Grade Of Service

Grade Of Service

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BPOs typically aim for a Grade of Service of around 80%, meaning that 80% of calls are answered within a specified time frame, as exceeding this target can result in higher costs due to overstaffing.

What is Grade of Service(GOS)?

In call centers, the grade of service (GOS) represents the level of service provided to customers in terms of the percentage of calls that are successfully answered within a certain time frame. 

In short, it is a measure of the percentage of calls that are answered within a specified time. 

The grade of service is an important call center metric because it can impact call quality, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and overall business performance.

How do you calculate Grade of Service?

To calculate the grade of service formula in call centers, you need to know the number of blocked or abandoned calls and the total number of calls received during a specified time period.

The formula for calculating the grade of service (GOS) or service level is:

Grade of service formula
Grade of service formula

The GOS is an important call center metric because it helps managers understand how well their agents handle incoming calls and how well the call center performs in terms of customer service

Call centers typically set a target GOS that they aim to achieve and monitor their performance against this target.

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