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Do Companies Need Sales Gong in 2020?

The culture of sales gong goes way back to the time, even before the call centers and Business Processing companies were booming. If you know ...

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May 19, 2021

The culture of sales gong goes way back to the time, even before the call centers and Business Processing companies were booming. If you know someone who worked in Sales ever, they would tell you how important was the gong culture for their Organisation. If you are a movie buff you might have seen movies and shows where they celebrate their success by using Gong.

So what exactly is the Sales Gong Culture?

Be it sales or any other department where the process of finding the right person is involved, you will see this culture. Sales is a typical game of numbers and relationships and hitting that gong hard can be considered as a part of the celebration. Be it closing that one deal, you have been chasing for a long time or landing your first customer, hitting the gong can be considered as an attention-grabbing moment that you want to cherish for a long time.

With the technology coming in and companies wanting to fill their pockets fast, every workplace has turned into a competitive field, where one wants to prove himself faster and superior to others. 

In this way, due to the increase in competitiveness, sales gong has proved to be very successful. Every sales rep wants to walk that sales floor with a hammer in one hand and pride in his other one, both rushing towards hitting that massive Gong with a bang. 

Why do we need a Gong in our Office?

Every organization that sells (literally anything), definitely should have a gong.

Let’s talk about the four basic reasons for Sales Gong Culture.

1.  Mark your wins and celebrations

When you hit that gong, you announce that the game has begun. You want people to appreciate you. So to make sure that their eyes are glued at you while hands are clapping, you need a gong. It also marks a win to your title and adds a tag to your name.

2. No win is a small win

Be it a large client that you landed or the first deal you closed. It does not matter because you are an organization. The bigger fish will give you revenue while the smaller ones will give you recognition. So always enjoy your moments even if they feel small at that time, maybe in the future, they will lead you to a larger field.

3. Motivation

Since sales is a number game that we all know, it's common that you stress out soon. 

Moreover, Sales reps hear a lot of NO’s every day. So to bring in the motivation and energy to the team by the sales managers and leaders, gong provides that appreciation for their hard work.

4. A positive vibe around the Sales Floor

Gong sounds very cool and surely brings a positive feeling around the workspace.

How can you introduce a Gong Moment in your company?

You can make a list of the targets that you want to achieve and are really important to you as an organization. It can be anything. From reaching 1 million in ARR to finding the right sales manager that will lead the sales reps. 

Also, you can set a time and duration of the Gong Moments so that people are well informed and can manage their time accordingly. 

Be it any large organization or an SMB, or even a bootstrapped startup in the valley, the below team members can always cherish the Gong Moments.

Human Resource Executives

Recruiters help a lot in finding the right talent for the organization. When that one position they have been looking for in the market and job portals, finally accept the job offer, its a huge win for them and that can be a Gong Moment for them.

Also, when the accounts team announce that the profits have reached a new high.

Sales Managers

When the quarter ends or the customer finally pays the high ticket, with a note that the target has been achieved, the sales managers definitely can have their little Gong Moment.

Even the Sales Rep, when they finally, after months of hunting the customer, get the return.

Product Team

The long-awaited new update release finally comes out that everyone has been waiting for finally comes out. This needs to be celebrated. 

Customer Team

They are the people who keep your customers happy every day by interacting and solving their queries every day. Even they have their own targets and deadlines. Achieving them should be considered as a huge success and often celebrated by the Gong Moment. 

Marketing Team

Marketing teams are the one that opens the door for the sales team by helping them fill their pipeline. From outreaching the prospects to finding the influencers, marketing teams can enjoy their gong moments.

Do you always need that Physical Gong?

Well, we already have talked about the reasons why a Gong is important. But we all are into the same storm of COVID-19 and companies have started working remotely. With these situations, how do you keep your sales team motivated? 

There are tools that offer virtual gongs like Vincit and Ambition which will help your team stay motivated and connected always. Your team should remember the appreciation and celebration that follows.

Also, small startups and Saas companies that do not need a large office space and multiple cubicles, they can opt for the virtual tools we mentioned above.

Often we forget the time we spend when we are celebrating. Celebrating should not affect the productivity and efficiency of your team.

The motive behind the Gong should be clear and informed to all the members. One cannot take a toll on the numbers during these moments.

Where can I get these Gongs?

We found some of the sites that sell Gong and you can check them out below.

TheGongShop: You can get the best of the Gongs under this website. Affordable and amazing Gongs.

Amazon: Check the vendor and read the reviews while buying, also look out for your preferences.

Gongs-Unlimited: They have the most unique and big Gongs that are idle for any organization. 

There are a lot of shopping sites that sell amazing Gongs.

But you need to buy as per your need. If you have a smaller and a shared office buying a massive sales gong could be accidental. 

You don't want to celebrate and announce your wins when the guy next door already has raised an eyebrow on you.

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