Anatomy Of Sales Meetings

Convin's AI-powered Meeting intelligence captures every deal interaction and provides an analysis platform for our sales rockstars to analyze crucial elements, in no time.

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Deal pipeline at a glance

Convin highlights the sales meeting key points, so you can easily review the meetings at scale.

View prospect's Questions and Objections

Convin shows you the questions asked by the prospects and your sale rockstars response. You can also view the objections raised and how they were handled.

Advanced Statistics

Convin's meeting intelligence presents you behavioral statistics on how sales reps are handling the conversations. It also provides custom analytics and checkpoints to better track deal pipeline.

Provide Feedback

Giving Feedback at scale to the entire team and providing that extra help in the deal point where required is possible with Convin's meeting intelligence

Monitor your call quality with Convin

Identify winning trends, eliminate deal bottlenecks, pinpoint sales reps’ challenges, and help them close all winnable deals.
Quality Management System

52% of companies have client data whose reliability rate was over 75% - CSO Insights

Rely on the data you can verify for yourself, and arm your sales team with training that will help them get 100% ROI through every engagement.
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