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10 Essential Call Center Insurance KPIs for 2024

Abhishek Punyani
April 19, 2024
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Insurance companies heavily rely on call centers to manage customer interactions efficiently. With the ever-evolving customer service landscape, identifying and monitoring the right KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is crucial for enhancing operational effectiveness and ensuring customer satisfaction.

In this blog post, we will delve into the significant role call centers play for insurance companies, outline the top 10 insurance call center KPIs for 2024, and explore how Convin's advanced products can revolutionize these centers to achieve peak performance.

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Unlocking the Power of Call Centers in the Insurance Industry

Call centers are crucial to the infrastructure of insurance companies, offering a comprehensive range of services that support customer relations and operational efficiency. Below, we explore the multifaceted role of call centers across different insurance sectors, emphasizing how they impact various aspects of business and customer engagement.

1. Central Communication Hubs

  • Focus: Call center insurance
  • Description: Insurance call centers act as central hubs for all communications, processing countless daily interactions ranging from inquiries and claims to policy updates. This centralization ensures that all customer interactions, whether through a life insurance call center or a health insurance call center, are managed systematically and efficiently.

2. Enhancing Customer Service

  • Focus: Insurance call center services
  • Description: Call centers directly enhance customer service quality by handling queries promptly and resolving issues swiftly. This role is vital in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, crucial for retention and word-of-mouth promotion, especially in highly competitive markets like health and life insurance.

3. Supporting Sales and Marketing

  • Focus: Call center for insurance company
  • Description: Insurance call centers are not just about service but also significant in driving sales. Through cross-selling and upselling insurance products, these call centers boost revenue while ensuring customers know all the products that meet their needs.

4. Claims Processing and Management

  • Focus: Call center for insurance agencies
  • Description: One of the most critical functions of insurance call centers is managing claims. These centers ensure claims are processed efficiently, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction. Effective claims management via call centers can significantly enhance an insurer's reputation for reliability and responsiveness.

5. Policy Management and Renewals

  • Focus: Insurance call center services
  • Description: Call centers are pivotal in policy management by handling renewals, updates, and modifications. They provide customers with timely information regarding their policies, helping to avoid lapses and ensuring continuous coverage.

6. Implementing Standardized Scripts

  • Focus: Insurance call center script
  • Description: Call centers utilize standardized scripts to ensure consistency and accuracy in customer interactions. These scripts help in maintaining a uniform service experience and are particularly useful in complex service scenarios, such as in life or health insurance discussions.

7. Compliance and Quality Assurance

Ensuring Compliance: Safeguarding Customer Data and Upholding Industry Standards
Ensuring Compliance: Safeguarding Customer Data and Upholding Industry Standards
  • Focus: Health insurance call center
  • Description: Given the strict regulatory environment surrounding insurance, call centers also ensure compliance with legal standards. They monitor and record calls for quality assurance, ensuring that all customer interactions meet industry and company standards.

8. Crisis Response and Management

  • Focus: Call center insurance
  • Description: In times of crisis, such as natural disasters or large-scale accidents, insurance call centers become even more critical. They serve as the first point of contact for distressed customers, providing timely information and processing emergency claims, thereby reinforcing the insurer's role as a reliable support system.

9. Feedback Collection and Analysis

  • Focus: Insurance call center services
  • Description: Call centers are instrumental in collecting customer feedback, which is vital for continual improvement. Analyzing customer interactions and feedback helps insurance companies adjust their products and services to better meet customer needs and expectations.

10. Training and Development

Investing in training paves the way to business success
Investing in training paves the way to business success [Source]
  • Focus: Call center for insurance company
  • Description: Insurance call centers are also centers for agent training and development. Continuous training ensures that agents stay updated on the latest products, regulations, and customer service techniques, crucial for delivering exceptional service.

Through these diverse roles, call centers not only support but also drive key business processes within insurance companies, from operational efficiency and customer relationship management to compliance and crisis response.

