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How to Use the Convin Conversation Intelligence tool?

Abhishikha Chatterjee
December 29, 2021
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December 29, 2021
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We often receive questions from our readers on how to use the conversational intelligence tool to its fullest potential?

This question got us thinking about what we can provide our readers to understand the tool’s potential without information overload. 

So, in collaboration with the product team and sales requirements, we decided to share 5 sets of use cases that you must start experiencing ASAP.

5 highly-effective conversation intelligence use cases to get started on the Convin platform.

  1. Have you tried Automated Call Recording & Summarization?

With the Convin platform, you can automatically record your sales conversation & summarize it. 

The summary will include

  • prospect questions, 
  • discussed action items, 
  • and other important moments of the conversation.
Get rid of note-taking during the meeting with the conversation intelligence tool.

With this functionality, you can get rid of note-taking during the meeting & actually focus on the discussion.

  1. Have you tried reviewing an hour-long sales call in less than 10 minutes?

Convin offers the ability to automatically find all the critical moments of the conversation, so you don’t have to listen to the entire call during the review. 

 Review call recording using critical moment on conversation intelligence tool.

You can directly jump to the right moments & provide meaningful feedback to your team. 

  1. Would you like to improve your sales, product, and marketing strategy?

You can improve your sales, product, and marketing strategy using Customer intelligence

Convin allows you to uncover the voice of your customer to understand what they are talking about? 

Receive meaningful Customer intelligence from the conversation intelligence tool

It can distinguish discussion concerning competition, product features, and discovery of your product.

  1. Would you like to ramp up your new hires 2x faster?

Convin helps you create playbooks and game tapes of best calls to handle specific scenarios. 

Sales Playbook Library in Conversation Intelligence software

You can start using that to ramp up your new reps faster by getting them to the pin-pointed training upfront. 

  1. Would you like to bridge the gap between top performers & the laggers?

Convin provides an intelligent way to identify what the top performers are doing better compared to sellers not performing. 

Once you notice the difference, you can start helping the average, and low performers become better. 

PS: Start with moving the middle performers first. 

Check the performance of your sales rep on the Conversation Intelligence tool.


Q. What is a Conversation Intelligence tool?

Conversation intelligence software is an AI-backed platform that uses machine learning to offer valuable insights from sales conversation recordings on a phone or video call. The software is capable of recording, transcribing, and analyzing sales conversations. 

The valuable insights from the conversation intelligence tool help sales teams learn about the customer and gain industry know-how.

Q. Is Convin a conversation intelligence tool?

Yes, Convin is a conversation intelligence tool.

Q. Where can I get deeper knowledge about Conversation Intelligence?

You can read about the conversation intelligence tool here- What is conversation intelligence software?

Q. Where can I read a customer success story?

You can read about Convin’s partnership with Place Technology- Place improves deal size by 74% by adding Convin’s conversation intelligence to its sales stack.

Q. Does conversation intelligence software help in sales coaching?

Yes, conversation intelligence plays a significant role in sales coaching your team. If you want to get into details, you can read here.

Q. Does conversation intelligence software help in tracking call analytics?

Yes, conversation intelligence software helps in tracking call analytics. If you want to get into details, you can read here.

Q. Are the above use cases available during the trial period?

Yes, all 5 use cases and more will be available during the trial period.

Q. What if I’m unable to run the use cases?

You don’t need to worry. You can always book a demo with our team.

Q. Are these the only use cases?

No, more use cases are possible with Convin’s conversation Intelligence tool. We have provided 5 uses cases to get you started. 

Q. How can I subscribe if I find the platform useful?

If you are ready to decide, you can directly subscribe to the platform from here- Upgrade plan.

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