Sales Analytics Software: Unlock and Expand the Potential of your Data

Abhishikha Chatterjee
May 25, 2022
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May 25, 2022
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Have you been attending prospects without a sales analytics software?

Sales is considered a profession where intuition plays a vital role. Meaning, Sales reps research the potential consumers and understand their behavior before setting a strategy for a proposal conversation or a sales pitch. 

This allows the rep to engage in a personalized manner with the potential consumer, allowing them to understand the interests of the prospects and determine if they are an ideal consumer or not. 

However, in recent years, technology has revolutionized the way sales data affects the strategy, performance, and overall dynamic of the sales team. Sellers no longer rely on intuition; rather data and sales data analysis has replaced it. 

With sales analytics, businesses are making sales decisions quickly in response to the drastic market changes, oscillating consumer behavior, new competitor activities, and campaigns. 

Additionally, the focus is shifted to making targeted efforts to preserve the resources to keep up with the continuous rise of the cost of acquiring prospective clients.

In today’s post, we’ll cover a new perspective approaching sales data:

  • Effective Growth with Sales Data
  • What is Sales Analysis Software?
  • How to Choose the Right Sales Data Analytics Software

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Effective Growth with Sales Data

As intuition takes a backseat and Sales Data takes the lead as the driving force of the sales team, it can save the individual, the team, and the organization from spending a lot of time, energy, and money which are all valuable resources.

Sales data can also methodize the team, and streamline the sales processes so that the businesses are positively impacted and there’s constant revenue growth. For that one needs to analyze the existing sales data and figure out how it can effectively grow the performance of the sales team and, by extension, the organization.

And the easiest way to analyze this massive data is by using the right Sales Data Analysis Software that is customized to analyze the data relevant to your team and organization. 

What is Sales Analysis Software?

Now that we have looked at Sales data and how it helps in the effective growth and performance of the organization, let us now dive deeper into what Sales Analysis Software is and how it is the key to unlocking the power that data holds.

Sales Analytics Software details the CRM data to disclose sales insights and forecast the performance of future strategies based on the available trend data. 

The Sales team members, from the reps to the manager, use Sales Analytics to discern the sales activities, underline the sales rep's performance, product, or pitch, and predict future sales data

The Sales Analytics information can be employed to improve the sales strategies and pitch and execute predictable ideas and sales models.

Sales analytics systems are often used in addition to the sales force automation and other existing CRM systems, as it serves as both a CRM system to record data and analyzes data, making it an Analytics tool as well.

Sales Analytics Software provides tools and resources to generate accurate and practicable insights. It equips the sales reps and team to create a positive impact on the business data while also reducing time and the money spent.

These insights can be shared to underline the processes that work and strategies that do not, how to set priorities and goals, and what to achieve in order to increase the revenue- these are the points that the sales team will focus on. 

Businesses have always been analyzing sales data to identify trends and predict future sales performance, highlighting the areas of improvement, prospect behavior, sales points, and opportunities that will catalyze revenue. This is the ultimate goal of the sales team members- from the reps to managers to the executives.  

Thus, using this data to their advantage, the sales team relies on its predictive characteristic to create a solid foundation for their future plans. 

However, the predictive characteristic can be effectively achieved through employing the right analytics software that should provide the following: 

An In-depth Analysis of Sales Data 

The right Sales Analytics software will provide insights into the minute details of your organization and its business, thus helping to make future decisions rooted in factual data.  

However, to highlight the metrics such as lead conversion ratio or average sales cycle length, the software must be predictive, flexible, and should easily integrate with your current systems for accurate data analysis. 

Boost Efficiency

The software you choose should encourage you to make your analysis and reports. While organizations may employ one or more technical aspects to assist with various databases, such as SQL queries, data manipulation, and comprehension, these are not essential to good reporting tools. 

Here, the software of your choice should have an interface that can be used by anyone in your organization, therefore encouraging everyone in the team to utilize data as their main source of knowledge and optimize strategies and processes, in turn boosting efficiency. 

Boosting Revenue

You can ensure a boost in revenue using accurate data and its highly predictive characteristics. When data is accurate and accessible to everyone, it will provide a deeper analysis of consumer behavior, leading to better strategies and processes that target the demographic in the right manner. 

Sales Data analytics software should generate accurate insight based on the pre-existing data. 

These insights will provide information on:

  • Future sales performance, 
  • Giving a precautionary alert in regards to issues that may arise, 
  • Highlight areas of improvement, 
  • And point out areas of opportunities,

But most importantly, it will help in saving time and resources as it efficiently plans sales strategies based on accurate data. 

