communication between CRM and Convin happens over HTTPS protocol which makes sure data exchange is encrypted and safe.
2. CRM data is stored in an encrypted database on the Convin server and access is provided to limited people on a need-to-know basis with prior approval.
3. Integration API keys are stored in a secure and password-protected key store.
4. Sensitive information like phone, email, etc. is not logged in system logs.

Why do we emphasize on connecting your Pipedrive solution with Convin’s Conversation Intelligence?

Broadly, there are three key advantages of aligning the two solutions:

1. Highly Impacts Productivity:

Automatic pushing of call history and associated details into your CRM software cuts down on a major chunk of your sales reps’ unproductive time. 

Now, he/she can’t throw tantrums on needing more time for data entry and management. The handshake process will automatically create tasks without intervention from the rep.

Just not data entry, Convin, and Pipedrive are highly rated for being easy-to-use products on g2. Imagine their strength together. Your reps can save a ton of their time on navigation and figuring out new features on both platforms. 

Reps can shift their focus on strategic and planning activities. Instead of thinking about administrative work they can focus on the actions that need attention such as schedule calls, emails, and lunches, and prioritize client-centric activities.

2. Improves Transparency and Visibility:

Sales data is not only accessed by sales but senior management and marketing teams too. The more the data captured on a single screen the easier it is to make informed and data-backed decisions. 

Sales teams can stay laser-focused on the right deals and metrics by checking call history, competition, and next steps on the CRM solution. Pipedrive, in association with Convin, is an asset that helps you prioritize deals, track performance, and predict revenue. Also presenting real-time reports and customizable dashboards to gather insights to improve and boost your sales.

3. Creates Personalized Buyer Experience:

Having the ability to access previously recorded prospect and opportunity sales calls on CRM solutions creates a more tailored conversation, ultimately establishing more confidence in your buyer and increasing the chances of winning the deal. 


Tracking your client’s call activity is a difficult and often cumbersome process on your CRM solution. 

With Pipedrive, Convin ensures your sellers have access to the most up-to-date and relevant data and content in their CRM to keep the conversations both aligned and on track. 

Now that you have come so far trying to understand the integration, why not click here to learn more about the integration with Convin and schedule a custom demo. 

To learn more about Convin and conversation intelligence for sales, visit

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