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A game plan developed in the duration of the game is a failed plan. The same is the case with sales. To create the right impact on the buyer,-- psychological tricks, irrelevant information, and lengthy sales presentations won't move the needle. It’ll only sway the buyer away. What you do before the sales meeting determines what happens on the call. 

With this eBook, we aim to make every call a success. Therefore we treat every meeting as a critical session.

Keep yourself free to listen and ask questions...

…because the pre-requisite data leaves more room for active listening and uncovering hidden opportunities.

Increases sales effectiveness by 20%...

…as reported by Lisa Maguson, who stresses building value and simplifying data for prospects.

Build a positive perception of the brand and you…

…by carefully planning the meeting, building a positive experience, and making the prospect feel valued.

Securing next steps or a meeting after every sale call…

…by working towards a pre-defined call objective and pulling together all resources to make it happen.

Shorten the sales deal cycle and increase the deal numbers…

…by investing more time in learning about the buyers and handling objections early in the sales cycle.

What's Inside?

A pre-call sales plan isn't about researching the company online and looking up the stakeholders on Linkedin. The process goes much deeper.

The eBook will unlock ten essential call preparation techniques to produce positive sales call outcomes.

We’ll broadly cover all customer sales calls, including prospecting calls, discovery calls, demo/presentation calls, and negotiation calls.


How do you measure the success of sales meetings today?


How to assess call activities using a call review checklist?


How to pre-plan and prepare for your next sales call?


How to perfect four types of sales meetings

Are you ready to increase sales effectiveness by at least 20%?

Join the bandwagon of sellers investing in pre-call sales planning with expert tips in the eBook. Make every call count!
Thank you for downloading the e-book, We've sent a copy to your inbox. :)
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Did You Know?

Planning pre-call sales are simple, but its importance is often underestimated. Let’s hear how sales call preparations can help…

There are two things prospects expect from sales meetings- Value of the solution and Simplification of data. This promises that prospects' time isn’t wasted during the call.

Lisa Magnuson

Sales Leader

I’m not overly casual, but when I call the senior leaders with a tone and a pitch that reflects how friendly and fun I want this call to go, people resonate with that.

Risa Khamsi

Account Executive

Our minds are wired for story. We think in narrative and enjoy consuming content in story form. So understanding the difference between presenting and storytelling is critical to engage an audience.

Carmine Gallo.

Author of FIVE STARS

The Author

Abhishika Chatterjee

Abhishikha is a marketing professional with over three years of experience in content writing. She's currently on a mission to create content that will help a salesperson overcome obstacles.