Sales training ideas, if you are still struggling with increasing team readiness?

Abhishikha Chatterjee
June 15, 2022
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June 15, 2022
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Why do you think global sales experts and influencers pushing for sales training?

To keep up with the times and deal with the expectations of the B2B buyers, the administrative and decision-making committee, the constant innovation of products, and the quick advancement of technology may prove difficult for a sales rep. 

Therefore, it is important to train the sales reps in order to upgrade them and motivate them to run with the time and stay ahead of the competition.
This encourages them to tweak their sales approaches, strategies, and processes, thus boosting the performance and driving the company's growth.

Oftentimes, the sales training process of certain organizations decreases in effectiveness as they rely on old tactics. For instance, long-winded presentations which cost a lot of time to make and present or on-site boot camps, leading to information overall that the new reps or junior reps may drown in. This is rather a counterproductive approach to increasing sales teams’ performance. 

We’ll discuss:

So before we dive deeper into the training techniques, let us understand what Sales Training is and how it is beneficial. 

Do you know what performers are doing in 2022 to move the needle?

What is Sales Training? 

Sales training is made up of various personal development skills and techniques that relate to creating and highlighting new sales ideas and opportunities, as well as closing sales deals for the organization. 

Sales training empowers your sales reps with tools, strategy, and team culture, underlining the expectations set upon them by the team leaders, executives, the organization, and the industry as well as preparing them for success. 

Sales training covers multiple aspects from key sales skills to sales methodology and process, sales enablement tools, effective sales techniques, and product-related training, etc. 

The main focus of this activity is to initiate change and establish new skills and processes to ultimately develop new habits and behaviors concerning industry progress.

Sales training can be achieved via different learning formats such as on-site sessions, online/offline simulations in the form of assignments, and online learning. 

And these formats can be enhanced with the help of a Sales Training Software that can provide on-demand access to various learning content like videos, assignments, and quizzes.

Additionally, it is critical to tie up the training with a sales coaching program so that the leaders and executives can reinforce the knowledge that the reps learn and apply them practically. 

Are you aware of the key differences between sales training and sales coaching?

What are the key benefits of Sales Training?

Success in sales relies on enhancing specific skills and techniques; there are skills that a sales rep should nurture in order to stay consistent and perform to meet the sales quota.

There are undeniable benefits to Sales Training such as: 

🔹 Closing More Deals

The first and most important benefit is that the sales rep, after a thorough sales training session, comes into the sales space with the ability to close more deals by avoiding ideating strategies and wasting time on tasks that are counterproductive to their targets and are inefficient.
Sales training, in addition to equipping the rep with effective and efficient sales skills, can also help in understanding techniques that may work in their favor and which ones won’t. 

These are essential insights as they can help shift the focus of a rep and guide them properly, all while maximizing their potential, streamlining their process, and proving to be efficient, leading to closing more deals.

🔹 Integrating Best Methods

Simply going on the internet to understand some of the best sales methods is rather a half-hearted approach to enhancing the skills. Yes, in theory, the internet may list out some of the best sales methods. But since they are not designed to cater your needs, they might not be the best for you. However, they may not cater to your needs, this may not be the best for you.
A proper sales training program will educate the reps on the best methods and also underline their purpose, how it is significant to them and how it is applicable to them. 

It is vital to understand the “why” of methods.
Therefore, sales training programs are beneficial in integrating the best methods that can improve the rep's performance, consequently, the organization’s performance.

🔹 Expanding Knowledge

A sales training program's primary focus is to expand upon the sales rep's pre-existing knowledge. This is essential to build upon their confidence and provide them with the critical thinking skill that will come in handy when responding to prospects.
Instead of following a set script, a sales rep should learn to adapt to interacting with the prospects. Through professional sales training, sales reps can get savvy with engaging in more meaningful conversations. This is possible because they will have a depth of effective knowledge that can be used to close the deals and generate more revenue.

🔹Better Employee Retention

As mentioned earlier, the sales industry is a high-pressure environment, thanks to high-stakes, fluctuating consumer behavior, and other fast-paced changes. And without proper support, sales reps and teams can often be subjected to high turnover rates.
Even good sales reps that have a high aptitude for sales do go through a steep learning curve. Therefore it is vital to always upgrade through sales training. It provides the sales reps with fundamental skills, fosters an encouraging environment, and boosts their confidence to succeed and perform.
This leaves the sales rep feeling supported and gives them a confidence boost. Therefore they are more likely to stay in the organization.

