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10 Conversation Intelligence Benefits That Work Like an Absolute Charm in 2024

Abhishikha Chatterjee
March 8, 2022
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February 23, 2024
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Okay, let's move past sales and talk about conversation intelligence. (Not that sales is not important.)

Recently, we received a few customer queries following the publication of the Carestack story.

Our contacts were curious to know how the conversation intelligence tool can enhance other parts of the organization apart from sales?

It hit us...

Because of the many benefits of the sales process, we completely overlooked the other benefits of the CI tool.

Yes, the Carestack customer story was also eye-opening for us. 

conversation intelligence can improve productivity and performance in several areas of an organization.

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So, without further ado, let’s introduce you to some fantastic conversation intelligence benefits that will make it one of the most valuable and powerful tech stack for your organization.

10 Conversation Intelligence Benefits That Work Like an Absolute Charm in 2024

1. Marketers improve view time for marketing videos based on customer intelligence.

We were surprised to learn that Carestack reported a 60% increase in view time of their marketing videos

On investigating what went in their favor, Carestack mentioned that Convin’s customer intelligence data is valuable in identifying the most talked about topics. 

Carestack’s savvy marketers used this data to create customer-centric marketing videos, which they published through their Vidyard accounts.

Despite knowing that marketers are the next big team that uses conversation intelligence as a part of their technology stack, making the product use so customer-friendly challenged the way we thought about marketing as a function.

How to use the tool: Find out what topics and talk patterns are working and what aren't. The keywords and moments can specifically help.

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2. Virtual events attendees increase with targeted discussion topics.

Another discovery made by the Carestack team was that customer topics discussed and recorded on Convin’s feature dashboard made great discussion topics for virtual events. 

In light of this learning, they extracted the customers' issues and launched a series of topics focussed on virtual events. Compared to more generic topics, these events attracted more than 200 attendees.

How to use the tool: Find out what topics and talk patterns are working and what aren't. The keywords and moments can specifically help.

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3. Invest in cross-collaboration of remote teams

Remote teams heavily rely on software tools like conversation intelligence to collaborate and maintain recordings of the data and conversations. 

Teams that depend on customer call data can share and store call notes in the form of transcription without missing a single piece of information.

With the help of call recording and analysis, cross-team discussions are more fruitful and productive. Having said that, the biggest advantage is that no team has to take ownership of customer data or calls.

Another advantage several customers reported is that cross-team collaboration reviews are streamlined and easier with conversation intelligence.

How to use the tool: You can access call recordings, analysis, call quality, and manual review scorecard for the above purpose. Sharing is also an inbuilt feature in the tool. 

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4. Summarized and accurate notes for product & engineering meetings

Earlier, product teams relied on sales and marketing teams for product feedback and competitor feature updates. However, this method caused a lot of trouble for the engineering team- they missed vital details and always landed with poor notes.

Conversation intelligence solves the problem by helping product teams record the topic of interest and search for key terms in the transcript.

Receive automatically recorded sales and customer success meetings along with NLP-backed high-quality transcripts. 

With the handy call recordings, listening to calls happens faster and is performed in less time with key topics & speakers identified automatically. It’s easier and quicker to select speakers and identify topics from the transcripts and call recordings.

How to use the tool: Start using the convin agent in all your customer-facing calls to keep the recordings intact with you. You can also access the sales call recordings and enter the conversation at different times, keywords, or by specific speakers.

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5. Push automatic call notes in the CRM system

Gone are the days when your CRM software worked in silos. Today, employees can access a client's CRM details while pushing sales meeting notes directly into the CRM system.

The integration between conversation intelligence and CRM software such as Pipedrive and Freshworks reduce the notetaking effort drastically and improves the note quality. 