Top 10 Call Center Insurance Metrics to Watch in 2024

Insurance call centers must refine their key performance indicators (KPIs) to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market. These top 10 KPIs are designed to help insurance call centers optimize their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance with industry standards. 

a. First Call Resolution Rate (FCR)

Unlocking Efficiency: The First Call Resolution Formula and Its Critical Role in Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
Unlocking Efficiency: The First Call Resolution Formula and Its Critical Role in Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
  • Description: Measures the percentage of calls resolved on the first interaction.
  • Focus: Efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Impact: Higher FCR rates improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs.
  • Use Case: To monitor and enhance agent problem-solving skills.
  • Example: An agent resolves a claim dispute within the first call, preventing follow-up calls.

b. Average Handle Time (AHT)

Comparing Average Handling Times: Insights Across Telecommunications, Retail, Business, and Finance Industries
Comparing Average Handling Times: Insights Across Telecommunications, Retail, Business, and Finance Industries
  • Description: Average duration of a single transaction.
  • Focus: Efficiency and agent performance.
  • Impact: Shorter AHT indicates more efficient call handling.
  • Use Case: Identifying training needs for agents.
  • Example: A streamlined script that helps reduce AHT by guiding agents through calls more quickly.

c. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Capturing satisfaction: A visual exploration of the pivotal role CSAT scores play in measuring customer happiness and loyalty
Capturing satisfaction: A visual exploration of the pivotal role CSAT scores play in measuring customer happiness and loyalty
  • Description: Direct feedback from customers regarding their satisfaction level.
  • Focus: Customer loyalty and feedback.
  • Impact: Direct correlation with repeat business and customer retention.
  • Use Case: Adjusting workflows to enhance customer service.
  • Example: Post-call surveys that measure customer satisfaction.

d. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Description: Measures customer likelihood to recommend services.
  • Focus: Customer loyalty and brand reputation.
  • Impact: Higher scores are indicative of better customer loyalty and brand advocacy.
  • Use Case: Strategic decision making in marketing and customer service.
  • Example: Tracking improvements in NPS after implementing a new training program.
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e. Call Abandonment Rate

Visualizing the Formula for Calculating Call Abandonment Rate in Call Centers
Visualizing the Formula for Calculating Call Abandonment Rate in Call Centers
  • Description: Percentage of calls abandoned by customers before connecting.
  • Focus: Service accessibility and efficiency.
  • Impact: High rates may indicate staffing or process inefficiencies.
  • Use Case: Staffing adjustments during peak hours.
  • Example: Implementing call back technology to reduce abandonment during high traffic periods.

f. Conversion Rate

  • Description: Percentage of calls resulting in a sale or renewal.
  • Focus: Sales effectiveness.
  • Impact: Direct impact on the bottom line through sales revenue.
  • Use Case: Measuring effectiveness of sales scripts and strategies.
  • Example: Modifying sales pitches based on performance data to increase conversions.

g. Service Level

  • Description: Percentage of calls answered within a specific time frame.
  • Focus: Responsiveness and service quality.
  • Impact: Reflects the ability of the call center to manage incoming call volumes.
  • Use Case: Workforce management and scheduling.
  • Example: Adjusting agent schedules based on peak call times to maintain service levels.

h. Quality Scores

  • Description: Aggregate score based on various metrics that assess call quality.
  • Focus: Overall quality of customer interactions.
  • Impact: Influences customer perception and satisfaction.
  • Use Case: Comprehensive agent performance review.
  • Example: Monthly reviews that assess agents' adherence to call handling protocols.

i. Employee Satisfaction

  • Description: Measures the satisfaction level of employees within the call center.
  • Focus: Employee morale and retention.
  • Impact: Higher employee satisfaction leads to better service and lower turnover.
  • Use Case: Identifying areas for improving work conditions.
  • Example: Regular surveys and feedback sessions to gauge employee morale.

j. Compliance Rate

  • Description: Adherence to industry regulations and standards.
  • Focus: Legal compliance and risk management.
  • Impact: Ensures the company meets regulatory requirements and avoids fines.
  • Use Case: The compliance rate is critical in monitoring and ensuring that all call center operations align with legal and industry-specific standards. 
  • Example: An insurance call center implements regular compliance training sessions for all agents to ensure they are familiar with the latest industry regulations, such as HIPAA in health insurance or state-specific guidelines in life insurance. 