🔹 Setting Realistic Goals

Sales training will equip the sales rep with skills that can accurately predict short-term and long-term results, allowing for better sales decisions to be made and realistic goals can be set.
If the goals and targets are unrealistic, it can be demotivating. If the targets are set too high, underachieving them can demotivate the rep, leading to poor performance. But setting goals that are too low can negatively impact the organization’s performance.
Therefore it is vital for reps to understand and update the skills that can help them forecast sales trends and the impact of the strategies, set realistic goals, and ensure their consistent progress. This will not only improve the performance of the sales team but also of the organization, directly generating revenue. 

Now that we have looked at the basics of Sales training, i.e, its definition and benefits, let’s get into the training tactics and ideas trainers and managers can implement in the sales training program.

How to train virtual sellers? 

What are the Sales Training Tactics to Implement?

1. Practical Assessment Activities

Organizations blindly hope that their sales rep will be better equipped with knowledge if all they do is read their training courses guide and they’ll be ready for fieldwork.
However, this is overestimating the effectiveness of this method- it leaves them unprepared, which may lead them to be inefficient, reducing the confidence of the sales rep and negatively impacting the company.

Thus, practical assessment activities can help in better training engagement and encourage sales-readiness. These training assessments could be knowledge checks such as quizzes, simulations such as scenario practices and observations. 

2. Examining Reports

Knowledge transparency within the organization can make a great difference as all the key reports of wins and losses will be made available to reps, providing them with thorough knowledge and working of the organization.
Incorporating these reports into the Sales training program can provide good takeaways about sales outcomes.

3. Peer Learning

Peer learning can help in the success with a good reason. Peer learning allows training leaders to impart expert advice, and create a guide that can be used as training material for newcomers.

4. Practical Buyer Persona Training

Since training programs tend to focus on theory such as product details, messaging and content that the prospects would want to hear, they do not understand their business in a practical manner. And this may also not provide a complete insight into the buyer’s persona.
Understanding the buyer’s persona during the sales process can make a huge difference and this can only be achieved by practical training- having an overview of the buyer persona details, their critical business points and success metrics to be able to provide better sales pitches and deals to them.
This also outlines practical approaches for engaging buyers in the buyer’s journey. This aids in accelerating the time to a buying decision.

5. Response Practice

Interactions with buyers and prospects can be unpredictable and it may often prove difficult to close deals. Therefore, ensuring sales reps should have mastered key skills to help curb these obstacles.
This course can help break down the fundamentals of handling various situations that will be presented such as misunderstanding, scepticism, drawbacks and indifference.

Following the script may often not prove to have a positive impact, therefore the reps should be equipped with skills and knowledge in order to retain customers, maintain better customer relations and interactions, and close deals in turn boosting company performance and driving revenue generation. 

Presently, remote selling is a trend and sales training software can help in onboarding reps faster. The sales training program defines what is a win, how to achieve it, and how to make the best of it and here’s where sales training software comes into the picture.

What Is Sales Training Software? 

A Sales training software combines the sales calls and helps in identifying winning strategies that the new sales reps can learn from. With sales training software, you’ll get insights into what works on call, and what doesn’t and discover opportunities that a sales rep can use. 

What key sales metrics to track after implementing a solid training program?

Convin’s AI-powered Sales training software can help the sales team to get more efficient and effective with their process- sifting through calls, highlighting prospective opportunities and how they can be used.

With Convin’s AI-power software in your corner, create 1:1 training models, identify great strategies, automatically keep track of sales calls and make sales training effective and fast.
Convin can help in the following with the Sales Training Software:

  1. You can quickly create a great and effective Sales Training Program.
  2. You can offer feedback to reps that prevents deals slipping away.
  3. You can create a single winning guide that can propel the sales team towards accomplishing their targets and inspire them.
  4. Instead of depending on hearsay for training, rely on opinions based on information and data to train the sales reps.

With deeper insights into the sales calls and interactions, Convin can help create an effective and compatible sales training program. Discover areas of improvement, understand real-time call insights and identify the winning strategies and processes, automatically and easily. 

Try Convin’s Sales training software- it’s easier than getting Spotify premium. No kidding..

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