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The uncontrollable rise of sales calls recording plus 8 market-disrupting benefits!

Abhishikha Chatterjee
July 5, 2022
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July 5, 2022
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Did you know, 4:00-5:00 PM is the best time slot to hit up prospective customers and 46% more conversions are made on Wednesdays compared to Mondays.”- CallHippo

Do you know how companies conclude what time and days are working best for their sales teams? - Sales Call Recording!

Sales call recording is one of the most essential sales activities that can indirectly increase the chance of closing deals and improving the organization's performance.

  • The calls tracked can be analyzed to understand what part of the sales process is effective and which area needs improvement. 
  • The calls can also be used as evidence or proof when difficult situations arise, or any allegations or claims are being made legally.

Call recording is helpful as the sales rep will be equipped with the ability to learn and understand insights from the interactions and conversations. And when this is applied practically, it can generate growth and performance. This can also be used for training purposes.

Call recording can also boost the sales process, client experience, and give insight into how to tailor communication for personalized and customized interactions.

However, Sales call recording is only effective when data is appropriately utilized and analyzed. Often organizations record the interactions but do not use them. Call recording analysis can help identify sales opportunities and alert sellers regarding risks and opportunities on or before time. 

And to aid this practice, there are technologically advanced call recording softwares which will discuss soon. 

Today, our discussion will focus on:

  • What is call recording software?
  • 8 Market-Disrupting Benefits Of call recording software

What is Call Recording Software?

Call recording software helps the organization record calls- inbound and outbound- that are valuable for sales, support, and other customer-facing teams that usually spend time on the phone talking to prospects & customers.

In addition to recording the interactions, a call recording software can also help in call logging, tracking, storing, sharing, and analysis.

Should a call recording software be automated?

A call recording software should be automated- it should automatically log and save all call records and interactions between reps and prospects, ensuring that sales reps are equipped with personalized and relevant context about the clients for future approaches.

This allows them to effectively target the prospects during follow-up, thus increasing the chances of lead conversion.

7 Business-Friendly Reasons Why You Should Record Your Next Meeting

For optimal utilization and effectiveness of the call recording, the call recording software should easily integrate with already-existing sales tools and business tools such as CRM.

Furthermore, coupled with screen recording, a call recording software can capture the sequence the rep used and the data they have entered, allowing for call reviewers to analyze the contents of the call and understand it completely and comprehensively, optimizing the efficiency of the sales rep and being more useful during the training aspect. 

A video and audio call recorded and stored by Convin’s call recording software.

Now that we have looked at what call recording is and the call recording software, let us dive into a detailed list of benefits of the call recording software and why should your organization invest in one.

8 Market-Disrupting Benefits Of Call Recording Software

Other than the aforementioned factors, it is vital for sales teams to have excellent call recording software that is catered to their needs and can boost their sales performance and services.

Below are some of the benefits of a call recording software:

1. Modern and Digital Maintenance of Records

After integrating with the CRM and other information systems, the call recording software will help collect customer data and information. And based on their overall behavior, it will equip the reps with the appropriate amount of information about a client, to provide more personalized and customized interaction points.

2. More Customer Satisfaction and Less Attrition

A conversation between a sales rep and a customer is vital. The rep should communicate, maintain and follow proper call guidelines, respect the prospect, speak in a pleasant tone and clarify the customer queries clearly and effectively.
A call recording software can help the management if these protocols are followed or not by listening to the recording of the call. And the rep’s awareness of the call being recorded will help them remain focused and ensure that they follow the guidelines.
This will ensure that the customer feels listened and their complaints and queries are being attended carefully, thus giving them a satisfactory feeling about the entire engagement process.
And if the agent receives complaints that need them to act beyond their jurisdiction, the call recording software can enable the managers to resolve them in due time, ensuring customer satisfaction. 

3. Thorough Quality Check

An advantage of the calls being recording and shared among people can help the quality manager to listen to the interaction between a rep and a prospect to determine the quality of the process. This helps highlight areas of improvement in the process and how the sales rep approaches the sales process.
Thus, the rep can alter their sales plan or come in an analytical and informed manner- this may include improving communication skills, understanding the product sold better, or even if their entire sales process is effective or not.
The quality manager, having access to call recordings, can help determine whether the sales reps are performing well. This can also help determine whether the rep is lying about their performance. This all can help in improving the quality of the interaction and the sales processes and approaches. 

Check the quality of your sales conversations.

4. Smarter and Effective Sales Training

The information and data compiled from the call recordings can be used in sales training when onboarding or during a training refresher course.
For instance, when a customer and a sales rep interact, the customer may give essential details or a glimpse into their customers' behavior and psychology, which is helpful during the sales process. And during a sales training session, this can help the trainees identify them and understand consumer behavior. 

Would you like to know some creative sales training ideas?

Additionally, using various call recordings during the sales training session can help introduce the trainees to tricks and tactics that they can pick up. They can utilize them as a way to pitch a product, understand what kind of tactics work, which part of the sales process can be improved, etc. Basically, this activity can trigger their critical thinking skills, equipping them with the knowledge that they can use during calls and close deals. Thus, enhancing sales reps’ performance and, in turn, the performance of the organization.

5. More Targeted Performance Review

Performance reviews are vital to the organization and the reps as it is based on a complete analysis of the actions and performances of the employees. Often, these reviews are used to compare the employees' progress with the standards set by the organization which the former is expected to follow and measure up to.
Call recording software helps identify the growth and performance chart, thanks to its analytical feature. 

Employees and managers alike can listen to these interactions and underline the shortcomings and areas of improvement. Managers can guide and assist at the strategizing stage of the process or the communication stage, helping reps boost their scores and review. 
A call recording software aids in the improvement of performance, which generates revenue growth and the organization's overall performance. 

6. Reduce Corporate Liability

Organizations face lawsuits. Often, legal scandals happen due to misunderstandings and miscommunication, and the lines of legality may blur if proper evidence isn’t available.
Thanks to its storing and sharing features, call recording software can act as evidence or proof to protect the organization against defamation or other legal scenarios.
However, for call recordings to be used as proof, the customer should be aware that the interaction is recorded.

7. Adhere to Government Compliance

It is vital for the organizations’ practices and business guidelines to adhere to the government.
In the financial sector, organizations such as banks, insurance companies, etc., are required to record all forms of communications. This sector is regularly monitored and regulated by the government or the private party.
Sales call recording software can help the organization or the individual from being prosecuted or fined by helping maintain government-regulated practices in their processes and operations and comply with the rules. 

Did you know that there are government rules on call recording consent?

8. Heightened Security

Investing in a call recording system can reduce the amount of inappropriate and spam calls and can also help in detecting any security issues.
The call recording software can also help monitor if the employee or the sales rep is behaving and communicating appropriately and if they are following the protocols and guidelines.

These are some of the benefits that a call recording software ensures when the organization is planning to invest in one. 

Although CRM software help in certain aspects of the call recording process, it is not an ideal solution and can not compare to the detailed analysis and perspectives that a call recording software can provide. 

Try Convin’s Call Recording software. It is a powerful and essential tool that can provide vital information to analyze customer calls and follow up with prospects in a targeted and effective manner. It also improves sales techniques, processes, training, and more. 

With Convin’s call recording software, you can record, transcribe, analyze, and provide call insights, create call playlists, and store calls data and recordings in one place. So sign up today and start recording to boost the performance and generate revenue.

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