Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer

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Companies only get information about 4% of their customer sentiment.

1. What is voice of the customer?

Voice of the customer (VoC) is feedback on how customers perceive a brand’s product offerings as well as their opinion on the brand.

VoC is proactively measured by using tools with conversation intelligence and sentiment analysis.

2. Why is VoC important for a brand?

When brands get information on VoC, it helps them understand how the customer feels when interacting with the brand.

Such data helps brands to channel their customer experience efforts to solve challenges faced by customers. Strategizing with VoC data helps businesses to make their offerings customer-friendly.

3. How is VoC measured?

VoC can be measured through three avenues - direct, indirect and inferred feedback.

4. How do VoC solutions help brands?

VoC solutions conduct sentiment analysis on customer interactions to collect VoC data. By analyzing transcribed data, these tools collect various data using speech analytics algorithms.

These kinds of software provide different actionable reports, such as:

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