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8 Tips To Provide Amazing EdTech Customer Service That Directly Affects Students And Classrooms.

Rimlee Patgiri
November 24, 2022
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November 24, 2022
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The education industry saw a steep rise in digitalization, globalization, and of course competition after the onset of the pandemic. 

The pandemic shook people globally, which led them to adapt to an online environment. According to a study by research and markets, 90% of all formal education programs will rely upon EdTech tools by 2030.

The question is, is customer service an integral part of Edtech's business? 

Imagine a student who had a bad experience with an educational institution. Probabilities are higher that he will go to relatives and friends to share his abominable experience. This action is similar to a chain of wildfires harming the business.

  • Importance of customer service in the Edtech industry
  • 8 powerful tips to enhance customer service in Edtech

Importance of customer service in the Edtech industry

Benefits of customer service in the Edtech industry

Happier customers lead to a prosperous business

Winning a happy customer is a robust job without a doubt. But once the students’ requirements are aligned with the service, there is no turning back. 

Referrals to grow your business

According to a study by Esteban Kolsky, if customers experience positive service, 72% of them are likely to share the same with 6 or more people. Contrarily, 13% of unhappy customers will share their experience with 15 or even more people.

As a result, a good customer service experience can majorly contribute to the growing business. 

Good customer service leads to loyal customers

Parents and students tend to be more fond of personalized customer service. Customized support is a great way to develop the customer’s trust and loyalty toward the institution. 

8 powerful tips to enhance customer service in Edtech 

As discussed above, it is quite clear that customer service is an integral part of a business. So next time, before a customer drops a bombshell about churning, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Here are 8 powerful tips that will help you enhance customer service and leave you off the hook from witnessing tough times.

  1. 24/7 customer support

As humans, we can only serve with constant support for a limited period every day. Although having shifts covers the issue, does it solve it entirely?

Chatbots are the new round-the-clock support system. AI chatbots cover a vast range of common queries and add a humanoid touch to them, which becomes a very efficient and reliable tool. 

Some of the common questions that an AI chatbot can easily cover are -

  • Admission process
  • Overview of the campus life
  • Description of the courses and specializations
  • Information related to fees and payment
  • Sponsorships
  • Fee structures
  1. Omnichannel support to parents and students

Using omnichannel support makes communication and sales easier for the current generation. 

Today’s generation comprising millennials and gen-Z is accustomed to searching for support everywhere, including social media.  

An active omnichannel presence can help them feel more connected and trust in an organization.

  1. Focussing on average handle time

Customer experience management comprises many factors that together make the big game a success. Average handle time is similar to the famous saying, “big things come in small packages.” 

Edtech's customer base comprising students and parents, can be tough to deal with in terms of their patience. Therefore, a lower AHT can be a blessing in disguise. 

Call monitoring software is a perfect tool to enhance a lower average handle time.

  1. Paying attention to parents’ and students’ feedback
Benefits of customer service in the Edtech industry

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Ken Blanchard

Feedback is one of the reliable ways to understand what’s working and what’s not in your Edtech. Feedback used constructively is key to growth as they are nothing but the voices of your customers.

Parents’ and students’ feedback should be closely taken into account, which can be gathered via surveys, reviews, or even verbal conversations.

  1. Being present on social media

Most students today are engaged in social media. Evidently, social media is the hub for most of your existing and future customers. 

Customer service can reach out for an active social media presence to boost customer engagement

It would be an ideal situation for a student to be able to reach out through social media channels as well. 

Moreover, social media also contributes to your omnichannel presence hence making it a win-win situation for some smart work for your company.

  1. Efficiently handle peak enrollment season
Call center softwares help in eliminating mis-selling episodes

One important time of the year when your customer service carries weight is the enrollment season. 

An enrollment season brings an immense rush along with opportunities. To make the most out of season, Edtech organizations should be well-prepared with their army to handle and nurture the students and parents. 

Good customer service can come in handy at that time. Call monitoring software is the go-to tool for creating efficient and well-performing customer service. 

Call monitoring software enables organizations to identify the win-loss behavior of customers. Moreover, the reps can be well-trained, and calls can be monitored thoroughly to avoid any mishaps.

  1. Eliminate Mis-selling episodes

If you are looking forward to establishing trust and loyalty to your customer, a compliance-stricken POC is utmost necessary. 

Agents are often prone to acquiring their sales targets or problem-solving by false promises or information about the products. 

Other times, due to a lack of knowledge, reps might sell off the wrong products leading to a huge menace later. 

These episodes can lead to your Edtech going south! 

To eradicate such mishaps, companies like Convin provide call center software that can train, audit, and provide timely information to agents.

  1. Keep a keen eye on compliance monitoring

Often, sales witnesses a different chapter compared to customer service. Customer service looks ugly when angry, disappointed, or impatient customers roar on the other side of the line. 

An agent must be patient and maintain decorum amidst such a rowdy situation, which is hardly the case often. 

To ensure that agents patiently handle customer complaints, they must be thoroughly trained and monitored. 

With call monitoring software, these kinds of situations can be avoided. Moreover, the agents can be trained to be perfect without hours of coaching just by peer-to-peer coaching using Convin’s call center software.

Call center software is a must-have tool in your tech stack.

Final thoughts

Edtech industry is a boon to education. But with rising competition for companies and increasing customer options, customer service is a key ingredient to a successful business. 

With call centers becoming the hub for customer support, it is not wrong to say that call center softwares are becoming a must-have tool in their SaaS stack. 

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