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How Contact Centers Can Win & Retain Students in the Edtech industry?

Rimlee Patgiri
November 1, 2022
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November 1, 2022
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Education has existed since time immemorial. The first-ever education system originated in the Xia dynasty (2076–1600 BC), where the government built schools to educate aristocrats about rituals, archery, and literature.

After all the years of development in all areas, the world again witnessed a massive challenge - the Covid-19 pandemic. From physical schools and colleges, the world as a whole went into digital space. 

Indeed, it was the right thing to do!  

A time that showed us a dark and uncertain future; education was something we couldn’t throw away with our hopes. Thanks to edtech.

The rise of edtech happened overnight, replacing pen-and-paper pedagogy with the online exchange of learning; thousands of schools and millions of students and teachers surpassed the horrors of survival while the edtech industry tried every possible way to make that happen. 

Today, there are over 4,530 active edtech startups in India, and the total funding raised from the edtech industry alone since 2010 stands at $2.46 billion.

The unabating, changing, and growing edtech industry demands a constant need to enrich students and parents with the best customer service. 

To rise to the occasion, call center softwares have seen a successful set-up of momentum in boosting sales and enhancing customer satisfaction.

In this blog, we will discuss:-

  • Challenges faced by the edtech industry in retaining students
  • How to win and retain students in the Edtech industry
  • Win over customers and retain them with satisfaction

Challenges faced by the edtech industry in retaining students

Come what may, the edtech industry has made education unbeatable. Moreover, with the growing demand for technology-friendliness, edtech creates a win-win situation for students to adapt to the 21st century. 

However, certain challenges need the call of the hour. Let’s discuss some of the challenges faced by the edtech industry below -

Remote-friendly infrastructure

According to a study, around 94% of organizations shifted to some sort of hybrid work structure with the onset of the pandemic. 

But with the world retrieving a normal state gradually, edtech industries decided to remain with the hybrid systems. The study by Foundry also states that 41% of the respondents wanted to stay “hybrid,” and 30% said “remote only.” 

The acceptance of remote education raises the demand for remorse-friendly infrastructures in the long run. 

  • How will the parents be informed about the performance of the students? 
  • How will the students be updated with their classes?
  • Will the students sign up for courses or classes in the future with the same organization? 
  • What do the customers feel about the customer service?

Poor agent productivity

Agents in the contact centers are the front-line face of the company. Their performance will determine your relationship with your customers

Poor agent productivity can lead to losing customers, including parents and students. Lack of proper training and compliance monitoring are vital factors that edtech industries should look closely at. 

Increased response time

One of the most unfavorable factors that chase away customers is long wait times. 

Imagine a working parent seeking to get in touch with a teacher. She might ask for the teacher's schedule when she can connect with him. But the agent, unable to find the contact, passes on the call to another agent who asks for the query all over again. 

Ugly scenario, right? 

What’s next? The parent might be enraged by the system and opts out of the center to another organization. 

Customer handling time is a crucial part of the customer experience. If not taken care of from the beginning, it can bring wrath to your edtech without being noticed. 

No live monitoring

An agent who is not properly trained can lose a customer in seconds. Some failure moments can come from inappropriate language, long waiting times, lack of information, miscommunication, etc. 

Edtech industries can miss out on hot leads and forgo existing customers for petty reasons without proper surveillance.

How to win and retain students in the Edtech industry

Live monitoring can upscale edtech organization’s business

The edtech industry is booming, which also means there is cut-throat competition. In a world of technology and digital services, sales and customer service go hand-in-hand. 

We can handle many challenges with the right technology and system in your edtech call centers

Let’s discuss some practices the edtech industry can adopt to win and retain students for their organizations.

  • Fixing the remote-friendly structure - The world has already adapted to remote-working and studying culture. Adapting to work-from-anywhere schemes boosted productivity, efficiency, flexibility, and willingness to work. But have you considered the possibility of remote call center solutions? Call center solutions are the ultimate key to increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Having remote call center solutions will open doors for more sales. On top of that, call center softwares can help you streamline agent productivity and boost customer satisfaction. 
  • Increase agent productivity - We know the fidelity behind just saying, “Increase agent productivity.” But don’t worry. We have come up with an explanation. Agent productivity can be a tactful task considering the amount of work and effort that goes into training each agent. But what if we told you that call monitoring softwares could increase agent productivity by providing automated coaching? You heard that right! Agent productivity is not an unachievable climb anymore. Agents can be trained and motivated as long as call center solutions are adapted.
  • Reduce the average handling time - Long waiting time gets anybody restless. Such is the tale of customers in the edtech industry too. Customer handling time generates a negative sentiment from your customers and often goes unnoticed. Call center softwares, on the other hand, aids in avoiding such circumstances. For instance, Convin’s call center software reduces average handling time by 56 seconds, hence increasing CSAT by 27%.
  • Enable call monitoring -  Customers have a soft spot for top-notch services. In the edtech industry, customers are not only the students but also their parents. On the other hand, call center reps cannot be wholly relied on for their performance. Although call quality audits occur daily, they only cover up to 20-30 calls at maximum. With call center software, you can constantly check your call center agent’s performance on sales, customer service, lead follow-ups, and compliance following.
  • Sending comprehensive reports - As a part of monitoring your business trajectory, contact center softwares help you track your agents’, supervisors’, and auditors' performance reports. These reports come in handy in tracking down the various parameters of your organization.

Win over customers and retain them with satisfaction

Be it a budding start-up or an enterprise-level organization, edtech's success can be vastly measured by your customer’s satisfaction. 

Education will always be a top priority, which means that Edtech will always prevail. To stand at the top, your customers will always prioritize their experience with you.

From sales to customer experience management, an Edtech will rise with full-fledged equipment at the right place. Clearly, with the points discussed above, call center software is a tool that can’t go unnoticed.

Following are some of the benefits that Convin provides to make Edtech's business achieve greater heights:

Make the most out of peak enrollment season

The peak enrollment season consists of the pressure of admissions, counseling, inbound calls, etc. 

At a hectic time like this, agents must be trained rigorously. Convin helps managers to train agents with its peer-to-peer coaching. Moreover, managers and supervisors can closely monitor the progress of each agent during the training sessions. 

Convin reduces the average coaching time leading to more time for effective work. 

Eradicate selling errors

During sales, many agents end up committing false promises regarding the products. In addition, reps can also end up selling the wrong products.

To avoid such episodes of mis-selling which can lead to a disastrous ORM, Convin provides 100% auditing and compliance monitoring

Increase closure rates and decrease deal cycles

Often, a customer is the key indicator of bestselling practices. Being able to identify customer behavior can enable companies to observe win-loss patterns and close deals faster.

Convin helps in identifying win-loss opportunities to close more deals faster.

Convin’s customer intelligence tool allows users to track keywords and behaviors that can be picked up and repeated to close more deals in a shorter time.

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