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Sales is one of the most competitive industries in the world. But one of the biggest challenges of the salespeople is that they end up spending 65% of their time is on non-revenue-generating activities.

And you, as a new business owner, cannot spend all day every day refining and redefining the process, as required to help your sales team achieve their best by minimizing these activities.

So how can you enable your growing sales team to minimize the non-revenue generating activities such as CRM updating, sales onboarding, and other activities?

The answer is simple; with Convin’s sales automation solution.

But before that, let’s see what do you mean by sales automation.

What is sales automation?

Sales automation software is a SaaS-based solution that allows sales professionals to automate their daily repetitive administrative tasks such as:

  • Note taking
  • CRM updating
  • Sales training
  • Sales Onboarding
  • Sales call to review and feedback process
  • Tracking and recording sales performance

And a lot more but more on this later.

Sales automation tools, most importantly, are customizable and scalable as per any growing team needs. But moreover, they should be able to integrate with your current sales processes and stack. And Convin most certainly provides this for you.

But before we tell you more about Convin’s sales automation solution, let us list down the most obvious reasons you need a sales automation solution.

Why does your business need Convin’s sales automation solution?

What showcase need for a product than proof of hard numbers?

Newmarket research has shown that sales automation tools reduce marketing overhead by 12.2% and can increase sales productivity by 14.5%.

But that’s not the end of the good news; sales automation solutions even help in increasing sale closure rates by 30% while reducing the sales administration time by 14%.  Pertaining to these benefits and adoption rates, Grandview Research has predicted that the sales and marketing automation solution market will be more than $7.5 billion.

Sales automation tools when combined with other marketing and pipeline automation tools can be a guaranteed recipe for success for growing teams. It can combine the benefits of pipeline management with transparency for the entire team and align them on a single goal; revenue generation.

Thomson Reuters increased its revenue by 175% after enabling sales and marketing automation.

Thomson Reuters is an American-Canadian routed multinational media conglomerate. It provides business information services basically divided into 5 segments:

  • Legal Professionals, 
  • Corporates, 
  • Tax & Accounting Professionals, Reuters News and 
  • Global Print.

Like most multinational companies, Thomson Reuters was facing a hard time aligning their sales and marketing teams. Or creating transparent sales and marketing pipelines for better team communication and collaboration.

But after deploying a sales automation solution, they achieved 100% transparency over sales pipelines which helped them better segment the prospects for ABM targeting.

Which resulted in a 23% increase in qualified leads passed to the sales teams and an overall 175% increase in revenue through targeted sales and marketing.

Features of Convin’s sales automation solution

Features or benefits of sales automation for Convin both are the same. Don’t believe us; just follow the following features or just sign up and see for yourself.

◼️ Note-taking

One of the biggest headaches and distracting tasks of every sales professional is taking meeting notes for updating the team about the prospect and overall meetings, but even then, they end up missing out on many crucial details.

Convin’s sales automation solution seamlessly integrates with your dialers, calendar, and video conferencing platforms to record your sales call and then transcribe with you with highlighted important meeting topics, queries, and a lot more insights. 

◼️ CRM updating

In the latest Marketing Sherpa’s Lead generation summit Anne Holland, then asked the entire audience, “How many of you have a problem with sales not updating your CRM?” 

Nearly everyone (170+ people) raised their hands. Doesn’t that say something? 

Sales professionals prioritize other more important works for revenue-generating, like prospecting and cold calling. And as a result, they end up missing out on the benefits of the CRM updating process.

So what does Convin sales automation does?

It automatically updates the contact, call notes, tasks in the CRM post-call. So you can do what is in priority, and meanwhile, Convin takes the call notes, analyzes them for important insights, and updates with the recording in the CRM’s task against the contact.

◼️ Goal Alignment

Thomas Reuters as we saw from the above example biggest problem or challenge was aligning sales and marketing efforts. And that can be only done if you get direct access to the meetings and customer voice to the entire company. 

Using the sales calls insights and being aware of the sales pipeline with its quality can help your business in better revenue and business planning by aligning the entire team on the same goal.

◼️ Sales training

For a growing company with few resources it becomes difficult to allocate different resources for personalized sales training. Even for an enterprise wasting their time in evaluating sales reps' challenges and proving appropriate help and training can be a little difficult.

Convin sales automation solution automates sales training for your entire sales team, by pinpointing the call challenges and giving access to the data of your top performers ' winning call strategies.

◼️ Sales Onboarding

At any organization, onboarding and attrition is pretty common. That is, spending a lot of your best sellers' time in helping your new sales reps may be a good strategy for training them for optimum performance but it ends up costing the company in terms of revenue and time.

With Convin's sales automation solution, you can easily create sales playbooks and share them with your new sales hires. For one of our startup clients, it reduced their ramp-up time to 2 months.

◼️ Sales call review and feedback process

One of the main challenges with the long review and feedback process for sales calls is that by the time you can provide your feedback, the deal is already gone. And also your sales reps have to wait to understand the mistakes they are making which lead to delay in their achieving their best which in turn means for your business: loss of revenue.

Convin easily tracks all calls and highlights the important call insights, including the seller’s call performance. And after that, send them directly to your mail, so you can review hour-long call-in minutes and provide your feedback when the deal is still on the table

◼️ Tracking and recording sales performance

Convin sales automation tool also helps in tracking sales reps call performance by evaluating the call for interruptions, topics discussed, response rate, engagement, and other soft skills and based on that scores every call performance.

So that your sales reps can track their performance for themselves.

How does Convin’s Sales automation software works?

Convin’s sales automation software is easy to deploy and easier to use. 

Step 1: Integrate
Convin easily integrates with your calendar, dialer, cloud telephony system, video conferencing platform, along with Slack and CRM. Using the calendar meeting link, Convin automatically joins the meeting for recording it.

Step 2: Record. 
Then it starts eavesdropping on your conversations and even records them - how shameless?

Step 3: Transcribe
After recording the call, Convin transcribes the entire conversation - that means no more note-taking.

Step 4: Analyze
Convin analyzes on the basis of custom parameters and then highlights for you the call insights like; topics discussed, queries, feedback, call performance score, soft skills, actionable items, etc.

Step 5: Share
Remember integration with your Slack. and CRM?

Covin readily shares the insights directly to mail, Slack and logs the data in the CRM.

Convin’s sales automation software is completely secure

We at Convin understand how important customer and call data security is; that is why we ensure your data is completely secure and safe with our in-house transcription and NLP engine. We ensure for call data security:

  • Secure login and monitoring
  • Hosted on AWS
  • SSL data encryption
  • Role-based access control
  • Enterprise-grade application monitoring
  • GDPR compliant meeting recording

Convin, as of now, supports English, Hindi, and Hinglish. And it takes less than a week to get us onboarded, so don’t wait, ask for a demo now!

Enable AI-powered sales automation for your sales and marketing team.

Automate all non-revenue generating sales administration tasks and enable your team to close every winnable deal

AI-powered sales automation software for winning sales teams
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