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Table of Content:

Even if you bring in the best hires, your new sales rock stars won’t be able to give their best without a well-rounded and structured sales onboarding process.

Whenever a new hire joins a pre-existing sales team, it can be very overbearing for the rep and the team. There are many questions going on the rep's mind as well:

  • Will they be a good fit for the team?
  • How will they engage with the customers, and customers perceive them?
  • What information do they need to know for effective engagement with the customers?

These questions pretty much determine the retention, performance graph, and long-run growth of the sales reps. Research done by The Sales Management Association revealed that organizations that have a well-defined process and focus on ramping up sales people faster have 14% better sales and profit objective achievement.

We all saw how pandemic catalyst digitization and with it the hybrid model of working and selling. Now just having a structured sales onboarding program is not enough. Tools aiding virtual sales onboarding are the need of the hour.

And Convin’s Conversation intelligence fits the bill.

But first,

What is sales onboarding?

Sales onboarding is the process of equipping new sales hires with tools, skills, and knowledge that would help them effectively and efficiently engage with customers.

Letting unprepared sales reps handle or engage with customers could lead to loss of business or client forever. That is why various tools like

  • Personal sales coaching,
  • Mock calls,
  • Business content,
  • Sales script,
  • Sales call recordings,
  • Sales and product video, and content, etc.

They are used to equip the sales reps for their battle. And a sales onboarding software precisely helps your business with this. A sales onboarding software helps businesses record daily sales calls, create training programs, and track the reps' training progress.

Now that you know what sales onboarding and sales onboarding software are, you must be wondering if you really need them. Let me tell you a little story about LinkedIn.

Dell saved $1 million by implementing virtual sales onboarding. 

Dell was one of the early respondents to moving to a digital-first organization in response to conditions bought on by the pandemic. 

Historically, Dell’s employees were already working from different locations, which meant many laptops, servers, networks, and computers. It meant knowledge storage and management were done in silos, which made the process of knowledge transfer long, cumbersome, and time-consuming, which furthered delayed other employees' productivity.

Eventually, to overcome this, Dell invested in a cloud-based virtual sales onboarding software. 

Apart from centralizing the knowledge management for the company, Dell saw a significant decline in days for the onboarding process along with saving $1 million over the course of 5 years on laptops and servers for savings data.

Moreover, the change also simplified the knowledge sharing for the entire community of Dell.

Still, wondering if you should invest in sales onboarding software?

Let us list down the reasons for you. 

Why use sales onboarding software?

Here are a few benefits of using sales onboarding software:

◼️ Automate sales training and coaching

One of the biggest hurdles in the onboarding process is finding the pre-existing time. When they are available, then only they can help the new hires by sharing the learning content, call recordings, sales pitch, etc. 

A sales rep eliminates the middle man and provides the sales reps with all the material they would need to learn about customer, market, product, and engagement strategy.

◼️ Reduce Ramp-up time

As we just saw that new hires struggle with finding pre-existing employees time for crucial cadence, but sales onboarding helps by providing a repository for all crucial sales data and sharing it with new hires.

◼️ Creating personalized Sales Script and marketing messaging.

Apart from understanding the product and the engagement strategy of the business, new hires are responsible for creating a resonating sales script that would engage the prospect from the first call. And it is only possible to do so by researching and learning a to z about customers’ needs, challenges, and expectations.

Sales onboarding software like conversation intelligence records and analyses the daily sales calls for crucial customer intelligence so you create messaging that engages customers from the first point of contact and shortens the sales funnel.

◼️ Increase Revenue.

It is not right to expect that your sales rock stars will start performing from day one. But surely you can reduce their ramp-up time and make them quota hitting in half the time.

One of our lenient based out of Austin was able to reduce the ramp-up time of their new sales hires by half by using Convin for sales onboarding and training.

◼️ Centralized knowledge management

In most companies, important sales and business intelligence is stored in silos, as we saw from Dell’s example. This leads to a lot of wastage of time and effort while extracting data and sharing it with the rest of the team or new hires.

Using a cloud-based sales onboarding software like conversation intelligence, you can create call playlists and data repositories and share them with the new hires in no time.

◼️ Track and improve sales performance

Apart from providing the content and recordings for sales training, sales onboarding helps track the progress of the training and performance. Sales onboarding software analyzes the sales conversations the rep has for talk ratio, soft skills, topics, etc., and rates the call.

You can even pinpoint the issues the rep is having by analyzing the rep's call performance insights and providing them with personalized feedback and training.

Are you wondering how does sales onboarding software does this?

Here we go…

Key features of Convin’s Sales Onboarding software

Create call playlists

With Convin, you can create your best call playlists and share it with new employees in a second as compared to diving through the sea of data saved in various drives and systems like Dell.

1. Call performance assessment

Convin assesses the call based on:

  • Talk ratio,
  • Soft skills,
  • Interruptions,
  • Response,
  • Query resolution,

And rates the call, along with pinpointing the area for training.

2. Uncover customer intelligence

Convin analyses the call for:

  • Customer feedback,
  • Customer queries,
  • Challenges,
  • Pricing,
  • Any actionable point,

And displays it for you to use the data for ABM, cross-selling, up-selling, and customized sales, and marketing messaging.

3. Meeting Topic analysis

Convin can analyze and store the conversation based on topics discussed such as:

  • Product features,
  • Pricing,
  • Competitor’s name,
  • Challenges,
  • Actionable items,
  • Customer feedback, and queries.

4. Dynamic custom analytics

Convin analytics dashboard is scalable and customizable based on the changing team structure, size, and needs. You can even integrate Convin with your CRM and the sales stack for automated tracking of sales activities and training.

Why Convin’s Sales Onboarding software?

Call shadowing is outdated and not possible, especially in a virtual sales hiring organization. Face it; it does not scale. Rather than give them from your Convin’s call library, the best call recordings to show new sales hires what works. 

Rather than waiting on foot and hand for your pre-existing reps' time, your sales reps can follow a  deal from start to end in a single day by listening to reading your call recordings and call insights reports.

Faster onboarding improves new reps' productivity by 54%, win rate by 14%, and increases retention by 69%.

Is this not enough?

Sign up to Convin for free and explore the journey of automated sales onboarding.