5 Tips To Leverage Sales Recording Software To Enhance Team’s Productivity!

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August 11, 2022
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August 11, 2022
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Client: We tried reaching you multiple times, but you were out of the coverage area.

Sales rep: Our services are available 24/7. It's pretty unbelievable that we couldn’t attend to you when you needed us.

Client: You mean I'm lying?

Sales rep: No, we didn't mean that …

Sales reps and sales managers get stuck in these types of endless arguments that are difficult to resolve.

You need a reliable call recording software that'll act like an angel in disguise and save you from unnecessary legal disputes. Also, when your sales team is equipped with the right tools and resources, it's easy to enhance their productivity.

Would you like to learn more about sales recording software?

In this post, we'll learn about 

  • What is sales recording software? 
  • How sales recording software can help teams become more productive?
  • Ready to enhance team productivity with call recording software?

What is sales recording software? 

The sales conversation is a goldmine of insights such as customer pain points, interest, buying psychology, and likes-dislikes which is a critical element of the sales process. Moreover, these insights contain market trends, competitor details, and relevant objections.

A sales call recording software is an AI-backed tool that records the sales conversation between the salesperson and the customer and provides more features such as transcription, analysis, call logging, call tracking, store, share, and playback.

 Want to learn how call recording software works? -  Check this

The insights from the call recording software can be used to improve the sales process, marketing campaigns, customer experience, sales strategy, sales pipeline, and more!

Call recording software provides accurate data from genuine customers. Let's get into the nitty-gritty of how it can make a sales team productive.

How sales recording software can help teams become more productive?

Sales recording software plays a significant role in making sales teams more effective. It provides tools, features, and insights like nobody else!

Here are the top 5 ways a call recording software can make sales teams more productive.

1. Improves sales training

The call recording software can efficiently analyze individual sales calls. It gives valuable feedback on effective and ineffective calls made by the sales reps, points out the strengths and weaknesses, tracks the sales team's performance, and provides a complete audit of the entire sales call when it can take waste hours if done manually.

Here are a few tips on using call recording software to improve your training:

  1. Active Listening

As a sales manager, you can actively listen to the sales rep's conversations, find where the flaws are, and provide feedback to improve their communication skills. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your sales reps following the proper tonality while conversing with the customers?
  • Are they maintaining good engagement during the conversation? or just trying to close the discussion in a hurry?
  • Does your sales rep sound like they're reading the script or having a genuine conversation?
  1. Become a stepping stone to success.

Sometimes sales reps get stuck into the situations that prevent them from making progress.

Let’s consider a scenario where a sales rep forgot to mention the product description to the client because it was not mentioned in the documentation. Because of it the client is unable to make the purchasing decision. But how does the sales manager get to know about it ? via the sales recording software.The sales manager can review the entire call again and train the sales rep accordingly.

  1. Create valuable resources

Studies show that most sales professionals forget 84% of their sales training within three months.

You have reviewed more than enough sales calls, and now you have the best of the best information on the critical areas of improvement. You can create valuable resources like e-books, guides, and digital self-paced courses to help reps retain the information.

2. Quality Assurance

The quality assurance test is the most crucial step for any organization because it gives an overview of the quality of the product/ services. The disheartening fact is that manual call recording software can take up to 1- 2 monthly agent calls, making it difficult for the sales managers to sense an individual's performance truly.

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Sales recording softwares contain features such as playback, search, call duration, caller ID, speech analysis, automated report delivery, dynamic analysis, etc.

Here are a few tips on how call recording software helps improve quality assurance:

  1. Improve business performance 

Sales recording software can help businesses identify the competition, differentiate themselves from the competition, identify trends, explore client’s product/service perception, fill the vaccume in the market, etc.

  1. Solve customer complaints

When you review all the calls with the help of a sales call recording system, you've data regarding every customer. You can go through the call again and reanalyze it. You can then understand each customer's issue and solve them to get the best reviews.

  1. Enhance customer experience

A satisfying customer experience is the heart of every business. After reviewing multiple call recordings, you know what the customers are looking for. Ask yourself. "What extra benefits should I add along with my product and service that'd improve the customer experience?”

3. Improve security

If you have a call recording system installed in your company, you can deduct junk calls. With the help of a call recording system, it can reduce inappropriate calls and remove security problems.

If the employees are prone to make personal calls during office hours, it can be deducted by the call recording software.

An example of how a transportation company used call recording software to skyrocket their sales

Here's how a company in the transportation sector improves security, mitigates disputes, and enhances sales success with call recording software.

Business requirement:

A full-service transportation company based in Minnesota that provides cabs, sedans, limos, and airport shuttles, required call recording to improve security, train employees, and resolve disputes.

Solution provided : 

The company opted for the call recording software solution, and here's how they solved the issue. The company's manager says that they’ve used the call recording software multiple times and found it to be easy to use.

In addition he says that call recording software software allows them to track salespeoples, work on their selling skills, and it helps them to close more business.

4. Help sales and marketing teams collaborate

The sales and marketing team plays a vital role in the organization's development.

But the fact is, marketing teams never get the chance to meet the customers directly. With the help of call recording software, marketing teams can gain more in-depth insights on customer pain points, interests, likes and dislikes, and purchase psychology which can be used to improve marketing campaigns.

Sales teams can use this info to refine different aspects of the sales process, such as prospecting, follow-up strategy, lead generation, discovery call, and objection handling because it contains deep customer insights that can level up your journey.

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Here's how sales and marketing teams can leverage the sales recording software:

  1. Grab the missing details. 

As the call recording software provides transcription services, even if you don't get what the customer said at first, you can transcribe the recording to understand exactly what the customer said. Or, if you missed the essential details while listening to the call, You can understand it in a written format.

  1. Enhance sales enablement 

 Sales enablement software is a joint adventure of the sales and marketing teams. The sales enablement strengthens the roots of your sales process. The most important aspect of sales enablement is customer satisfaction, equipping your sales team with the necessary skills to serve the customers better. Call recording software can provide everything you need to know about the customers to help them better.

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  1. Create high-quality content

High-quality content is the one that solves customers' problems, educates them about the product, resonates with them, and inspires them to take action. To create such high-quality content, you need access to high-quality data. Call recording software equips you with required information such as customer pain points, the type of problem to be solved, and the solutions they're looking for.

Do you know which high-quality sales content is breaking the internet?

5. Help resolve disputes

Sometimes, a client might raise disputes about the quality of the product or service, delivery, and working details. Or it may be the sales rep's fault who couldn't meet the client's expectations. You never know which side of the objection is correct unless you recheck and reanalyze the situation from both sides.

Call recordings can be of tremendous help in such situations in case the issue raises legal disputes, and clarifies who said what, and solves the problem. Installing the right call recording software can save time and money and avoid reputation damage.

An example of how a Texas based school used call recording software to meet their educational requirements

The school in Texas, is dedicated to providing a learning environment that encourages teachers and students to thrive. They opted for a call recording solution to solve their problems.

Business requirements :

The school required a mechanism to record discussions between its employees and outside sources starting in 2016 to address any potential issues over what was said or not conveyed during a call.

Solution provided :

The School management kept track of all calls made by a small set of persons in its management groups and departments.

The school CTO, says  with the help of a call recording software they automatically recorded every conversation into their servers with highly limited and restricted access. Also, these dedicated servers helped CTO in hassle-free migrations.

Ready to enhance team productivity with call recording software?

With our detailed overview  of sales recording software, you might have a clear idea of the value of call recording software for your business.

Sales recording software is an asset your business should invest in to get the best long-term outcomes. Invest in a solution that provides enhanced security, quality service, and 24/7 customer support.

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