7 Virtual Sales Training Ideas That Work Like A Charm!

Abhishikha Chatterjee
May 9, 2022
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May 9, 2022

Online sales training sessions can be the most significant investment for the company. 

B2B sales training equips reps with the skills, knowledge, and tactics required to stand out in customer-facing activities.

Research by Taskdrive shows that the ROI of sales training stands at 353%. It means for every dollar a company spends on training; it receives a whopping 4.53% in return.

Isn't that COOL?

Therefore investing in sales training gamification can be a fascinating way to teach reps "hard skills" and have fun! 

How do you decide whether your team needs sales training or sales coaching?

Today, we’ll invest time in discussing:

  • Importance of virtual sales training
  • 7 remote sales training techniques
  • Objection handling 

We will share 7 online sales training ideas to help you conduct employee-friendly training sessions.

Why is virtual sales training crucial?            

As Simon Sinek says-

"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe."

Here are the top 3 reasons we think online sales training is essential.

1. To get the best return on investment.

A well-trained salesperson may better influence prospective and current clients by learning how to approach clients, analyze their needs, and propose the best solution. Precisely, reps' performance will show improvement.

Improvements in your sales team's ability will show a sharp increase in sales quota achievement. And continuous improvement keeps everybody on their toes and strong, directly impacting revenue and sales.

2. There's no room for "learning from the mistake."

The formula of learning from mistakes doesn't necessarily always work. Generally, organizations avoid individual team members' making mistakes on live calls. 

While making mistakes isn’t a big problem–they are costly, particularly when missing out on significant customer opportunities.

Most firms may inevitably lose a few sales in between, but the consequences of not having a systematic sales training framework in place can cost you money in the long run.

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3. Improve relationship with "Selling"

Because of Sales reps' obsession with the word "sales," they struggle with it.

They believe it entails pitching their product or service to everyone who might be interested in purchasing it, or it implies that their responsibility is to close the deal - regardless of the moral cost of whether the individual would profit or not.

So, let's dive deep into 7 remote sales training techniques that'll amp up your game:

Expected Outcomes:
  1. Improves product knowledge.

        2. Deepens understanding of the persona

        3. Develops the knowledge of how to get conversions.

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7 Remote Sales Training Techniques

1. Objection handling                    

Objection handling is one of the most crucial skills in sales. No matter how competent your sales team is, every sales rep will encounter different levels of objections. 

As a junior sales rep, you may encounter the greatest number of objections, which can be disheartening.

So why not equip your team with the tools and strategies to better manage objections?

Would you like expert advice on objection handling? 

In the sales training meetings, conduct a role play with your sales rep pitching an idea to the potential customer.

Sales managers must keep an eye on how reps’ are handling the objections. Note the areas for improvement, and guide them.

Expected Outcomes:
  1. A junior sales rep will gain confidence.
  2. Be able to handle real-world sales objections.

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2.  Selling Through Curiosity 

 Curiosity is one of the most crucial factors in sales.

Research by Harvard Business Review shows that curiosity allows for more open conversation and better team performance. 

First of all, sales reps need to have a grip on the product or idea they want to sell. Understanding what they want to sell is the first step of the selling process.

The next task is to research the prospect. Learning about the prospects can be initiated by asking questions about their likes, dislikes, pain points, strengths, and weaknesses. Be curious and genuine!

The intent here is to interact with the buyers so that they question about your products or idea. That’ll be the beginning of the sales journey.

3. Understanding Buyer's Journey        

Let's spotlight the fact that people won't invest their time, money, and energy in the things they don't understand. Understanding the prospects is an essential step before you even begin selling.

A study by the Business Journal shows that 77 percent of executive buyers claim salespeople don't understand their company's issues.

That includes knowing where the prospects are in their journey, what problems are they trying to solve, etc.

In a role-play, a sales rep needs to think according to the prospect’s point of view. They need to understand what prospects might be going through, their struggles, the kind of solution they are looking for, etc.

Expected Outcomes:
  1. Builds the foundation for understanding the prospect's journey.
  2. It helps building a strong relationship among the reps and prospects.

4. Sharing Industry News And Trends

Having in-depth knowledge about the industry can help reps sell confidently. 

In the beginning, junior sales reps are not likely to know everything about the company or the industry. Sharing Industry news and trends can expose them to the achievements, finding challenges the company faced, and the latest trends in the industry.

It is done in groups. Each group member will be provided a task to find at least one industry news or trend.

What the team members find out and how they do it can be discussed in the next meeting.

Would you like to stay ahead of the market predictions? 

Expected Outcomes:
  1. Gain insights into the industry
  2. In-depth - knowledge about industry trends will help sales reps show themselves as niche experts.

5. Presentation Training  

Presentation skills are essential when it comes to selling. Because no matter how good research sales reps do it’s useless if they're unable to present it well.

So, it's essential to equip reps with good presentation skills to ace the race.

In these sessions, mock presentations can be created to teach how to present customer pain points, their journey, and how to tell stories that connect with prospects.

Similarly, Mock presentations about important aspects of sales such as discovery calls, competitor analysis, and understanding of customers' journeys can be created.

Expected Outcomes:
  1. Presentation skill is a combination of creative thinking and communication skills.
  2. Reps will have a grasp on both of the skills mentioned above.

6. Sales Rep's Assessment

Most sales leaders think that sales reps are ready to work in the real world after completing their training, but that's not true!

A recent survey shows that - 84% of all sales training is lost after 90 days. It’s primarily due to a lack of retention among sales reps.

Training is provided in the teams, and no "one size fits for all" formula works here. Each sales reps’ understanding and perception are different.

So, it's critical to assess them individually. 

Here's how to do it:

  • Put reps through quizzes and tests to see if they understand key concepts.
  • Having a manager who is responsible for overseeing the performance of sales reps.
  • Perform role-plays to check if reps are ready or not.
Expected Outcomes: 
  1. The above activity will confirm the fact that sales reps are prepared.
  2. Knowing your reps' strengths and weaknesses will help you navigate them on the right path.

7. Sharing Success stories

Celebrating wins, no matter small or big, is important!

Sharing the success stories is a must-have session because it will cheer up junior sales reps and make them proud of their achievements.

Only 8% of the sales reps give 80% of the results. 

So what and how are the 8% doing differently?

Reps can share how they discovered the buyer's journey, took the discovery call, and each step they took in the process. This will give an idea to other teammates about the changes made in the strategies they're implementing.

Success stories sessions will amplify the spirit of the meeting and create a positive atmosphere.

Invest time in a recent success story: Carestack sees uptake of 47% on close rate after adding Convin’s Conversation Intelligence.

Expected Outcomes:
  1. Those trying their best in the team will get a push on how to do the best.
  2. Appreciation from the managers and team members will boost reps' confidence to achieve a higher goal.
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