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The Discovery of Soaring Sales Techniques by a Multi-National Company

Rimlee Patgiri
February 7, 2024
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If you've ever wondered what sets the stage for skyrocketing sales in the contact center industry, you're in for a treat. 

As VPs, directors, managers, and supervisors strive to enhance their teams' performance, understanding and implementing effective sales techniques becomes paramount. 

Picture this: a multinational company faces the same conundrum, and its journey is packed with insights that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This article sheds light on various best sales techniques, revealing how a specific approach in sales training can significantly impact a multinational company's success.

We're delving deep into how this company uncovered the hidden gems, the factors that led to higher sales, and how you can apply these gems to your own contact center.

Revisiting Sales Techniques in Business

Sales techniques are the strategies and methods that sales professionals use to create opportunities through proper customer research, engage potential customers, and close deals throughout a sales process

These can range from relationship-building tactics for sales conversations to leveraging technology for personalized selling. 

Examples of top sales techniques include solution selling, which focuses on solving a specific problem for the customer, and social selling, which uses social media platforms to connect with and understand potential clients.

Take the right steps to save time and effort to make well-informed sales decisions.

What are the 4 Basic Selling Techniques?

What are the 4 selling strategies?
What are the 4 selling strategies?

Selling techniques are essential strategies sales professionals use to identify, engage, and persuade potential customers to purchase the sales cycle. 

These techniques vary depending on the product or service sold, the sales environment, and the customer's needs and preferences. 

Understanding and mastering the most effective sales techniques can significantly enhance a salesperson's effectiveness and success

Below are four basic selling techniques explained in detail:

1. Needs-Based Selling

Need-based selling in sales techniques

This technique is centered around identifying the specific needs or problems of the customer. The salesperson actively listens to the customer, asks insightful questions, and pays close attention to the customer's responses. 

The goal is to fully understand the customer's situation, requirements, and pain points. Once identified, the salesperson presents their product or service as the ideal solution, tailored to address these needs.

This highly customer-centric approach involves building a relationship based on trust and understanding.

2. Solution Selling 

Related to needs-based selling, solution selling focuses more on the solution than just identifying needs. It's often used for more complex sales environments with customized or sophisticated solutions. 

Here, the sales team needs to deeply understand their product or service and how it can be adapted to solve various problems. 

This approach requires a consultative sales style, where the salesperson acts more like an advisor or consultant than a traditional seller. 

The emphasis is on creating value for the customer by offering a solution that solves their current problem and provides long-term benefits.

3. Consultative Selling

This approach takes solution selling a step further. It's based on the premise that customers buy more from salespeople who understand their problems and can offer unique solutions. 

Consultative selling is about becoming a trusted advisor to the customer rather than just a seller.

This requires a deep understanding of the customer's business, industry, and challenges. The salesperson uses this knowledge to tailor their sales pitch, providing insights and solutions that are highly relevant and valuable to the customer.

This method is particularly effective in B2B sales, where decisions are often more complex and based on strategic considerations.

4. Value-Based Selling

Value-based selling in sales techniques

In value-based selling, the focus is on the value the product or service will bring the customer. This goes beyond just solving a problem or fulfilling a need; it's about sales presentations about how the product or service can deliver significant value and return on investment. 

Sales organizations using this technique must clearly articulate how their offering will improve the customer's business, increase revenue, reduce costs, or provide other tangible benefits.

This approach often involves quantifying the benefits of monetary value, making it a powerful technique for convincing decision-makers, especially in a competitive market.

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How a Multi-National Company Uncovered Reasons Behind Higher Sales?

One of the crucial factors that Convin focuses on for its clients is the win-behavior. 

Win-behavior insights generated by Convin’s call center software automatically track all sales activities and reveal the overall status quo of the prospect’s interest in the sales funnel

Read about Convin’s win-behavior analysis in our latest report.

Using sales techniques backed by AI capabilities, Convin steps into the buyer’s shoes and delivers frequent reports that help the company (Convin’s client) understand the buyer’s perspective.

To understand how Convin aids in achieving business goals from the initial call to the last with customers, let’s look into one of its clients - a multi-national company. 

Using AI-powered conversation intelligence, Convin audits 100% of conversations, including phone calls, video calls, chats, and emails. 

During the audits, the systems fetch every useful data from factors that led to conversions, lost leads, critical moments, and much more. 

Following are some useful insights that the multinational company fetched post using Convin in 1 month:

  1. Explaining the features of the products” saw a whopping increase in conversions by 23.4%.
  2. “Proper objection handling” increased the conversion rates by 18%. 
  3. “Building rapport with the customer” increased conversion rates by 6.4%.
  4. “Appropriate probing to clarify queries” increased conversion rates by 5.2%. 
  5. “Agents taking ownership of the query” increased conversion rates by 3.7%.
Convin insights on factors leading to more sales
Convin insights on factors leading to more sales
Acquire, close, and retain more leads.

Upgrade to an Advanced Sales Approach

Multinational companies' remarkable sales achievements are rooted in adopting a sophisticated sales technique. 

Embracing strategies and the right technology of the hour have driven their success. This strategic approach highlights the importance of meeting customer needs, establishing enduring relationships, and demonstrating tangible value. 

Adopting a strong sales strategy is a critical step toward sustainable growth for any business aspiring to excel in today's competitive landscape.

Interested in upgrading your sales approach? 

Get on a call with us today to learn how our expertise can elevate your team's performance and drive your sales success to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the 7 keys of sales?

  • Prospecting: Finding and identifying potential customers.
  • Building Relationships: Establishing rapport and trust with prospects.
  • Identifying Needs: Understanding the requirements and challenges of new and existing customers. 
  • Presenting Solutions: Demonstrating how your product/service can meet the customer's needs.
  • Handling Objections: Effectively addressing concerns or hesitations from the customer.
  • Closing the Sale: Successfully finalizing the deal.
  • Follow-up: Maintaining contact post-sale for potential future business and referrals.

2. What are the 4 selling strategies?

  • Product Selling: Focusing on the features and benefits of the product.
  • Solution Selling: Tailoring solutions to customer problems using your product/service.
  • Consultative Selling: Acting as a trusted advisor to solve customer's broader challenges.
  • Value-Based Selling: Demonstrating the value and ROI of your product/service to the customer.

3. What are some sales techniques for beginners?

  • Active Listening: Pay close attention to the customer's words and underlying needs.
  • Effective Questioning: Ask open-ended questions to understand customer needs better.
  • Building Rapport: Establish a connection with the customer to build trust.
  • Feature-Benefit Selling: Link your product's features to specific customer benefits.
  • Handling Objections: Learn to anticipate and address common customer objections.
  • Practicing the Pitch: Regularly refine and practice your sales pitch.
  • Learning from Rejections: Use rejections as learning opportunities to improve future interactions. 

4. What are some sales tips?

To succeed in sales, focus on building strong customer relationships, listening to their needs, and customizing your pitch. Consistent follow-ups, confident objection handling, and offering solutions are crucial. Stay organized, set goals, and continuously improve product knowledge. Effective communication and persistence are essential for success.

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