Better Customer Service

The Sales Analytics software should enable the sales team- the reps and managers to improve the quality of the customer service. 

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Presently, clients and prospective customers demand quick solutions and this is an advantage. Because it makes the process of behavior analysis quicker. Which in turn provides a complete overview of the sales strategies and efforts, making the entire process time-efficient. 

It’s important to keep in mind that sales is not simply about the figures. Sales data is a foundation upon which strategies and processes will be built to bring out its utmost potential. 

Here’s where Sales Analytics software steps in; it helps in setting targets and goals. Also, compiles data to show a progress report and performance.

Once the metrics are chosen according to the preference of the organization, the filtered data becomes more transparent and visible to everyone. 

The analytics tool presents the data and magnifies the numbers, identifying the performance of the team, the products, and the risk factors that may pose an obstacle in the future. 

The sales data analysis software can also draw comparisons between the metrics-filtered data from the previous periods and the predictive data, thanks to the intelligent automated algorithms. 

Thus, implementing data-driven sales training and strategizing can track and boost the team’s performance, proportionally boosting their results. 

A modern sales analytics software provides each sales rep with tools and analytics that can help them take the initiative and make better-informed decisions. 

How to Choose the Right Sales Data Analytics Software

Presently, data has become essential across departments and levels of organizations, whether big or small. And data analysis using Sales Data Analysis Software is a vital process that every organization should consider imbibing in their process so it can do what it does best - sell.

But the question arises- how to choose the right Sales Data Analytics software for your organization? What are the features you want in order to positively impact your business and take advantage of all the aforementioned benefits? 

If you are choosing a Sales Data Analytics software, here’s a list of things that you should keep in mind-

One Place for All Your Data :

Any Sales Analytics Software that you choose should combine all your data coming from different channels and display it in a single place, helping you in creating dashboards- all within minutes. 

Conversation Intelligence Dashboard

From inspection to conversion, everything should be funneled when displayed on the sales dashboard- all the metrics used, such as lead conversion, deals closed, and consumer behavior. 
The advantage of having all the data in one place will help in drawing comparisons, the performance and progress of the sales reps, and analyzing your assets, all in an efficient manner. 

Automated Sales Reports:

It is a task to manually generate reports of massive amounts of sales data, curbing the sales team's potential.

Sales Analytics Software should automate your sales reports with relevant sales data, all accessible from your fingertips. As a result, you won't have to wait for hours and days on end for a single report. It also eliminates the risk of losing massive data. 

Sales call statistics on a single page

Additionally, sales reports can be shared with external sources with customized viewing access. This creates a transparent, informed, and collaborative environment in the organization. 

Clear and Professional Sales Dashboards:

The Sales Analytics Software should have a clear dashboard reporting system to keep the managers and executives well-informed and updated in an effortless and effective manner. 

Nowadays, dashboards are vital when it comes to presenting reports to the management and the clients. They provide a single-glance overview of everything that is essential to the business and its operation and presents it in a clear, efficient, and professional manner. 

This is specifically true for sales, a field that is determined and driven by a number of metrics to track and analyze- an effective dashboard will simplify the data and its comprehensive, thus eliminating the scope for confusion. 

User-friendly interface:

A good Sales Analytics software should be an easy-to-use interface that anyone, especially those without much technical knowledge, can access and use to assess their performance and tweak their processes and strategies accordingly.

It should also have templates and display essential metrics in graphics forms such as tables, charts, and graphics to immediately visualize the overall performance.

Customizing and automating dashboards are essential and effective for sharing analysis with staff as well as investors and management. An interface should empower you to make your own analysis effortlessly. 

Accessible across multiple devices :

Sales Analytics software should be accessible from anywhere around the globe and from any device. If the whole dashboard is online, then it makes interdepartmental interactions easy since it will be easily accessible to everyone from various devices such as desktops, laptops, mobiles, etc.

This on-the-go feature with its flexible yet efficient characteristics are essential for a fast-paced and current business environment. Analyzing and decision-making also becomes easy. 

Conclusively, any business,--large or small–an individual, the team, and the organization will benefit from the integration of the Sales Analytics Software. Its ability to make on-the-spot decisions based on the provided metrics-filtered data, its analysis, and reports help in boosting the efficiency and productivity of the sales team. 

Now that you are aligned with what Sales analytics software can do for your sales team..let’s get to the next step.

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