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Monitor 100% of sales calls with Convin’s AI-powered sales monitoring solution.

Review your sales reps' daily activities, sales performance, and sales pipeline with AI-powered Sales monitoring within a few min!

Automate 100% Call reporting and feedback
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Your sales team hitting their revenue goals– ensure your company continues to profit, which means you would continue getting your paychecks every month. So doesn’t it make sense to monitor your sales and seller’s activities to understand the blockers in them performing their best?

And what better way to monitor with help from artificial intelligence. AI-powered Convin’s sales monitoring systems track, measure, and score sales performance along with uncovering crucial revenue intelligence by recording and analyzing 100% sales calls.  But more importantly, it makes your entire sales process and pipelines transparent and hassle-free. 

But before we tell you more about Convin, let us first tell you about what, why, and how of sales monitoring.

What is sales monitoring? 

Sales Monitoring system– records, transcribes, and analyses daily sales calls and sales processes based on set and custom parameters and even summarises them in easy-to-read reports.

The sales monitoring system also prioritizes the call and notifies you of the call that needs manual reviews. It even helps in identifying the up-selling and cross-selling opportunities that might get missed by the human eye. 

A sales monitoring system is a modern telescope to your entire sales activities and calls in layman terms.

By knowing what a sales monitoring system is, its need or benefits would have become quite transparent for you. If not, let us help you with that.

Why is sales monitoring important?

Sales monitoring is important for every business. If you don't do it, you may not even know if you are on track to achieve your sales goals. Yet many businesses still don't do it. If you are one of them, here are a few reasons why you need to get started today.

◼️ Improved Sales Performance

Sales monitoring is important because it helps you to understand your sales performance. It allows you to see how you are doing, compares it to previous years' performance, and see how your performance is stacking up against your competitors.

Business has changed a lot over the years. A business is no longer safe just because it is doing well. You need to keep tabs on the numbers constantly. When you use a CRM for sales, you are able to keep tabs on sales performance. Through sales monitoring, you will be able to track sales performance in real-time and can adjust your sales process accordingly.

◼️ Improve customer experience.

When your sales reps know 100% of their sales calls are being recorded and analyzed and based on them being scored for their performance, they will obviously try to provide the best experience possible to your customers.

A sales monitoring system brings in them a sense of awareness and accountability in the sale steps to provide the best customer service possible.

◼️ Organized database

Data is an essential resource for any business. A business generates a lot of it when dealing with customers and making sales in the marketplace. How does this beneficial data come into play? 

It helps decision-makers make their way through every process in their company. Accessing historical trends, better forecasting, adapting to market changes, enabling sales training, and leveraging new technologies are all integral parts of what makes a successful business - whether you're running an online store or a brick-and-mortar operation.

◼️ Remote team collaboration

A Sales Monitoring System distills all sales operations and performance parameters into user-friendly, key deliverables within easy-to-read reports. It automatically adds them to the CRM post-call – thus making the entire sales pipeline transparent.

These valuable resources are placed in an accessible database or in the CRM, which other teams can use to translate it into more revenue.

◼️ Sales administration automation.

Sales administration tasks can be automated easily with the help of a sales monitoring system so that salespeople are able to focus on more important things, such as selling. 

By automating tasks like updating the database or reporting sales figures, companies that use sales monitoring can free up the resources of those people who are working on sales-related activities in order to allow them to be utilized for what is arguably more valuable in terms of developing relationships and closing deals - namely selling.

◼️ Accurate sales forecasting

A sales forecast gives a business basis for decisions regarding their operations and growth prospects. 

Getting the predictions right can be achieved by identifying and adding multiple information points and inputs that may exist both internally as well as externally. Sales monitoring systems help you track, measure, and record daily sales activities and deal pipelines.  It's important to have the data all assessed to use it to make calculations about your revenue numbers and carry out your plans accordingly. 

Must-Have Features of a Sales Monitoring System.

Sales monitoring is expected to reach $3.4B by 2026. - Market and Management. 

