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How are Call Center Solutions The Perfect Sidekick to Ed-Tech Firms?

Mayank Dixit
October 17, 2022
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October 17, 2022
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The face of education has undergone rapid changes in recent times. 

There is no longer a sole dependency on classroom learning through paper-based books and notebooks. 

Both students and professionals can now choose to learn the subject of their choice from the place of their choice. 

Such has been the effectiveness of the Ed-tech industry. 

It has changed entire learning outcomes and made it easier to access topics and subjects that earlier had a ‘complexity’ attached to them. 

Many Ed-tech companies promise to build upon the learning experience by introducing interactive and enjoyable learning methods. 

Focus readers, the word ‘learning experience’ is of prime importance and would keep popping up. Ed-tech businesses have realized that only leveraging technology is not sufficient. 

They also have to give due consideration to customer acquisition and retention. 

The pandemic was a sort of a litmus test where it became clear that the online mode of learning, contrary to popular opinion, was quite potent and even surpassed the offline mode of learning on some counts. 

Ed-tech companies would like to keep this momentum going even in the post-pandemic world. And for this, there can be no better ally than a call center solution

In today’s blog, we cover-

How Do Call Center Solutions Help Ed-Tech Businesses? 

To understand how a cloud call center can help Ed-Tech companies, we have to first look at the exact needs of such firms. 

Ed-Tech firms have to cater to the academic needs of students, involve parents at each stage of learning, have a close association with educational institutions, hire potent educators and keep an overall tab on the changing landscape of learning itself. 

With such a large ground to cover, businesses might have to encounter several pain points. These can be easily mitigated if firms opt for quality assurance offered by call centers. 

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. 

When you were a child, you might remember the dread embossed by parent-teacher meetings. Not because they were the perfect time for teachers to lay bare your school shenanigans, they also required parents to take time from their schedule. 

But with the rising popularity of Ed-Tech platforms, most PTMs are conducted online. Such meets are the perfect opportunity for targeting and improving customer experience

Education is a field where customer experience might not be evident on the surface. But dig a bit deep and you’d find that the secret of ‘understanding what you learn’ is intertwined with experience. 

For Ed-Tech companies, both educators and parents are their target audience. With remote and on-site call centers, companies can aim to plug all gaps in their customer service strategy. 

Benefits of Call Center Solutions for Ed-Tech Organizations

  1. Making the first move

As per a report, 85% of parents feel positive about Ed-Tech’s impact on learning outcomes. 

It’s an inspiring figure that should motivate companies to reach out to parents rather than waiting for them to make the first move. 

With a call center solution, you can ensure an omnichannel presence. Customers can reach out to you through the mail, SMS, social media, etc. in addition to calls. 

Omnichannel presence is also a big hit amongst the young and working population of the world as they also seek out online platforms to develop competitive skills. 

One thing to keep in mind, provide the same level of service through all these channels to ensure a unified customer experience

  1. Unleashing the power of automation

A poignant part of call center solutions is the automation of repetitive tasks so that you are left with more time to focus on productive work. 

A modern-day contact center makes use of chatbots to answer frequently asked customer queries. This lessens the burden on customer service reps and allows them to focus on providing a unique experience. 

In addition to this, the automated call routing feature ensures that a query about a particular course, subject or topic is transferred to the most suitable agent. 

Call center solutions also heavily depend on AI-powered platforms that play an important role in understanding the exact needs of customers. 

With the help of such solutions, call center agents can be provided with training and coaching to present the best foot forward in front of the customers. 

  1. Efficient Data Handling

From the data collection POV, Ed-Tech companies have quite a responsible role to play. 

Their courses can make or break someone’s career!!!

Hence it’s crucial that the drive for a better customer experience is based upon the type of interactions the business is having with the customers. 

Most Ed-Tech companies sit on a gold mine of data and by obtaining deep insights from these, they can automatically upgrade the quality of their service. 

For example, a customer is interested in data science and has already taken two courses from an Ed-tech site. If the company was handling its data properly, it would know that the concerned customer has a specific interest in data science. 

The customer’s journey can be created in such a way that he is offered courses similar to data science the next time he visits your site. 

Ed-Tech Industry Challenges that Call Center Solutions Can Look to Solve

There are certain pressing challenges that the Ed-Tech industry faces from a sales perspective. Companies can look to adapt call center solutions in order to lessen the impact of these challenges- 

  1. Complexity in the name of interactiveness 

A major criticism of Ed-Tech is that it has traded simplicity with complexity. 

Hardcover books are increasingly being replaced with digital solutions that are themselves replaceable in the current scenario of cutthroat competition. Each platform promises to offer a new, higher level of interactiveness. 

At one point, even hardcore believers gotta ask exactly how many options are too many options for the customers. 

  1. Reach in question

While Ed-Tech opened remote access to education, the scope of its penetration is still in question. 

Moreover, assuring their learing journey can go to abyss. In cases like these, what needs to be taken care of is monitoring and interactiveness. 

Students coming from an various corners of the globe need to be synced and made sure that they are learning. 

This is one of the major conundrums that the Ed-Tech industry faces. While on one hand, it promises to introduce newer avenues, it faces a little blank side to whether this is being affective. 

  1. Lack of Training 

If you have ever tuned into a class offered by an Ed-Tech platform, you’d realize that the educator doubles up as both the provider of knowledge and a mouthpiece for the platform. 

While we have nothing against educators entering the realm of sales, the industry needs sales experts that can sure-shot convert leads into customers. 

Moreover, it's imperative for companies to track the performance of their sales agents so that they understand what is driving sales or the lack of it. 

This can be extremely difficult in the absence of a call center solution that records all inbound and outbound calls. 

The bottom line is that Ed-Tech ventures often swim in shark-infested waters. Companies just can’t afford to provide a poor experience to even a single customer. 

Such businesses can surely be empowered by modern technical platforms such as Convin. The tool enables you to listen in on all call recordings and search through them on the basis of particular sentences or phrases. 

There’s a lot happening on our site that promises the best business assistance for you. Why not hit us up, we are sure your customers will thank you for this.

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