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2021-in-review: Convin's conversation intelligence learnings

Abhishikha Chatterjee
December 30, 2021
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December 30, 2021
Table of Content:

Oh! What a year it’s been–Sales and its changing landscape. 

Uninvited entry of remote selling and fast-changing customer behaviour just added another cherry to the sales opportunities and the agony of sellers. 

We all can agree that, despite all the adventure, it was one heck of a year!

As we look back at 2021, we relive all the knowledge and experience we shared with you. 

We reached out to renowned sales experts and influencers( chased them at times), but we decided to bring the industry’s most tried and tested information to you.

In the process, our team may have skipped a few sales ideas and perspectives that we have taken note of for the future.

We don’t make any promises for next year, but we’ll not give you reasons to be disappointed. Every content we curate comes from our heart and someone’s experience. Hence, we like to keep it as real( not reel!) as much as possible. 

On behalf of Convin’s content team, I wish you a Happy New Year!😀

But before you go…

Here’s a quick recap of 6 blogs we wrote in 2021 and need to stay in your mind in 2022.

6 blogs of 2021 created with a bigger goal for 2022

  1. Conversation Intelligence: What It Is and How It Improves Productivity Among Sales Reps

Wondering what’s so great about this one? 

Several readers were drawn to the blog because of its simplicity and comprehensiveness. The blog answers simple questions on conversation intelligence which often take a back seat. 

You can learn facts about Conversation intelligence in one go without looking at another page;

  • What is Conversation Intelligence?
  • How can you exploit conversation Intelligence to coach and ramp up your sales team?
  • How does Conversation Intelligence impact sales productivity?

  1. How to build an A-grade sales playbook using Conversation?

Earlier, the assumption was that the sales playbook is an old sales method and doesn’t show anything new to offer. But that assumption is precisely what needs to change. 

With digital channels catching fire, it’s even more critical to stress sales playbooks. 

Source: HBR 

The blog guides users to exploit sales playbooks in the best possible way without spending unnecessary time on manual tasks. 

Moreover, sales playbook techniques will help us stop flying blind and repeatedly making the same errors but replicating the high performers and their choices. 

  1. 25 habits of incredibly successful salespeople- Remarkable Sales Tips

Why do you think this topic is important? 

Well, we have a BIG reason for that. 

When we wrote the blog, we launched Sales Gambit Podcast and interviewed 6-8 sales influencers. 

The data we share, our experiences, and the points we include are brief descriptions of someone’s success story.


Out of the 25 sales tips, there are a few we wish to draw your attention to:

  • Asking Questions
  • Following up to the T
  • Personalizing every customer engagement touchpoint
  • Practicing Social Selling
  • Learning virtual selling skills
  • Learning Empathy
  • Investing time in sales coaching

Majority of successful salespeople endorse these habits for faster selling.

  1. How to onboard and coach your fully remote sales force?

Okay, we agree that neither sales coaching nor onboarding is new. What’s with all the hype, right?

The hype is only a consequence of the remote part of the topic. 

Everything changes when you have to do the same job but sitting at a distance from your entire team. 

Accept it; the new normal demands more remote selling and virtual working(maybe a hybrid, but never fully returning to the pre-covid time).

We foresee only one plan in such a scenario- prepare for remote onboarding and sales coaching.  

There’s a part in the blog that separately talks about embedding technology as an essential component of sales coaching. We highly recommend reading and applying that. 

The time has arrived where you or any company can’t function without sales technology.

  1. Mastering Virtual Selling: The Skills Your Team Needs for Success Today

Source: Gartner

The above image speaks for itself. We all are part of the new normal, and we need to accept it sooner or later.

We need to understand the following and act accordingly:

-What mediums would you use to communicate with your buyer? 

-What are the basic requirements to make the above mediums work perfectly?

- What virtual selling skills your team needs to learn?

While these points don’t sound so heavy, their importance is beyond repair. 

If the sales teams don’t start sharpening their skills concerning today’s changes, the prospects will not see any potential in the reps and the company.

  1. How To Cold Call: 21 Cold Calling Tips for SDRs (From the Sales Masters)

Cold calling is one of the most controversial and discussed topics in the sales fraternity.

And honestly, cold calling isn’t easy and constantly evolving. 


We have brought your attention to the 21 cold calling tips because we know and understand many sellers, including seasoned reps, struggle with cold calling.

We encourage you to read the entire article but stress on two critical aspects:

  1. Having the attitude of the winner. 
  2. Abiding by the one-call-close mentality. 

You’ll learn more about them when you start reading the blog. 

We hope 2022 is your year, a year full of overflowing pipelines, 100 percent revenue, and unexpected conversions. While we pray for your success and prosperity, we also want to be grateful for sticking with us and enjoying what we create for you. 

You read that’s why we write!🙂

Happy Selling and a Happy New Year, Folks! See you next year….

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