Lost Calls

Lost Calls

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Did you know that lost calls in call centers have their own peculiar name? They are commonly referred to as "abandoned calls."

1. What Is a Lost Call and Why do They Matter?

A lost call refers to a call in a contact center that is not successfully connected to an agent or resolved, resulting in the caller hanging up or getting disconnected. 

They matter because lost calls can impact customer satisfaction, indicate inefficiencies in call center operations, and highlight areas for improvement in terms of staffing, call routing, and overall customer service.

2. How to Manage Lost Calls in a Contact Center?

To effectively manage lost calls in a contact center, you can implement strategies such as improving staffing levels, optimizing call routing systems, reducing wait times, enhancing agent training, implementing callback options, and regularly analyzing data to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Here’s Conviner signing off. See you soon! 

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