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Before we even start, we can all agree that our sales team is our first line of warriors, and strong-arming them with personalized sales coaching targeting the skills they need to engage effectively with the customers should be any business's first target.

But how can we optimize the sales process and provide sales coaching that actually matters without knowing what the problem and challenges are?

It is where sales optimization strategies intervened with Convin’s sales optimization software. It can dive into your entire sales funnel directed towards maximum revenue returns.

Before further ado, let’s directly dive into sales optimization and sales optimization tools and why your business should start Convin’s sales optimization software to gain maximum ROI from their sales team.

What is sales optimization software?

Sales optimization is the process of improving sales performance by pinpointing sales reps' challenges and then using the data for optimizing the sales process to generate maximum revenue. A sales optimization solution precisely identifies this for your organization and understands and highlights customer intent, queries, objections, and other crucial sales intelligence to optimize all sales processes for maximum ROI.

Sales optimization software tracks sales reps' performance, deal progress, customer intelligence, and other crucial sales metrics and even log them in the CRM, making the entire sales pipeline transparent. 

Before we see what sales optimization features are a must for your company, let’s see why you need sales optimization for your business.

Why is sales optimization necessary?

Sales optimization is not a process but a complete mindset–One that strives to maximize performance on multiple metrics and timescales.

By adopting a sales optimization framework, enterprises can anticipate weaknesses in strategy and take preemptive action by introducing new strategies addressing the areas of concern. By balancing these short-term improvements with long-term success, the optimal Enterprise can develop proactive strategies that aim to increase performance value compared to stagnant growth alone.

Sales optimization software must feature

Here are a few sales optimization software designed that are must:

◼️ Call recording

Your sales optimization tool should be able to record your sales calls and transcribe them. During the call, sales professionals often miss out on crucial sales intelligence and points. You can analyze these calls for sales reps' performance and crucial deal intelligence by recording them. 

By enabling recording and transcription of sales calls, you will be able to automate the note-taking activity during the meeting so that your sales reps can concentrate on the call and better engage with customers.

◼️ Sales performance and activity tracking

Sales optimization analyses the daily sales activity and 100% of sales calls for sales reps' performance during the call. These should not be general but customizable as per the team’s KPI metrics. 

Convin sales optimization tool records and analyzes 100% of sales calls for sales reps' performance and scores them based on custom parameters, responses, interruptions, topics discussed, and soft skills.

◼️ Customer Intelligence

As we mentioned earlier, the sales optimization tool also uncovers crucial customer insights like how they are responding to your sales reps cold calls and your marketing messaging.

It helps to uncover customer queries, feedback, objection, and intent, so that you can use this data to create an effective sales engagement strategy and messaging that resonates with your customers.

◼️ Sales training

With the advancement in technology, sales optimization tools should also be able to take up sales training from the sales leaders' hands and be able to train the new hires and uncover sales skills required by your current sales team.

To enable this Convin sales optimization solution allows you to create call playbooks that you can send to your new sales reps and automate sales training. Convin even pinpoints the area the sales reps need help so you can provide personalised sales coaching that actually helps the sales for improving their performance. It even uncovers the winning sales strategy used by your top performer.

◼️ CRM Automation

Sales professionals hate to makeRM, as they find t to closent activity in their goal of achieving quota. They rather use the time of updating CRM, in making another cold call, for closing their targets. And even they do, tehy add vague notes, which doesn’t really help the business forecast the pipeline and revenue.

And we agree with them.

CRM automation is necessary, but why rely on outdated manual method of updating CRM with contact, leads, notes, etc. Rather optimize this process with Convin’s sales optimization solution. 

Sales optimization solution should automatically update the CRM with complete deal intelligence, so that 23-34% of their time that they spend in sales administration can be optimized and utlized towards revenue generation activities.

◼️ Real-time and gamifiable sales intelligence

A most important feature of the sales optimization solution is that it should provide gamification insights in real-time so that they can be used by the business when the deal is still on the table. 

Now that we know what features a sales optimization solution must have and a little about Convin, let’s see why Convin is the best sales optimization solution in the market!

Convin’s sales optimization solution for startups

Convin’s sales optimization solution is a solution made keeping growing business needs in mind. With its gamification analytics of sales performance, customer intelligence, deal intelligence, and competitor intelligence, you can create stellar sales strategies and optimize your sales reps' performance and sales process for maximum ROI.

Convin records and audits 100% of sales calls based on custom parameters for crucial sales performance intelligence like topics discussed, sales objections, response, interruptions, soft skills, customer queries, and response rate. Based on that, they scores every call. 

So that sales reps can get the feedback of their performance right after the call rather than wait for months to receive feedback on their performance. Convin even sends this data directly to sales leaders to optimize sales reporting and highlight any call that needs special attention for manual review. You can even create a call library consisting of your sales calls.

Convin even uncovers crucial customer intelligence by assessing the call for customer feedback, objections, queries, time, response, and intent. So you can use this data for your follow-up calls and create relatable and engaging BoFu content.

How does Convin’s sales optimization solution works?

Convin’s sales optimization solution is easy to deploy and easier to use. 

Step 1: Integrate
Convin easily integrates with your calendar, dialer, cloud telephony system, video conferencing platform, along with Slack and CRM. Using the calendar meeting link, Convin automatically joins the meeting for recording it.

Step 2: Record. 
Then it starts eavesdropping on your conversations and even records them - how shameless?

Step 3: Transcribe
After recording the call, Convin transcribes the entire conversation - that means no more note-taking.

Step 4: Analyse
Convin analyzes on the basis of custom parameters and then highlights for you the call insights like; topics discussed, queries, feedback, call performance score, soft skills, actionable items, etc.

Step 5: Share
Remember integration with your Slack. and CRM?

Covin readily shares the insights directly to mail Slack and logs the data in the CRM.

Convin’s sales optimization solution is completely secure

We at Convin understand how important customer and call data security is; that is why we ensure your data is completely secure and safe with our in-house transcription and NLP engine. We ensure for call data security:

  • Secure login and monitoring
  • Hosted on AWS
  • SSL data encryption
  • Role-based access control
  • Enterprise-grade application monitoring
  • GDPR compliant meeting recording

Convin, as of now, supports English, Hindi, and Hinglish. And it takes less than a week to get us onboarded, so don’t wait, ask for a demo now!

Optimize your sales performance and sales processes with Convin.

Identify winning trends, eliminate deal’s bottlenecks, pinpoint sales reps’ challenges, and help them close all winnable deals.

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