Why record customer engagement?

Aarti Nair
July 12, 2022
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July 12, 2022
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Many companies are now moving to a more customer-centric approach to their businesses. This is often done through the gathering of customer feedback, using this feedback to improve services and continuous engagement with their customers. It is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of resources. 

With the right recording tool, you don't have to spend so much time and resources because you can record customers in real-time while they are interacting with you and analyze the data later.

Customer engagement has become a very important aspect of business today. The millennial generation is now coming into power, and as such, we are seeing a new era of business emerge. Customer engagement is a key component of this, and the problem is that many businesses are not sure how to go about it. This blog will look at why you need to record customer interactions and how this can help you.

But first, let us understand the different problems that customer engagement recording can resolve.

Different problems that customer engagement recording helps resolve.

#1. Manual and tedious call note-taking

Without a call recording solution, agents have to laboriously write call notes during meetings, which diverges their attention from the customer. Which ultimately leads to a low-quality customer experience and a lower CSAT score.

Moreover, call note-taking is full of human error as it is filled with the agent’s perception of the meeting. They might also miss certain data while recording meeting notes as they are trying to focus on the prospect.

#2. Lost opportunity for up-sell and cross-selling

Again while manually noting down call notes, agents miss out on a lot of data points that could be crucial for exploring up-selling and cross-selling opportunities later. With a meeting recorder, they can check back by re-listening to the call and see if you missed any cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and utilize this data in the follow-up calls.

#3. Tracking agents performance

A call recording solution can record all agent engagements. The call auditors can listen to post calls and provide their feedback to improve their performance and provide the best customer experience.

Agents' performance tracking is also crucial for allocating incentives to the agents.

#4. Conflict Resolution

As per every country’s compliance guidelines, it is mandatory to have a call recording solution because it helps resolve any sales and support disputes between the business and the customer.

Rather than getting involved in the “he said,” “she said,” isn’t it better to have a solution that can play back the conversation and resolve any conflicts.

There are many other advantages of having an engagement recording solution. A wider look at the benefits of the solution gives you a better understanding of why the solution is a holy grail for customer-facing companies.

How does customer engagement recording help?

Customer engagement recording is something that is becoming increasingly important for businesses. It helps you to identify the pain points that your customers are facing and how you can help them. It will help you to understand how well your agents are performing and where they need help. 

It also allows you to see the different types of conversations that you are having with customers. You can listen to the conversations to understand how your customers are feeling and what they are thinking.

#1. Agent Training

It may be the most obvious and important of the reasons to record sales calls. However, unless you're able to listen to every single one of your sales team members' calls (unlikely), you're going to miss nuances in the way they talked about pricing. It was especially important for sales hires who were ramping up early on as this was a time when we wanted them talking about our product to everyone who would listen! 

We also felt it was equally important for seasoned reps later on since we wanted them to continue to record their calls because it would keep their messaging sharp and ensure they were further developing their objection handling responses with more information added in. The end result of everything that occurred throughout past recordings would mean that in the long run, our reps would be better sellers as a result.

#2. For accountability

Recording sales calls helps you keep track of buyer objections and can help uncover possible design flaws before they’re put on the market too. And if something goes wrong, you can go back in and see what happened during your conversation with a prospect and how that conversation could have led to a favorable outcome. 

Additionally, knowing they're being recorded will make both parties more accountable throughout the transaction, not willing to do something either party might regret later on in the process! It's important for any recording conversations that you establish very clearly for your prospect that it is indeed being recorded. Tens of States follow this practice as well so make sure you inform them that it is officially being recorded.

#3. Track agent’s call performance

Call recording has taken off like wildfire in recent years, with new product developments leading the way. Now you can automatically track things like the number of times an agent says “um” or “uh” during a call, so you know how many seconds of clip to cut out and throw away! 

Better still, you can also analyze your top performers vs. bottom performers by tracking things such as the average number of words per minute said, so you can bring up your slowest agents on their weekly 1:1 and find out what they need help with while still congratulating them on their speediness!

#4. Uncover Market Trends directly from the voice of the customer

Every company wants to hear what its customers are saying. According to an article by CBS News, "tracking customer feedback can help a business make better decisions, leading to more sales and positive reviews." 

Customer feedback and tracking their conversation data are valuable, and it can help in many ways. A business that takes the time to listen to its customers will undoubtedly make better decisions and improve its business processes.

#5. Create ABM Content

Customer engagement is critical to driving the right content, at the right time, and in the right channels, to the right people. And it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. To create, manage, and measure the impact of ABM content, marketers must be able to aggregate and analyze data from internal, external, and third-party sources. With the rise of AI-powered call recording analyzing solutions like Convin, there is an explosion of data, it is impossible for marketers to do this manually and at speed.

#6. Improve customer experience

The customer experience is more important than ever. In a digital world, you have more ways to reach your customers and more ways for your customers to reach you. Yet, there are more ways to get it wrong and lose their business. 

A great way to help reduce the likelihood of this happening is by tracking the customer experience by recording the engagement. 

You may be asking yourself, “What is the customer experience?” and “Why do I need to track it?”. 

Understanding the customer experience involves understanding how customers interact with your brand, whether in person, online or over the phone. Tracking the customer experience will give you actionable insights into how to improve your customer engagement, reduce churn, and increase customer lifetime value.

#7. Identifying your ideal customer

Identifying your ideal customer is arguably the most important step in the customer journey. Why? 

Because if you don’t know what your customer wants, you can’t possibly give it to them! 

No matter how great your product or service is, if you don’t know who you’re targeting, your marketing efforts will be a total waste of time and money.

The customer engagement record is a record of a customer’s interactions with your company. It can be a record of every email, phone call, meeting, and interaction. This should be a record of every interaction that takes place between your business and a possible customer and analyze the conversation intelligence for you. This will help you to identify your ideal customer.

Now that you know why recording customer engagement is important and how it can benefit your business. Let us look at a solution that can actually help you in recording the customer engagement smartly.

Convin is the AI-powered agent assist solution for your business that records transcribes, and analyzes your customer engagement data.

Convin is an agent assist platform that records, transcribes, analyzes customer engagement, and stores it for your business in the cloud by helping you create a library for your recordings. 

Convin automatically integrates with your customer engagement platforms like your telephony systems and video conferencing platforms for recording the conversations and after that, it analyzes the conversations for industry trends, customer sentiment, feedback, action, competitor data, action items, and questions asked, etc.

It even analyzes the conversation for the agent’s performance by automatically auditing the conversation for the response, patience, interruption, and custom parameters and scores the call performance. It even highlights the calls that need special attention for the manual audition by rating the good, average and bad based on custom parameters. 

Using the Convin solution, you can train your agents and pinpoint areas of improvement. 

Parting Words

Recording customer engagement can help you learn what features they find useful and how they use them and even help point out areas that need improvement.

Customer engagement recording is one of the best ways to turn your website audience into a revenue stream. If you are a business owner looking to boost your sales and revenue, look no further because there is a way to turn your website visitors into customers by using customer engagement software. One thing that can make or break your business is the way your customers feel about your brand. 

A customer has to visit your website a lot of times before they can decide to make a purchase. This means that if they are not engaged or happy with the way your site looks or feels, they will leave and never come back. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have the right customer engagement software in place to record your customer’s behavior and prepare you to address their needs and wants.

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