AHT (Average Handle Time)

AHT (Average Handle Time)

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As per statistics, the average handle time is between 6.46 minutes and 6.73 minutes, which can vary concerning the industry. 

1. What Does AHT Mean?

The average time an agent takes to resolve a customer query from start to finish is the average handle time (AHT). An average handle time includes talk time, hold time, after-call work time, etc. 

AHT monitors agent productivity, evaluates call efficiency, and determines staffing needs. A lower AHT becomes a common goal, indicating that calls are efficient and effective. E.g., Convin helps you decrease your average handle time up to 56 seconds. 

2. How To Calculate Average Handle Time?

You can calculate the average handle time using the following: 

Formula to calculate Average Handle Time - 

 Average Handle Time Formula
Average Handle Time Formula (AHT)

What Is A Good Average Handle Time?

A ‘good average handle time’ cannot be answered in black and white. It depends on the company, type of product used, or service provided. 

A lower AHT indicates better agent performance, but one must be cautious that agents are not pushing away customers to lower the average handle time. 

While lowering the AHT, call centers should focus on achieving the following factors - 

So when you measure your AHT, you should target to lower it provided the CSAT score remains intact or improves. 

E.g., Convin’s call monitoring software lowers your AHT by 56 seconds. 

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