Hold Time

Hold Time

Hi, Conviner here. I’ll be your go-to person for help with call center terminology.

Close to 60% of customers say that long hold times are one of the most frustrating experiences!

1. What is Hold Time?

Hold time is the amount of time the agent keeps a customer on hold during a conversation. There are many reasons for hold time, like fetching customer data, and confirming payment details.

2. Why is Hold Time important in a call center?

Hold time is an important metric in call centers. It can be used to gain insights into customers and agents.

Understand Customer Satisfaction

As mentioned above, customers hate having to wait long.

Would you like it if an agent from Amazon took more than 2 minutes to fetch details of the order you want to refund? It’s the same for customers of any business.

Having lesser hold time implies higher customer satisfaction levels.

Assess Agent Performance

Every call center would ideally like to have as minimal a hold time as possible. This would mean training agents to provide excellent customer service.

Average hold time can be used as one of the factors to assess agent performance. Agents who have a lower hold time resolve customer queries faster.

Using this as a parameter for performance helps identify agents that need training.

That’s all you need to know about hold time. See ya soon!

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