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After a great sales call, have you ever thought that “this deal is yours” and end up getting a rejection later?

And you are left wondering, what went wrong!

This is where sales recording comes into the picture. Sales recording helps sellers understand each deal’s how and why and avoid legal discrepancies after signing the deal.

Sales Records are the most crucial tool for any business, especially for their marketing team. Because it helps them uncover customers and deal insights and create collateral for enabling smooth conversation between the seller and the prospect. Market research is always good, but better is uncovering the same and better insights from your customer’s voice.

Why would you opt for general market research when you can get data about your customer’s issues and even understand your competitor’s offers from your customers themselves?

An AI-based sales recording can help businesses improve buyers’ journey by uncovering people and market intelligence and even providing an in-detailed analysis of the seller’s performance. More on this later, let us first what sales recording is and what exactly it entails.

What is sales recording?

Sales recording is not limited to call records, but it also includes call recordings, deal intelligence, seller’s daily activities, and the entire history of the deal cycle.

Sales recording helps track the entire deal cycle and even helps evaluate the seller’s performance call by call. But this does not mean this whole process should occupy the majority of the seller’s time. Seller’s first and primary focus should be reaching out to customers and helping them with their queries. So, how is it possible for sellers to record their daily activity while ensuring 100 percent reach out to customers?

The answer is simple; with the help of an AI-powered Sales recorder. But more about this later.

Let us first see how sales recording can impact a business and why it is essential.

DAS Legal deployed Sales Recording to improve morale and improved performance by 70%

DAS Legal Expenses Insurance company is based out of UK. It is the face of more than 3,500 partners, ranging from banks, lawyers, and regional business associations, to insurers who require emergency cover. Predictably, they receive 450,000 calls a year. That is why their call center is open 24 hours a day, - 365 days a year.

Sales Plan for growing business

When Anita Yandell-Jones, the operations manager, joined the company, she ran a thorough quality analysis of the call center. She found out that staff morale was at an all-time low, high sickness levels were costing the company £69,000 a year, and very little was being done to maintain exceptional customer service.

Seeking to improve morale, streamline costs and improve the call center operation, Anita decided to enroll a sales recording solution for call tracking, quality monitoring, and analytics.

All the call data was automatically recorded and analyzed for call topics; anyone could take the call and continue the conversation anywhere. It automatically led to an instant increase in morale and a decrease in sickness by 300%. And as the call was now monitored, the quality of calls improved ten-fold, which instantly impacted their CSAT score positively. Furthermore, DAS Legal observed a performance improvement of their call-center employees by 70%. - Source

Are you still not convinced that you need a sales recording solution?

Why is Sales Recorder important for your business?

“75% of prospects are willing to make an appointment or attend an event based on a cold call alone.” - DiscoverOrg

An AI-powered sales recorder can empower your sales team to sell bigger and better by recording and analyzing the cold calls and making the entire sales process transparent. Here's how:

◼️ Track Sales

Sales recorder easily integrates with the sales stack and logs every call with its recording and insights. It keeps track of the number of calls made to a particular prospect, how long it took to convert the lead to an opportunity, the conversion factor, and the conversion rate of the individual sellers and teams.

◼️ Record and transcribe Sales call

Did you know “57% of C-level buyers prefer that salespeople call them”

That is why cold calling and following up with customers is still a major responsibility of sellers, and then comes prospecting. With no recording solutions for these calls, businesses end up losing very crucial data.

Sales recorder integrates with your calendar and utilizes the meeting link for joining the meeting. In this way, it can record the entire conversation and later transcribe the meeting for future reference. It even integrates with the Dialer system, a video conferencing platform, and cloud telephony solutions.

◼️ Analyze Sales Call

No business or sales leader has the luxury of time to sit and evaluate hundreds of calls every day. Even if they did have the time, they would end up missing out on other essential business tasks such as prospecting, hiring, and training new talents.

AI-powered sales recorders such as conversation intelligence, post-call analyze the call for any queries, actionable items, topics discussed, and even showcases the seller’s soft skill and display the insights on an easy to view and navigate dashboard. It even sends out the call insights directly to the sales team’s inbox.

◼️ Push Sales Records on CRM

The sales representative also struggles with adding call notes and tasks on the CRM. Many times, they would forget to log the data or would forget some crucial point. But that’s not the end of the problem. According to the latest studies, humans’ attention span is now less than that of a goldfish. So, not that promising. Seller’s often missed out on some key data points in an hour-long call. If they didn’t hear it, how can they record that data?

