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One of the significant challenges of every sales leader is tracking sales reps' daily activities, tracking pipelines, and keeping an eye on sales reps' performance. It is because the sales team is literally the heart of the organization, and if your heart is not functioning properly, it won’t pump blood to your entire body. In this reference, revenue, and eventually, your organization would die because of lack of flow of revenue!

We are not to scare you, but well, it’s the truth!

But like with any problem, humankind is good at inventing solutions to tackle or at least ease the challenge. And with that said, you must have heard of artificial intelligence?

AI-powered sales productivity software and tools can automate all redundant and repetitive sales tasks and even track sales reps' activities and performance to help them improve their performance and stay in power with the market.

Let’s see how?

What is a sales productivity tool?

Sales productivity software helps sales professionals to automate most of their daily activities and track sales activities to understand:

  • Sales blockers
  • Sales reps' challenges
  • Sales rep's response
  • Customer needs, problems, etc.

And guides sales professionals in improving their sales performance by helping them stream the conversation with call insights.

How to improve sales productivity with a sales productivity tool?

Sales productivity provides cutting-edge features that enable sales leaders and marketing to restrategize their selling strategies empowered with customer intelligence. Its features also enable sales leaders to keep a close eye on all deals and help salespeople improve their performance.

You must be thinking by now, but how can one solution help you do so much?

Let us show you some of its features.

◼️ Track Sales Rep’s Activities

Conversation productivity software evaluates how well the sales rep handles their interactions and checks to see if these conversations have been effective or not. It also tracks which aspects of the conversation they need to improve upon, such as whether they followed up on any customer's requests, complaints, or ideas.

◼️ Review and Feedback Process

As soon as your team completes a call, sales productivity software lets you know what went well and what could use some improvement. Sales teams use information from the transcripts to focus their training efforts on specific areas of improvement. 

And simply by scanning voice data for changes in emotion, cadence, or tone of the caller—adjusting language patterns to be more encouraging or supportive, for example—sales coaches can highlight positive behaviors that other salespeople could no doubt benefit from learning.

Your sales and customer service teams can access their call recordings, quality scores, and automatically generated feedback after each call so they know exactly how they can improve during those calls' follow-ups. All of this information will be available to them in one convenient place so that you don't suffer from employee overload.

◼️ Customer Intelligence

When your sales and support team know that their daily calls are being recorded and analyzed automatically, they become aware of their responses, communication, call etiquette, and try to provide the best experience to their customers in all calls.

Apart from this, your customer support team and sales team can view their call performance score right after the call and identify the errors that led them to get low grades so as not to repeat them in future calls.

◼️ Automated call notes taking

Each month, your sales team makes between 100 and 200 calls. They gather lots of information to find out which leads are currently growing the fastest or have the greatest amount of potential. 

The problem is – you only get a handful of notes from the 60-90 minutes of conversation! 

That doesn’t leave you with enough information to make significant changes. When your calls are fully transcribed (meaning when each word of your phone call is written down word-for-word), then it can be analyzed for crucial data like customer insights like

  • Pain-points
  • Challenges
  • Feedback
  • Intent, etc.,

◼️ CRM automation

After recording a phone call with a customer, you can move onto other workloads while the recorded conversation transcribes and analyzes itself for topics discussed, actionable items, questions asked and automatically logs the data in your CRM.

Convin’s Conversation Intelligence- the ultimate sales productivity tool

Convin seamlessly integrates with the sales stack and disrupts the already existing sales process for excellence. Convin, post integrating with sales stack, tracks prospect’s intent and changing behavior by

1. Records: Convin records all conversion over dialer, video conferencing platform, and cloud telephony systems.

2. Transcribes Post call recordings; Convin transcribes the entire call.

3. Analyzes: Convin does not transcribe the call but also highlights the call topics, questions asked, actionable items, and sales rep soft skills for easy view.

4. Dispenses call insights: Convin dispenses the call data directly to the sales team's inbox. Convin even sends the call data directly to the sales teams' Slack or Google chat inbox. And it even logs the data in the CRM.

5. Stores recordings: Convin stores the call recordings, and the sales team can filter the call for future preference based on the topic discussed.

6. Creates call playlists: With Convin, sales leaders can create call playlists of important calls to automate the sales training and decrease the ramp-up time by half.

Convin’s sales productivity tool is completely secure

We at Convin understand how important customer and call data security is; that is why we ensure your data is completely secure and safe with our in-house transcription and NLP engine. We ensure for call data security:

  • Secure login and monitoring
  • Hosted on AWS
  • SSL data encryption
  • Role-based access control
  • Enterprise-grade application monitoring
  • GDPR compliant meeting recording

Convin, as of now, supports English, Hindi, and Hinglish. And it takes less than a week to get us onboarded, so don’t wait, ask for a demo now!

Ultimate sales productivity tool powered by Convin

Identify winning trends, eliminate deal’s bottlenecks, pinpoint sales reps’ challenges, and help them close all winnable deals.

Accelerate your sales productivity with Convin
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