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Convin - Converting sales calls into better sales

Convin’s Conversation AI records and audits 100% of high-velocity sales calls based on custom parameters and highlights the calls that need special attention for manual auditing at a fair price. Convin makes the entire sales process transparent and brings in a culture of accountability.

What the market has to say about us

Feature Comparison

When assessing the two solutions by G2 reviewers, they found Convin.ai is easier to set up and administer. Reviewers also preferred doing business with Convin.ai overall.

Feature Comparison


Built for B2C/ High call volume

Customized automated auditing

Call prioritizing for manual review

Automated call scoring

Extensive reports pinpointing areas for improvement

Customer Intelligence (Enabling you to take strategic decisions basis VOC across sales, product & marketing)

Automated note-taking

Topics of Conversation

Action Items discussed

Automated feedback and reporting

In built coaching platform

Zero cost Custom Integration

Self Sign-Up

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Why did our customers choose us?

Conversation intelligence at a fair price

We are a startup. While we have overcome many of the same challenges startup founders face that find themselves in need of scalable conversational intelligence solutions, we recognize that each business is unique. That's why we take into account the various needs of each client and display them in our features and pricing structure.

Convin has helped our sales team with better follow-up. More importantly, we have been using the tool to discover what prospects are talking about to steer our conversations and marketing efforts.

Alex Siegler

Head of Strategic Alliances, Place Technology

100% call auditing based on custom parameters

Convin analyzes 100% of calls automatically based on custom parameters like soft skills, responses, etc., and even helps in prioritizing the calls that need special attention for manual review, no matter the call volume.

Coaching takes a fraction of the time being able to search for keywords and listen to certain areas and give feedback.

Dan Hall

Director sales, Carestack

Improve deal size by 40-70% by uncovering real Customer & market insights

Convin helps you to transform sales data into intelligence by identifying the exact time to up-sell or cross-sell by analyzing 100% of sales calls. And it sends the data directly to your inbox while the deal is still on the table, so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Carestack improved their marketing video watch time by 60% by utlilizing the data from Convin’s Customer Intelligence.

Dan Hall

Director sales, Carestack

Easy Self-sign-up 

We at Convin understand that you don’t like haggling with multiple agents. That is why we have enabled self-service for you. You can easily sign up using your business email address and start gaining the benefits of Convin’s conversation intelligence. And did we tell you signing up on Convin is as easy as signing up on Spotify?And Spotify didn't pay us for mentioning them!

“We thought it would take a month of time to onboard my entire team and make them familiar with this type of technical platform. I appreciate how Convin’s self-serve functionality makes it smooth and easy”


Head of Growth - Omnify

All data end-to-end encrypted with our in-house NLP

We ensure your data security and safety with our in-house transcription on the NLP engine and AWS hosting. All conversation data are recorded with SSL encryption and under GDPR compliance.

"Convin helps in providing instant feedback to team members, which in turn leads to improved efficiency in pitching and driving sales/operations. Also, the team is extremely cooperative, committed, and helpful to solve any unique use-cases that we face"

Jai B

Operations Manager - Udayy

Switch to Convin’s Conversation Intelligence Platform for Better Call Analytics

Call Analytics for Conversation Intelligence Software

Switch to Convin’s Conversation Intelligence Platform for Better Agent Performance Management

Agent performance management for conversation intelligence software

All your business conversations are evaluated by Convin for in-depth people, market, and deal analytics!

In short, why choose Convin.

  • Scalable solution for your business
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Pricing for the growing team
  • Easy to navigate interface

We are a startup as well, so we understand the needs, and challenges of a growing team, and our Conversation Intelligence features precisely reflect that.

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