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Tracking sales activities and sales reps’ performance is always a task. Finding out how sales reps are engaging with customers or how many times they contact the customers, or the platform they use for connecting with customers can become a challenge, especially without knowing how to or which tool to use for sales analytics.

Another issue businesses face is that their sales strategy is not data-driven; especially their sales strategy and approach are not guided by sales intelligence, which leads to a non-performing team and you not being able to achieve the max ROI from their sales process.

But with the proliferation of sales analytics tools like conversation intelligence, you have easy access to the sales intelligence for creating a winning sales strategy while tracking sales reps’ daily activities.

The global sales intelligence and sales analytics software was valued at USD 2.29 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR)of 10.5% from 2020 to 2027 - Grand View Research

But more than sales analytics software, setting and tracking the right sales metrics is important. But before we get into the details of sales metrics. Let us understand in depth what you mean by sales analytics software.

What is Sales Analytics software?

Sales analytics is a practice of creating and collecting insights from sales activities, metrics, and previous customer and lead behavior to forecast future sales and business opportunities. 

A sales analytics software helps by integrating with your sales stack, collecting insights from your daily sales activities, and analyzing it for revenue and sales intelligence.

Sales analytics software helps you pinpoint issues in your current sales strategy and even helps forecast future crises and success. Let’s deep dive and see why you need to monitor your sales analytics.

Why should your business monitor sales analytics?

Your sales team is the focal point for your revenue-generating plans. They are the one who engages with your customers and future prospects to bring in business for your company. So doesn’t it make sense to monitor your sales activities in the form of sales metrics?

Monitoring sales analytics can help your business by:

◼️ Improving sales performance

Sales analytics helps you pinpoint the answer to the age-old question for every business -

“Why is your sales team not performing well?”

Sales analytics software joins your sales calls to record and analyzes it for seller’s talk ratio, soft skills, topics discussed, interruption, action items, and queries discussed. Based on the insights, the sales analytics solution even scores the call for easy review and feedback by sales leaders. 

You can even use the sales analytics solution to find out the winning strategy of your top performer and use it to train your non-performing sales representatives. 

◼️ Optimizing sales activities

As we just discussed how a sales analytics software with the aid of metrics and insights helps you pinpoint sales reps’ challenges in their daily sales calls and activities. Alongside that, it also enables you to understand your customer’s pain points. You can use these insights to customize your sales script and sales strategy that helps you better connect with customers and sell more.

◼️ Improving Accountability

When your sales reps know that their daily sales activities and calls are being recorded and analyzed by sales analytics software, they are more likely to perform better. Your sales reps would be more mindful of what they are saying and how they are approaching your prospects to lead them through the sales funnel.

◼️ Transparent Sales Pipeline

Sales analytics software like Convin even logs your daily sales activities, recordings, notes, and performance metrics directly into the CRM, making the entire sales process and pipeline transparent for your entire business. You can use this to forecast future opportunities, crises, and businesses.

One of the main issues with most businesses' sales teams is that they are not driven by sales metrics or analytics, which leads to inaccurate forecasting, hiring, and a sales strategy that barely helps the business stay in the market. A sales analytics-backed sales strategy clarifies your team and focuses your team activities on essential business tasks and best practices.

Who is responsible for sales analytics?

In any company, especially B2B companies, the sales operations team is responsible for creating and maintaining sales analytics in the form of sales metrics. But sometimes, it can even fall on the central team, marketing, or sales leaders for generating and updating sales metrics.

Why use Convin as your sales analytics software?

Convin’s sales analytics software enables artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities to analyze your daily sales calls granularly. Convin uncovers for you the talk points between your customers and sales reps, their soft skills assessment, and points to the area where your sales reps need help.

With Convin, you can not just discover the ultimate sales analytics, but you can also enable sales training and coaching for your sales reps. You can create your best calls playbook and share it with your new hires and decrease the ramp-up time in half.

I have not told you the best part yet!

Convin, alongside delivering the sales metrics of your sales reps, also uncovers market trends, competitor’s intelligence and helps you map out the pattern of changing customer buying behavior.

6 Reasons you should consider Convin as your Sales Analytics software

To choose Convin, reasons are infinite!

But today, we will list down 5 reasons to use sales analytics software like Convin for your sales team:

1. Get Market Trends

The best source for understanding the evolving market is by tracking your customer engagement. Your customer’s voice is the best source of information that any business needs for success. And Convin understands that.

That is why Convin records, transcribes and analyzes your sales conversations for customer feedback, pain points, queries. It even analyzes the conversation for competitors’ pricing, features, and offers.

2. Actionable Deal Intelligence

Convin’s Sales analytics software analyses the conversation for customer’s pain-points, feedback, and queries alongside analyzing the conversation for seller’s response, talk ratio, topics discussed, and soft skills; it makes the entire deal conversation and cycles for you transparent.

3. Pin-point Sales Reps Challenges

Finding out why your sales reps cannot perform is a major challenge that we discussed in the starting.

Are they having difficulty conveying product benefits or features?

Are they aware of all product features?

Are they aware of the offers being provided?

Is the supporting sales content actually helping them?

Convin granularly analyses the conversation and sends the insights directly to your mail, so you don’t have to spend hours reviewing sales rep’s calls to understand the problem and find answers to the above questions.

4. Decrease Ramp-up time

Another hidden benefit of using Convin’s sales analytics software is that it can help you reduce your ramp-up time by half.

Are you thinking how?

With Convin, you can create your best sales calls playbooks and share them with new hires. Your new hires can actually learn about the customer, product, and sales engagement strategy from the actual call recordings. An Austin-based startup was able to reduce ramp-up time by half after using Convin to automate their sales training and coaching.

5. Understand Customers

As we saw, Convin gives you a detailed and real-time view of your customer’s pain points, feedback, and queries, unlike saturated and outdated data available on the internet. You can use Convin to draw patterns of your changing customer buying behavior and intention.

6. Easy to Sign Up

Last but not least, signing up on Convin is as easy as signing up on Spotify. All you need is your business email address, and you can start leveraging the revenue-generating benefits of Convin from day one. After signing up, you can try Convin for free for 15 days, and post that, you can opt for any of our easy-to-cancel subscription plans.

Convin easily integrates with your sales stack and even logs the sales metrics directly on your CRM, so don’t miss out on any crucial sales intelligence. Setting the sales metrics and tracking them is a crucial sales process, and Convin automates it for you so you can focus on more crucial sales activities.

Real-time and accurate sales analytics

Back your revenue strategy with real-time sales metrics

Accurate and Real-Time Sales Analytics
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