Improve customer engagements and dealer performance with Convin

Get real-time insights into the conversations at your dealership and identify opportunities. See the whole conversation: Understand how customers feel about your brand, cars, and services.

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Convin improved their deal value by 40%-70%

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Drive Customer Engagement
while improving Dealer Performance

Leading dealers, who have evaluated and implemented our call auditing solution, have benefited in the following ways:

Increase in appointments

Our call monitoring service helps dealers convert calls into appointments by providing them quick and easy access to complete deal insights that they can use to stream the conversation.

Track Dealer’s Conversations

With Convin, businesses can conveniently track and listen to what is said on customer calls, summarize the conversation, alert to contextually relevant information (for example, when the caller mentions buying a car), and get feedback on how they can improve their call-to-appointment ratio.

Enhanced customer experience

With Convin’s call scoring system and call automated call reports, improve your dealer’s performance call by call and not month on month and provide your customers with the best customer experience all the time.

Fast track call auditing and feedback

Manual call auditing is unreliable and time-consuming. Convin’s AI-powered call auditing will audit 100% of all hour-long calls within a few minutes and get the report right after the call and not after weeks when the deal is already lost. Convin even highlights the calls that need special attention.

Connected with your sales tech-stack

Convin connects with business and sales softwares so that you can act from inside your favourite tools
Native two way integration to keep systems updated in real time. In just two clicks.
Easy integration with dialers to download and analyze calls automatically.
Sync meetings on your calendar that needs to be recorded automatically.
Record meetings automatically on all the major video conferencing platforms.

The secret to growth and conversion

Convin’s Automated Quality Management for the automotive industry