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July 7, 2021
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Data Overloading is a major crunch for all organizations across all departments. With an overload of data, organizations miss out on crucial opportunities. Even the most valued data as of now the internal and external organization conversations.

Conversation Intelligence is a blessing for organizations to manage this data and use it for organizational growth. Nobody would have thought about the extent of insights that can be extracted from conversations. Today, conversation intelligence is known to provide businesses with meaningful and actionable insights which are directly derived from the customer. When these insights are thoroughly analyzed, the findings can help businesses understand consumer behavior, measure and optimize marketing performance, detect and correct the ongoing issues, manage sales operations, automate knowledge transfer during onboarding and deliver a better consumer experience. That said about the gist of it, let us look at how each department can benefit from using conversation intelligence.

1. Sales Department:

Sales funnel

It is the sales team that benefits the most by using Conversation Intelligence software. Every organization religiously quantifies and tracks its sales metrics to achieve higher sales effectiveness. For the same, the sales team must focus on the continuous improvement of their skills.

The most standardized and scalable way to support the sales team’s improved performances has been redefined with Conversation Intelligence. This technology gives your sales team the ability to dig deep into each call to ensure quality assurance. 

Conversation Intelligence helps deliver faster quality assurance of an organization’s sales calls in no time. 

Have you wondered how many quality leads get lost in the pipeline before they actually reach the conversion stage? 

The answer is - PLENTY!
And the solution to that is Conversation Intelligence. It is humanly impossible to dissect every call to its full potential. With Conversation Intelligence software, your sales team can perform the quality assessment of 100% of their calls. 

Another exemplary advantage of using Conversation Intelligence software for your sales team is that it helps set performance standards and benchmarks. 

When you understand how your top sellers sell, you know exactly what needs to be done more. Such software helps organizations establish data-backed patterns and practices.

Training is another important area where Conversation Intelligence comes into play. Analysis of calls helps identify the key coaching areas and work specifically towards those. These insights can also enable organizations to create a standard Sales Playbook. 

Conversation Intelligence helps revolutionize how sales teams approach revenue performance.

2. Customer Service Department

Conversation Intelligence helps convert the raw and unstructured voice of customer data into actionable insights. There is a direct relation that links good customer service to the success of an organization. 

With Conversation Intelligence software, it becomes possible to analyze 100% of the trends of your company’s interaction with the customers. These insights help you identify and uncover what works and what doesn’t. 

The Customer Service department can utilize these insights to better understand the common questions, concerns, and pain points shared by customers. Later on, these can be incorporated and addressed in the customer conversation scripts.

Conversation Intelligence also helps the Customer Service department to detect and correct conversion issues. It is very important to understand what distinguishes a satisfied and unsatisfied customer. With proper analysis of customer conversations, teams can understand issues that are creating a negative impact and work on those. Correcting these issues gives teams a chance to follow up on lost opportunities. 

The data from customer call insights should be distributed to the entire team in a visual dashboard. This practice will help the entire organization in streamlining all the functions to reach the consumer in a standardized manner. Overall, Conversation Intelligence helps democratize insights across the organization. Transcripts and recordings of customer conversations can also be used as coaching tools. It gives a definitive plan of action to be followed by the customer service executives.

3. Hiring and Recruitment Department:

Technology surely allows the automation of processes. But, when it comes to a crucial task such as recruiting, it is very important to include the humane touch. Conversations with hiring managers and candidates lead to the creation of long-term relationships in organizations. A single page of a candidate’s resume does no justice to the detailed explanation of their experience; they can elaborate on a call. While hiring for certain positions, your hiring managers might have to get in touch with hundreds of candidates. If they even end up shortlisting fifty of them, it is almost humanly impossible to remember every single detail discussed with the candidate. To ensure that crucial information is not left out, Conversation Intelligence helps turn these calls into interview data. Hiring managers can always go back and rely on that data. After talking to several candidates and analyzing those calls with the help of conversation intelligence software, hiring managers can assess and select the best candidates who fit into the organization’s requirements. 

And even automate the complete onboarding knowledge transfer with previously captured conversation intelligence.

4. Planning and Top Management:

Conversation Intelligence helps in assessing a conversation’s direction to understand its effects- both positive and negative. While the top management of an organization plans out the road map, goals, and targets, there are strategies involved. The use of Conversation Intelligence allows the backing of these strategies in a reliable context. The insights from conversations can be used to formulate better strategies that align with the expectations of customers. 

Also, with the help of Conversation Intelligence, the top management can keep a check on the happenings in their organization easily. Rather than conducting detailed audits and relying on reports, they can use the Conversation Intelligence insights to gather an overall idea of the way people in the organization interact outside the company. In a snapshot, the utilization of Conversation Intelligence allows the top management to make smarter decisions. It can act as a tool to communicate feedback across teams and build alignment.

5. Marketing Department:

We will never get tired of emphasizing the importance of Conversation Intelligence for an organization’s Marketing Department. Over the years, time and again, it has been proven that marketing is the new sales. It is the fishing hook that catches inbound leads for an organization. Conversation Intelligence facilitates marketers with the ability to align the entire organization around the customer’s voice. 

Think about it this way- What is the goal of a marketing department in any organization? What is their first thought while formulating strategies to reach the desired goals?

We will all agree that the Marketing Department aims to reach the consumer and take them through the funnel; awareness, intent, desire, and action.

Again, the first thought while planning out every marketing activity is for them to figure out what their consumer wants and how they will respond to a certain kind of communication. Now, Conversation Intelligence is the resource pool that gives marketers exactly that answer.

With Conversation Intelligence, marketers have the ability to access the direct voice of customers and understand their needs by addressing their pain points. They will no longer feel the need to rely on Sales teams for insights. Customer call analysis can help marketers to identify opportunities and create communication and messaging that resonates with customers.

Additionally, these calls can also help marketers get an idea of what motivates customers to make a purchase. Now, this surely is an invaluable insight.

Conversation Intelligence insights can also help marketers to create specific content and drive customers to the same. 

For eg: Certain topics coming up in customer conversations can be answered by redirecting customers to specific content on your website or blog. This way, customer conversations can help marketers understand the need for new content.

Another advantage for marketers using Conversation Intelligence is to help them get an idea about the competitors’ position. When a customer mentions a competitor, marketers can try to understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind it. Later, this insight can be used to rectify the gaps in existing marketing strategies. 

Conversation Intelligence allows marketers to measure Marketing ROI. Digging into the value of customer calls helps marketers to uncover how their efforts are impacting business results.

Summing It Up:

If you are looking for a solution that helps improve and re-define efficiency across teams and departments in your organization, Conversation Intelligence is definitely the answer. The analytics and insights will prove to be an invaluable asset for your company.

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