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Call Center 101- Don’t Overlook Call Monitoring Software, it Revolutionizes Your Operations.

Mayank Dixit
August 18, 2022
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August 18, 2022
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Legend has it that Archimedes shouted ‘Eureka’ when he made a startling scientific discovery. 

And by the time you finish reading this, you’ll have a Eureka moment for the success of your call center business. 

In this modern day and age, maintaining customer loyalty is becoming a tedious task. Especially because customers simply have too many options and are more educated than before.

But thankfully, you can command efficient solutions such as call center coaching tools, call monitoring software etc. to give a definitive edge to your customer service. 

In today’s blog, we’ll be focusing specifically on- 

Break the Matrix!!!

In the movie Matrix, Morpheus offering neo the red and blue pill 

In the classical scene from Hollywood film Matrix, the protagonist Neo is asked whether he wants to wake up to reality or keep living his fake life. 

Today we too are offering you the red pill and the blue pill. The red pill is a metaphor for tools such as call center quality monitoring software that can unlock new levels of customer interactions for you. 

Such call center applications allow you to record and store any inbound and outbound calls. You can then analyze them at a later stage and obtain actionable insights. 

For example, by monitoring a call, you can understand the behavior of your customer rep and whether it was as per the set business-friendly practices. 

So you know it is a must-have solution for your organization!! 

Neo too took the red pill and transformed into the chosen one. You can also become the chosen business for customers by employing novel technologies such as AI-powered conversational intelligence platforms

Features of a Call Monitor Program 

A call monitoring software deems pretty useful whenever you plan to go for a call audit or quality audit. The reason? It has numerous features to offer such as-

  • Call Whispering
  • Call Barging 
  • Grading Agents 

Call Whispering

One of the prominent features of call center management software is call whispering. It allows you to join in a customer-agent conversation. 

You can offer on-the-spot advice to the agent about guiding the customer in the best way possible. 

Worry not, the customer won’t be able to hear your voice. They won’t even know that you are present on the call. 

Call Barging

This feature is a further extension of call whispering. The only difference is that you can interact with both the agent and the customer. 

Call barging comes in handy when an agent can’t assist a customer in the best possible way and requires your intervention. 

Grading Agents 

Almost all call tracking softwares have the option of recording both inbound and outbound calls. You can listen to them to assess the performance of your agents. 

The assessment is carried out on several parameters such as average hold time (AHT) etc. 

Based on the evaluation, each agent is given a grade. This determines whether they need to undergo coaching or not. 

How Call Monitoring Software Upgrade Makes you Different from Competitors? 

A recent study estimated that the value of the call center business would be a touch shy of $500 billion by 2027. 

Phew…imagine counting the zeros in that figure!

The journey to such an evaluation would be filled with adapting best business practices such as modern technology for the sustenance of operations.  

Call management software is an excellent example of this. You might already be using one at your firm, but are you aware of how it optimizes your day-to-day issues? 

Let us tell you. 

1. Employee Satisfaction

In a horde to retain and attract customers, you might be ignoring a crucial aspect.

Your customer service reps!!!

As per an estimate, a staggering 90% of call center employees admit to being under heavy stress during work hours. 

A primary reason might be agents not receiving necessary feedback from your end to improve their performance. And this is where quality monitoring software steps in. 

With such a platform, you enable a culture of transparency where the agents are clear about the areas they are lacking in. 

By assessing your employees’ behavior on the call and giving genuine feedback, you can instill a sense of positivity in them. 

They’ll know that the feedback directed to improve their performance is not critical in nature. 

2. Customer Impression of your Business

A hard-to-digest fact of this business domain is that the customer runs with thin patience. 

A study pointed out that a massive 32% of people will walk out on their beloved brand on the first instance of encountering a bad experience. 

This only reflects that you can never let your guard down as a brand. You have to give the best customer service, which can only happen with efficient tools such as quality monitoring software. 

Let’s explain with the help of a situation (inspired by real-life events). 

A prominent brand approached us a couple of months ago with the problem that their customer retention rate was steadily falling. 

After a deep analysis, we found that although they were using a call quality monitoring system, they were converting the insights into actionable goals. 

Hence, they could not offer customers a unique experience even after growing in size. 

From this example, you realize the importance of being aware of your customers’ needs. 

This can happen by observing customer behavior on recorded calls to detect your pain points and making concerted efforts to rectify them. 

Which Departments Require a Call Monitoring Software? 

Contrary to popular belief, call center quality monitoring software is useful for many departments. 

Certain departments might require its service from time to time, but most of the users can be categorized into the following teams- 

  • Customer Services Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Sales Team
  • Customer Services Team
    Customer services team requires call tracking software to analyze their agent’s performance. 
    Depending on this analysis, team leads can enroll agents in a coaching or training program to work upon their weaknesses.
  • Marketing Team 
    A call center software comes in handy for the marketing department to know how customers are responding to a particular campaign. 
    Depending on the response, marketing teams can alter their outreach strategies. 
    Call monitoring software is also essential for marketing executives to confirm that the tone used for generating leads is constant across all customer calls. 
  • Sales Team 
    Sales team requires quality monitoring software to train new sales agents. 
    With the help of such call center programs, the new joiners can listen to recorded calls of top performers to learn effective ways of converting leads and reduce ramp-up time significantly.

A Checklist for Making Call Monitoring Software Work for You

Happy employee is a by-product of using Call Monitoring Software and creates happy customers.

A call center monitoring system is a significant investment for your business and must be done with due diligence. 

First, define your goals and see which software caters to them in the best possible way. 

Second, create a category of calls that you need to analyze. These need to include all the good, bad and ugly conversations. See what insights you can derive and feed them back to your team to minimize error next time. 

Third, be honest in your feedback and put up an agent for coaching the very instant you notice a lack of skill. The feedback should be motivational so that the urge to improve comes from the agents themselves. 

Lastly, ensure strict compliance with the law of the land. The right to privacy is sacrosanct, thus be sure to obtain consent from all concerned parties before recording any call. 

With all this information, you will surely have smooth sailing in attracting customers. Trust us, you are just one step away from greatness. 

Sign up with us today and know how our integrated platform can do more for you than just recording calls! 

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