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Why should you invest time in reading the eBook?

In the era of remote selling and distributed working, every sales professional needs a solution to replace in-person meetings. After closely watching the 20% of performing sellers in various industries, experts and analysts conclude that video-based selling is the best way to overcome the absence of an in-person sales environment. We will discuss how both asynchronous and synchronous videos can contribute to the selling process and how video impacts each stage of the sales process.

Adding video content in emails can…

…show improvement in email open rate by 5X and your click-through rate by 8X, higher than text-based emails, reports HubSpot.

Capturing attention within the first 10-seconds is easy with a video….

…because the attention span of an average human being is only 8 seconds, according to Curatti.

Differentiate vendors from the crowd…

…by getting an inside glimpse into the person. Seeing faces and making eye contact makes it easier to trust sellers than reading emails.

High video engagement at the C-suite level…

…has increased the chances of reaching the executive buyer earlier in the sales cycle.

Video selling is cost-effective because allowing employees to work remotely….

…. just half the time could save on average $11,000 per year as per Global Workplace Analytics.

What's Inside?

Are you wondering how video selling fits in the sales cycle, and shouldn’t marketing guys worry about it? Fortunately, NO! Video selling is another brilliant innovation of mankind that sales professionals can leverage wholeheartedly in collaboration with marketing folks. Videos make their way from outreach to the closing of a deal. In the eBook, we’ll introduce you to;


What is the current usage rate of videos in sales and marketing?


How are sales professionals and buyers benefiting from video content?


What type of videos do sales professionals use?


How to use videos in different stages of the sales cycle?


What are the critical best practices to keep in mind when shooting and creating a video?


How to measure the efficiency of video-based selling?

Are you ready for a faster and innovative way to earn prospects’ trust?

Without any further delay, join the bandwagon of video content creation and live sales meetings with the help of the best practices given in the eBook. Pure expert advice is coming your way!
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Did You Know?

Video-based selling isn’t new, and the experts have already tasted the benefits. Hear it from them.

If a video is too long, you run the risk of only having a few minutes upfront to catch their attention if they end the video early. My best results have been with ~5-7 minute videos to keep it short and grab their attention.

Taylor Bukowski

Senior Sales Engineer

In the outbound or inbound approach, the key is that your video must be hyper-personalized, ensuring that the content is valuable & relevant to that specific prospect. 

Leslie Venetz

Head of Sales

Engaging asynchronously aligns with the buying experience because of more frequent "raw" communication, whereas text or voice-only removes visual cues from asynchronous chats between calls. 

Kim Orlesky

Content Creator, Leader, Sales Mastery

The Author

Abhishika Chatterjee

Abhishikha is a marketing professional with over three years of experience in content writing. She's currently on a mission to create content that will help a salesperson overcome obstacles.

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