Additionally, to ensure ongoing compliance, the call center may implement a sophisticated compliance management system that automatically flags phrases or actions that deviate from set guidelines during a call. This real-time monitoring helps prevent potential legal issues and reinforces the importance of compliance in everyday operations, thereby helping the company maintain a high compliance rate and avoid costly fines or legal repercussions.

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How Convin Empowers Insurance Call Centers for Success?

Convin's suite of advanced tools is specifically designed to streamline operations and enhance the effectiveness of call centers for insurance companies. By integrating Convin’s innovative products, insurance call centers can significantly improve their service quality and operational efficiency. Here’s how Convin can transform insurance call centers:

1. Automated Quality Assurance (QA)

Call score generated on Convin’s Auto QA
Call score generated on Convin’s Auto QA
  • Focus: Call center for insurance company
  • Description: Convin’s Automated QA tool reviews 100% of customer interactions, providing unbiased quality checks across all channels. This tool uses custom auditing templates to identify blockers in agent performance and highlights unhappy customer interactions, which are crucial for prompt remediation.
  • Impact: Ensures consistent quality across all interactions, leading to improved customer satisfaction and adherence to compliance standards, especially vital in sectors like health insurance call centers.

2. Real-Time Monitoring and Script Adherence

Real-Time Script Guidance to help agents provide better customer experience
Real-Time Script Guidance to help agents provide better customer experience
  • Focus: Insurance call center services and insurance call center script
  • Description: Convin’s Real-Time Monitoring and Guidance system provides live support to agents during calls, ensuring script adherence and offering immediate suggestions for optimized interactions. 
  • Impact: Convin's real-time monitoring and guidance enhance agent performance by providing immediate corrections and feedback, crucial for maintaining high service standards across insurance sectors. This technology also reduces variability in agent responses and ensures accurate conveyance of all regulatory information, which is particularly vital in highly regulated sectors such as health and life insurance.

3. Generative AI Feedback

Detailed AI feedback can be generated on each call
Detailed AI feedback can be generated on each call
  • Focus: Call center insurance
  • Description: Convin’s Generative AI provides dynamic feedback based on the content of the conversation. This AI analyzes conversations in real-time and generates suggestions for improvement, helping agents refine their approach during and after calls.
  • Impact: Offers a continuous learning loop for agents, enhancing their ability to handle complex queries more effectively and improving overall customer experience in insurance call centers.

These tools collectively enable insurance call centers to meet and exceed their operational goals, ensuring that they consistently deliver top-notch service to their clients.

Elevating Insurance Customer Service with Convin

As the insurance industry continues to evolve, so does the need for robust, efficient call center operations. Convin's innovative products offer insurance call centers the tools they need to enhance their service delivery, ensure compliance, and improve overall efficiency. From automated quality assurance to real-time monitoring and script adherence, Convin's solutions are tailor-made to support the unique needs of insurance call centers. By integrating Convin's advanced technologies, insurance providers can ensure that their call centers are not just a point of contact but a gateway to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Unlock the transformative potential of Convin for your insurance call center—contact us today to enhance performance and meet your 2024 KPIs!


1. What are 4 commonly used KPIs used in a call center?
First Call Resolution (FCR), Average Handle Time (AHT), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Call Abandonment Rate are four frequently used KPIs in call centers to measure efficiency and customer service quality.

2. What is KPI for insurance?
In insurance, KPIs such as Loss Ratio, Expense Ratio, Combined Ratio, and Customer Retention Rate are critical for assessing the financial health and customer service effectiveness of an insurance company.

3. What are the key insurance indicators?
Key insurance indicators include Loss Ratio (claims paid versus premiums received), Claims Frequency (number of claims filed), Policy Renewal Rate, and Customer Satisfaction, which help track the operational performance of an insurance company.

4. What are the KPIs for call center quality assurance?
Important KPIs for call center quality assurance include Quality Scores, Compliance Rate, Agent Performance Score, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) Fulfillment, which collectively ensure that service quality and compliance standards are met.

5. What is KPI dashboard for call center?
A KPI dashboard for a call center is a visual interface that displays essential metrics such as Call Volume, Average Wait Time, Service Level, Agent Utilization, and Conversion Rates, providing a real-time overview of call center performance and helping managers make informed decisions.

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