When a call is completed, Convin can push the completed task to the appropriate Pipedrive account. The completed task contains the following data:

  1. Recorded call link
  2. Topics Discussed
  3. Action items/Next Steps
  4. Competitor discussed
  5. The overall customer sentiment

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6. Remove intuition & guesswork and increase transparency 

Earlier, customer-facing calls and conversations lacked visibility. Supervisors were left to guess what could have happened and gone wrong.

With the innate visibility and transparency of the conversation intelligence tool, neither supervisors nor employees can miss out on essential details about the customer. More importantly, stop missing out on potential business opportunities. 

How to use the tool: Managers and reps can plug and play customer conversations. And access recording capabilities, sales libraries, and filters to gain maximum visibility and insight into employee performance and customer requirements.

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7. Reduce customer & revenue churn

Every company is searching for smart ways to reduce customer churn, indirectly decreasing the revenue churn.

With the help of conversation intelligent software, you can avoid essential call details disappearing in thin air. Now, you can catch the hidden insights and challenges the customers face and take timely action. 

CSMs can invest time in analyzing trends of product issues, adoption friction, or feature requests. 

In fact, to make the customer satisfaction program an org-wide practice, you coach others by identifying successful talk patterns of top CSMs rather than shadowing live meetings.

How to use the tool: You can listen to more calls in less time with the tool's automatic identification of key topics and speakers. Search for keywords in the transcript or go directly to specific speakers or topics.

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8. Close the gap between top-performers and middle-of-the-curve & poor-performers colleagues

Many companies have recently started evaluating their customer-facing teams based on the conversations.

Sadly, the widening performance gap between the top and poor performers affects business and needs immediate attention—the gap results from the divergent quality of conversations between your top performers and the rest of your team. And conversation quality is traditionally the most challenging factor to measure and manage.

With conversation intelligence, teams are finding it easier to evaluate, manage, and train employees based on calls. Call recordings offered to poor-performing members helps them listen to and absorb the style, language, and tone of successful calls, without attending boring PowerPoint presentations.

How to use the tool: The top-performers call recordings can be shared with the middle and poor performing groups. As an alternate solution, you can keep the recordings in a sales library. 

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9. Deal with call compliance and regulation effortlessly

Some industries such as healthcare, banks, and insurance are under constant surveillance for compliance and regulations. 

And, coincidently, the customer-facing teams in these industries make the mistake of sharing false or misleading information.

Compliance and privacy regulations can cause more than headaches - not following the rules can lead to fines and the loss of customer trust.

Hence, conversation intelligence tools are reducing these headaches from supervisors by recording every call, along with auto-generated transcripts.

How to use the tool: Ensure all calls are recorded and occasionally checked for review. The call stats can also make a good indicator of any abnormalities and drive attention. Keep track of keywords and speakers too.

Would you like to make a call compliance program for your organization?- Try Now 

10. Improving employee business communication

Traditionally, a trainer was introduced to help employees improve business communication. Today, a trainer is summoned but occasionally. 

Managers are looking for a more effective solution that proactively helps teams build business communication in the long run. 

Currently, conversation intelligence hasn’t made a significant mark in this area, but the scope is enormous. Why do we say so?

Because the call quality stats and performance review scorecard make the CI tool apt for business communication programs.

Check the performance of your sales rep on the Conversation Intelligence tool

Are you planning to start a business communication program in your company?- Try a new tool

Would You Like To Explore A Conversation Intelligence Platform That Offers Sales and Other Benefits under the same roof?

We recommend assessing the requirements of the sales team and your organization's needs before exploring such tools. 

For example, your company may need a solution to gather sales coaching, customer feedback, and market trend. 

When you understand the company's needs, try out a free solution to see if it meets their needs.

With Convin, you can be sure to meet all the above use cases and team requirements. 

As we write, our product team is exploring more features that reduce the burden on sales managers and leaders, allowing employees to focus on strategic and core responsibilities.

If you are someone who’s looking for AI-backed conversation intelligence for your Sales and other teams, then you must start browsing g2 conversation intelligence.

Source: g2 conversation intelligence user ratings
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