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AI-powered meeting analytics
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One of the biggest challenges for salespeople during every client meeting is note-taking. If they focus on taking notes, they can’t really engage efficiently with customers, at least not giving their 100 percent.

But not’s all bad; with challenges come solutions. Similarly, with the video conferencing platform for engaging with customers globally, the means to record and transcribe the meetings by using a video conferencing platform recording solution is now available. 

Moreover, the average human typing speed is 40 words per minute, and also we cant ignore human errors like; memory lapse or missing details while noting the meeting minutes. Convin’s video conferencing platform transcription software enables recording and transcribing meetings without any human intervention so your sales reps can engage with prospects.

Before we see how exactly it records and transcribes and its reliability. Let us see why is it is essential and what do you mean by it.

What is meeting recording software?

Meeting recording software integrates with the video conferencing platform for recording, transcribing, and analyzing the conversation by enabling its AI and NLP engine. Meeting recording software analyzes the conversation for important business and people intelligence, such as topics discussed, queries, actionable plans, soft skills, interruption, response rate, etc.

Why use meeting recording software?

Recording and transcribing the daily sales calls is very crucial if we look at the software benefits for deal data mining and sales reps reviewing, tracking, and training. 

◼️ Automate Note-taking

As we just discussed, one of the challenges in meeting sales reps face is noting down every minute of the meeting. Convin integrates with your video conferencing platform; Zoom or Google meet and records all your meetings and post that it transcribes the meeting along with an analyzed report of the meeting.

◼️ Automate CRM Logging

Post the meeting; sales reps are responsible for updating the contact in the CRM along with logging the meeting notes; Convin does it for you automatically. Convin integrates with your CRM along with your Calendar, Zoom, or Google Meet and logs the meeting notes with the recording in the CRM.

◼️ Infinite Meeting Insights

Find out minuscule details of every meeting; What did your customers say? What were the sales objections? Any actionable plans or requirements post-meeting? How did your sales reps respond? Were all the topics discussed as per the sales script?

Convin records and transcribes and analyzes the conversation for crucial topics, competitor’s intelligence, market trends, etc. Convin helps you uncover crucial meeting insights by analyzing the conversation.

◼️ Track Sales Reps activities

Convin not just analyzes the meeting transcription for customer, market, and competitor’s insights. It also analyzes the meeting recordings for talk ratio, interruptions, responses, and soft skills and rates the conversation for sales representatives' performance tracking.

◼️ Real-time Deal Alerts

Deal crisis can occur at any time, so the only way you can avoid it is by tracking the deal from end to end in real-time. Sub-conscious sales objections such as “Let me discuss it with my team.” arise early in the conversation; no pricing discussion at all can be signs of early issues, and if tackled strategically, can be resolved quickly.

Convin helps you track the deal end to end by logging complete deal insights, recording in CRM, and sending the updates directly to the inbox of your mail or Slack, or both. So you can track meetings in real-time and even detect early deal crises. 

◼️ Ensure Perfect Customer Experience

Most of the time, you are not able to convince the prospect for going to the next stage of the deal on the first try or second or but you can utilize these deal meetings to mine prospect data like their likes, need, challenges, objectives, motivation, and objections for building relationships and convincing them over time.

◼️ Automate sales onboarding

The shadow coaching method is a thing of the past and literally has become more of a nuisance when you join the meeting just for the sole purpose of shadowing it. It intimidates the prospects and divides their attention to the number of people joining the meeting. So what better way than to record the meetings and create on-demand playlists for enabling sales coaching and onboarding with Convin

◼️ Real Market Insights

Most of the market insights on the internet is unsolicited and not really subjective to your business. If we really think about what exactly is market insights. It is nothing more than understanding customers, needs, challenges, requirements, changing buying behavior, buying triggers, and well-tracking competitors.

And what better way to do so than by it from your own customers by recording the meetings and analyzing the conversations?

Convin lets you exactly do that and uncover market insights that help you relate to your customers and sell bigger and more.

Now that we know why you need meeting transcription software. Let’s see how it works.

How does Convin’s meeting recording software works?

Convin’s meeting transcription software is easy to deploy and easier to use. 

Step 1: Integrate
Convin easily integrates with your calendar or video conferencing platform, along with Slack and CRM. Using the calendar meeting link, Convin automatically joins the meeting for recording it.

Step 2: Record. 
Then it starts eavesdropping on your conversations and even records them - how shameless?

Step 3: Transcribe
After recording the call, Convin transcribes the entire conversation - that means no more note-taking.

Step 4: Analyze
Convin analyzes and then highlights for you the call insights; topics discussed, queries, feedback, call performance score, soft skills, actionable items, etc.

Step 5: Share
Remember integration with your Slack. and CRM?

Covin easily shares the insights directly to mail, Slack and logs the data in the CRM.

Why use Convin to record your Zoom and Google meet meetings?

Convin easily, like in a  few minutes, integrate with your video conferencing platform or your calendar, and start recording your meeting. This does not mean you cannot deny Convin from not joining your meeting. If certain meetings are not crucial, you can always choose to deny Convin from entering the meeting and thus stop the recording.

Convin gives the sales representatives the freedom to concentrate on prospects and important revenue streaming tasks rather than wasting time in sales administration tasks such as note-taking, CRM logging, etc. With Convin, you can forget note-taking. Convin takes note-taking one step ahead by analyzing the meeting for crucial insights and highlighting the insights for easy review.

Convin analyzes the conversation for topics discussed, queries, feedback, call performance score, soft skills, actionable items, pricing, competitor’s insights, etc., and logs the data in the CRM automatically along with the meeting recording.

Uncover minuscule details of your Zoom and Google Meetings

Convin records, transcribes, and analyzes all your video meetings

AI-powered meeting analytics
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