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Reduce customer attrition with call center software

Reduce miscommunicating resident details on call with Convin. Convin’s call reports and statistics give you the right picture of your business.

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The senior living market in the US was valued at $ 91.8 billion in 2022 and is predicted to hit $ 96.6 billion in 2022. While the market has a CAGR of 5.53% from 2023 to 2030, one of the biggest worries is that customers might not continue availing their services.

The largest possibility of customer attrition in the senior living market is when family members feel that the resident isn’t being cared for properly. This can happen in both independent and assisted living facilities.

Someone receiving a family member’s query from a call center or as a point of contact should be able to give all resident details quickly. Hold times can increase worry and anxiety among family members raising questions about the quality of care provided to their loved on in the living facility.

The rise in the geriatric population in the US offers a growing market, but losing current customers isn’t a good sign for any business. People handling calls should be well-trained and equipped to organize calls to new and existing customers without problems.

In today’s golden age of technology, some tools can help ensure you don’t lose customers due to inefficient call handling. With AI-powered tools like Convin, you can create a wonderful customer experience.

Convin is a cloud-based software that helps you run your senior living establishment efficiently and profitably. Convin offers 100% call recording, post-call analysis, and integrated quality management.  

Before we look at Convin’s features, let us understand why senior living establishments need call center software.

Why do Senior Living Establishments Need Call Center Software?

Contact center problems that can be solve by deploying the right software
There are many problems faced by call center agents

Huge Number of Incoming Calls

Any senior living establishment will receive front-desk calls or inquiries at the call center. The high volume of incoming calls for existing and new residents requires some management.

Wrong Status Updates

Most residents will have loved ones occasionally calling to enquire about their status and sometimes even to speak with them. If the point of contact doesn’t have the latest information on the resident’s current situation, it shows improper care, which can lead to customer attrition.

Customer Drop-Off

People calling to inquire about suitable senior living options would want to know the available options and if it is the right place for their loved one to grow old. If any miscommunication happens or the caller feels like your facility doesn’t offer enough, that customer is not likely to come back for any follow-ups.

What Is Contact Center Software?

Call center software boosts overall call center performance
Contact center agents can enhance their performance when equipped with the right tools

Call center or contact center software enhances call center performance by recording, auditing, and analyzing customer interactions to derive insights like agent performance, business intelligence, and more.

These tools help auditors to manually audit calls and send reports from the same platform. Every customer interaction is scored and given valuable insights on call performance and business data.

Intelligent call center software evolve using machine learning techniques, allowing them to offer better customer service. In technology’s golden age, such software allow you to enhance your call center performance.

Our call center software uses a machine learning algorithm to record and audit every customer interaction irrespective of the platform, making it easier for your agents to provide a personalized and great experience to every customer. Our software can also identify customer behavior patterns and utilize that information to deploy tailor-made customer experiences.

Why Get Call Center Software for Senior Living Establishments?

Call center software can be utilized to transform the manual operation model, which is repetitive and time-consuming. It can improve overall performance by helping in daily operations and agent management.

This doesn’t render a contact center obsolete as customers prefer to contact call centers for support requests.

Help agents

Wondering how to increase agent productivity and performance?

Call center software helps agents by highlighting areas for improvement and suggests calls to learn from. This software trains agents to get better with each customer interaction. 

Agents won’t be missing any calls and be well-equipped to give accurate resident details to loved ones calling without any delay.

Help auditors

Struggling to audit the thousands of calls made in your contact center?

AI-powered contact center platforms record, audit, and analyze conversations on the same platform. Auditors can rely on this analysis to make decisions regarding agents easily.

Help Managers

Finding it difficult to know the daily insights of your call center?

AI-powered call center software show detailed call center insights pertaining to both overall performance as well individual agent statistics. These insights are customizable based on your call center requirements.

How can Convin Help Your Senior Living Establishment?

You now know how the different ways Convin helps call centers, but how can our software help senior living services? Here is how you can use Convin’s contact center software to enhance patient experience at your senior living establishment:

How Does Convin’s Call Center Software Work?

Convin’s automated contact center software is easy to deploy and even easier to use.

Step 1: Integrate

Convin easily integrates with your calendar, dialer, cloud telephony system, and video conferencing platform, along with Slack and CRM. Using the calendar meeting link, Convin automatically joins the meeting to record it.

Step 2: Record. 

Then it starts eavesdropping on your conversations and even records them - how shameless?

Step 3: Transcribe

After recording the call, Convin transcribes the entire conversation - that means no more note-taking.

Step 4: Analyze

Convin analyzes on the basis of custom parameters and then highlights for you the call insights like; topics discussed, queries, feedback, call performance score, soft skills, actionable items, etc.

Step 5: Share

Remember integration with your Slack. And CRM?

Convin readily shares the insights directly to mail, and Slack and logs the data in the CRM.

Convin’s Call Center Software Is Completely Secure

Convin completely secure

We at Convin understand how important customer and call data security is; that is why we ensure your data is completely secure and safe with our in-house transcription and NLP engine. We ensure call data security:

  • Secure login and monitoring
  • Hosted on AWS
  • SSL data encryption
  • Role-based access control
  • Enterprise-grade application monitoring
  • GDPR compliant meeting recording
  • Follow HIPAA compliances easily

Convin, as of now, supports English, Hindi, and Hinglish. And it takes less than a week to get us onboarded, so don’t wait, ask for a demo now!

Monitor your customer interactions with Convin

Convert potential leads, and keep loved ones happy.

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