From the above stats, it's clear that businesses are getting more and more inclined towards investing in a sales monitoring system because of its many benefits, as we stated above. 

Suppose you are spending so much time and money on a sales monitoring solution. Doesn't it make sense first to understand your business's needs and prioritize a few features over others based on the team retirement? 

Here are a few features you should definitely make on top of your list.

◼️ Cloud-based to support remote work

With the constant cloud of pandemic dread, it’s time even to get yourself a ”cloud monitoring” system as well. 😛

As of now, sales are pretty much made remotely. A saas-based solution that could easily integrate with the existing sales stack is a must-look for features.

◼️ Sales Automation.

By automating certain tasks like call recording, call monitoring, review and feedback process, sales onboarding, performance tracking, and CRM updating for sales reps, you can remove all the ad-hoc that are building to concentrate on more important tasks.

◼️ 100%Sales call monitoring.

Sales leaders' jobs should be focused on evaluating finding new avenues of revenue making for the business and in the development of sales strategies that give maximum ROI. But additionally, they even have to review and audit sales calls, which is a time-consuming process. And how do you know which sales call to audit

Without this information, important calls get left unaudited most of the time. 

Your sales monitoring system should be able to audit 100% of sales calls based on custom parameters because no company’s processes are the same. And even highlight those calls that need special attention for manual reviewing. 

◼️ Visual sales process and sales calls.

It’s also about giving companies better insight into the real-time sales process and customer interactions. When it comes to sales monitoring technologies, sellers are now given interactive sentiment visuals of potential buyers by monitoring their online language in relation to your products and services at each stage of the sales funnel process - discovery, qualification, following up, and revenue predictions which is a critical aspect especially while trying to sell something as a business because it ultimately has to do with yields.
(revenue = money = profit).

At the beginning of this article, Do you remember we mentioned something about Convin’s sales monitoring system?

Now let’s find out more about it!

Convin’s Sales monitoring system for growing sales team

Convin can most certainly do all of the above and more. 

Convin is designed to keep startups in mind, as we ourselves are a startup. A startup needs a scalable, effective solution that is up to market standards but fair on the pocket  to support growing team needs. And Convin certainly promises this and more.

Convin easily integrates with your sales stack and monitors 100% of your sales calls based on sales performance, revenue goals, and customer insights required custom parameters and scores the calls. It even helps in prioritizing the calls that need special attention. 

Convin lets you create a waste library of your sales calls and analytics so that you can use them for sales training and forecasting.

How does Convin’s sales monitoring system work?

Convin’s sales monitoring solution is easy to deploy and easier to use. 

Step 1: Integrate

Convin easily integrates with your calendar, dialer, cloud telephony system, video conferencing platform, along with Slack and CRM. Using the calendar meeting link, Convin automatically joins the meeting for recording it.

Step 2: Record.  

Then it starts eavesdropping on your conversations and even records them - how shameless?

Step 3: Transcribe

After recording the call, Convin transcribes the entire conversation - that means no more note-taking.

Step 4: Analyze

Convin analyzes on the basis of custom parameters and then highlights for you the call insights like; topics discussed, queries, feedback, call performance score, soft skills, actionable items, etc.

Step 5: Share

Remember integration with your Slack. and CRM?

Covin readily shares the insights directly to mail, Slack and logs the data in the CRM.

Convin’s sales monitoring system is completely secure

We at Convin understand how important customer and call data security is; that is why we ensure your data is completely secure and safe with our in-house transcription and NLP engine. We ensure for call data security:

  • Secure login and monitoring
  • Hosted on AWS
  • SSL data encryption
  • Role-based access control
  • Enterprise-grade application monitoring
  • GDPR compliant meeting recording

Convin, as of now, supports English, Hindi, and Hinglish. And it takes less than a week to get us onboarded, so don’t wait, ask for a demo now!

Automate sales monitoring with Convin

Monitor 100% sales calls, speed up the sales review and feedback process, improve sales performance and uncover crucial sales intelligence.

Automate 100% sales monitoring
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