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Aarti Nair
May 10, 2022
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May 10, 2022
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A sales call is the most important part of the sales process. It is very important to record all sales calls so that you can review them after the call. Many sales reps keep recordings of their calls on their laptops or phones, which is unreliable because your device can crash or have other problems. Your sales calls must be automatically recorded and stored in a centralized database.

A sales rep should be able to listen to their call from the comfort of their desk, sofa, and from the workcation location, they are working from. 

You can use a call recording and storage system like Convin to store your sales calls for later review and learning.

But did you know that sales call data can actually help you build trust in your audience and customers?

Yes, you heard us right; using the sales call data, you can actually become the trusted advisors for your prospects, but before we tell you why it is important to build trust for selling.

Why is Selling all about Trust?

Selling is a people-driven business and is fundamentally based on mutual relationships. A successful salesperson must be able to form leads from all walks of life and grow their customer base because that is what will eventually build their business and lead to more transactions in the future. 

Sales require that salespeople pay attention to their client's needs in each unique situation, build relationships and make their customers feel comfortable with the knowledge that they are addressing correctly. 

If, instead, that same salesperson just focuses too much on pushing products, they sacrifice building trust with everyone who had initially trusted them to begin with for a fair price. This can potentially cost them in the long run! 

Their business may become slow as a result or even non-existent.

Using data to create trust during a sales call

Everyone sells; we all sell things to each other every day. We've got salespersons selling products, we've got people selling ideas, we've got volunteers selling their time, and all of us do it, each and every day. It's part of what makes us human.

 We're all selling. We just do it differently.

Now, what makes the top salesperson different from the rest of the sellers?

Top salespeople don’t try to sell their products. They instead try to become the trusted advisor of their potential customers. Now you must be thinking, how do they do that?

Take a minute and think about how you gain the trust of anyone in your life?

One of the most straightforward answers you must have is knowing them better and building trust over time with your actions and words aligned with their interests and beliefs.

And that is precisely what the top performers do!

They get to know their customers by using social listening tools and re-listening to all call recordings and use this data to increase the interactivity of sales conversations.

By leveraging the sales call data, they understand the customers,

  • Liked
  • Dislikes
  • Pain points
  • Challenges
  • Competitor’s offerings and product features 

And use this data to strong-arm their sales pitch and prospecting efforts.

When the customers feel that the sales reps are aware of their challenges even before they can articulate them, they trust them to give the best advice, which just means more sales for your business.

Apart from this, there are many advantages of using sales call data. Let’s see them in detail.


Want to see call analytics in action instead?

What are the advantages of leveraging sales call data?

Understanding Customers

As we have already told you before that the sales call consists of crucial customer intelligence like:

  • Pain points
  • Customer interests
  • Challenges
  • Likes and dislikes

And customer intelligence not just helps your marketing team in better-attracting customers that would actually convert but also helps sales reps in flowing and winding the sales calls.

Uncovering cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

By the time sales calls are audited, the deals are already out of the table.

By using a sales call analytic tool like Convin, you can uncover cross-selling opportunities as well as up-selling opportunities and better pitch your products and services to the customers.

Sales training and onboarding

New hires can simply listen to call recordings and learn from actual calls:

  •  the sales techniques 
  • Scriptwriting tips
  • Understand customers
  • Best practices 
  • Company’s products and offerings
  • Objection handling
  • Negotiation tricks, etc

And all this without having to shadow other sales reps and disrupting their call process and flow. 

Track sales performance

Sales call data analytics also helps in determining and tracking the effectiveness of sales reps' customer engagement as well as tracking their performance.

Using a tracking software like Convin, you can check their every call score and performance which is based on their responses, interactivity, product knowledge, and other custom parameters.

Sales call data is the holy grail for sellers.

Sales today are all about creating trust between the seller and the buyer. Customer data is more powerful than ever, but harnessing its true potential remains a challenge for many sales and marketing teams. There’s nothing more powerful than knowing what your customers want and using that to your advantage. In fact, our software is built around the goal of integrating data into every aspect of your sales strategy. 

By using data to drive your sales calls, you will have a huge advantage over your competition. With the right data, you can create more demand and fill more sales opportunities. If you’re interested in learning more about using data to drive your sales strategy, please contact us anytime at 

Thank you again for reading; we hope this blog post helps you improve your sales process!

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