AI-based sales recorders do not miss anything. It records the entire conversation, carefully analyzes it for important information and automatically pushes it to the CRM.

◼️ Store call insights and recording

Another problem that businesses struggle with is storing sales records such as contact information, billing cycle, call recordings, and accurate insights. Even if these data are saved, they are stored in silos. It makes the retrieval process very difficult.

Sales recorder provides a platform where business owners and their entire team can save the sales records and utilize them for future reference. It even helps them collaborate and share data with anyone without any hassle.

◼️ Easy access to sales record

We just spoke about how the majority of sales records are saved in silos. And how this leads to a lot of time wastage while searching for a particular record.

Sales recorder stores entire records by topics and other custom filters, making the data retrieval process a lot easier.

◼️ Ensure quality by monitoring Sales reps and Call-centre agents calls

Did you know “42% of sales reps feel they don't have enough information before making a call?” — Lattice Engine

It leads to poor call quality, and sellers end up not being able to achieve their quota. But this is not the only factor; without any monitoring, sellers are not aware of the mistakes that they are making on a call.

Sales recorder records and analyzes every conversation for quality, topic, and skills. As the sellers are aware that their calls are monitored, it motivates them to perform on every call and abide by call etiquette.

As the sellers are aware of what happened in the previous calls and have actual call recordings for reference with the help of a sales recorder, they can communicate with ease with other customers. In the same way, it helped the call-center agents of DAS.

In conclusion, with the right market intelligence and people’s intelligence, Tata Motors could have used the right branding message from the start. This is the magic of revenue intelligence.

◼️ Automate Reporting and Feedback process

Preparing sales reports is a crucial part of a seller’s life. It helps in future sales forecasting and keeping track of sales performance. But it is one task that can be easily automated with the help of a sales recorder, like conversation intelligence.

Sellers end up losing time on making and reporting sales to their managers when they can utilize that time for reaching out to customers or prospecting, which is more beneficial for the company’s revenue goal.

After completing a sales meeting, a sales record automatically fetches the meeting insights, highlights the important call pointers from the call, and sends them directly to the managers. The managers can view the entire hour-long call in a few minutes and provide feedback.

◼️ Personalized sales coaching

The only way of accessing a sales rep’s skills is by either joining his daily calls or listening to an hour-long call. Again, this task is very time-consuming and monotonous.

Sales recorder like AI-powered conversation intelligence analyzes the call for a seller's skills and reports it with other call insights to the sales leaders. Sales leaders can analyze the data and enable personalized sales training for their teams.

◼️ Train new hires

A task that became difficult was hiring and training new hires during this pandemic, as all the call centers and businesses were closed down. And companies were forced to operate remotely.

Businesses can create call playlists of important sales calls and share them with new hires. One of our clients, Place Technology, a startup, was able to tone down the ramp-up period by a month for the new hires. And all this, just by deploying conversation intelligence as their sales training tool.

◼️ Get deal insights

60% of buyers said they got relevant information from the salesperson in the early, lead-nurturing phases that ultimately won the account. – Sirius Decisions

The artificial intelligence enables the sales recorder to capture all crucial meeting intelligence that usually a seller would overlook and logs it for them, without the slightest effort.

Convin - An AI-powered Sales Recorder

Convin Conversation intelligence integrates with the sales stack and then records, transcribes, and analyzes sales insights daily calls. Post analyzing the call; it automatically logs the call and call notes to the CRM without any human interaction.

You can even create call playlists and share them with new and existing sales representatives and automate the entire process of sales coaching.

You can even search for call records in a matter of seconds by using the topic filter feature of the solution. Apart from this, Convin also analyzes the soft skill of every sales representative and reports it along with daily call reports. This helps businesses keep a close eye on deals and provide any help or personalized training for sellers to improve their performance call by call. Convin makes the entire sales process very transparent so that the whole company can collaborate and provide help when required.

But this isn’t the best part. Convin can integrate with almost all sales stacks in the market and can be onboarded from day one. All you need to do is sign up with us, and trust us when we say signing up on Convin is as easy as signing up on Facebook.

AI-powered Sales Recorder to increase your sales team’s win rate

Identify trends, eliminate bottlenecks, and store sales records for training your sales team.

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