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Aarti Nair
May 14, 2022
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May 14, 2022
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We all know that sales training is a very crucial step for ensuring the sales reps ramp up and improve their sales number, but with outdated methods, this process ends up taking the back seat or is usually sub-par.

It is like using an outdated Nokia phone even when iPhones are available in the market.

What the sales reps actually require is sales coaching and not just traditional sales training, but without a blueprint of how to personalize and streamline the process, sales reps end up learning old, outdated sales techniques which is not at all aligned with the current trends or with what the customers are asking for in the calls.

Most of the time, the plethora of information available online is very general and not aligned with the niche industry and target audience when we all know the selling method changes as per the product, country, and the niche industry.

This is why using a call analytics-based platform is very important for understanding the market and training the sales reps. Industries have used conversation intelligence to audit customer engagement because of which the full potential of the solution is rarely utilized.

But even while utilizing the solution what most sales leaders neglect or forget is “why” and “how” the training is being given and most of the focus remains on “what” to train.

In this blog, we will look at the “what,” “why,” and “how” framework of sales training, along with some additional tips to better train your sales reps. But before we do that, let's see the features of conversation intelligence that make it a must tool to have for sales coaching.

Or check our Sales Gambit video on how to build a sales stack for a winning sales team.

Why use Convin’s sales training platform? + tips

60% of sales reps are more likely to leave their jobs if their manager is a poor coach. - CSO Insights

Convin’s sales training is first and foremost not just a sales training platform but an all in all platform for assisted sales which records, transcribes, and analyzes sales conversations for uncovering crucial sales and business data along with training sales reps.

Here are a few features and reasons that make the Convin sales training platform a must tool to have in 2022 for sales training.

Fast track call review and auditing process

As an entrepreneur, you want to know that you're making the best decisions for growing your business, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming knowing that you have to do everything yourself. 

For example, when it comes down to listening in on your company's sales calls and reviewing them every Friday during your weekly meeting with the sales team, there are some tasks that could be done more quickly, accurately, efficiently, and effectively by increasing the amount of time your business spends on technology. 

By working with a call monitoring service like Convin, you'll know that all of these duties of looking into your company's sales calls will exist completely taken care of so as to make room for what is really important - expanding your company and keeping track of the numbers!

Active deal and sales performance feedback

Listen in on the sales calls to your direct reps to make and give feedback, tips, and coaching while they are still active.

By catching them in real-time, you can address concerns before they turn into challenges, which will help give your sales team all the tools they need to get their numbers up by the end of their quarter.

Create and save a winning sales playbook.

It's tough being successful. 

It is also true for successful salespeople who have a history of racking up close deals and meeting or exceeding their quota. Make sure you invest in them and give them the time they need to help achieve common goals. By letting your movers and shakers share their winning strategy with newbie reps by creating the best call library with Convin, you allow them to help set those around them up for success too!

Advice for success: Don't keep your secrets to yourself. Compile a list of your biggest wins and add them to your sales training program. Sharing your successful strategies with new hires so they can inspire confidence in themselves and help them adopt the right skills and traits needed to meet or exceed their sales targets by the time they've become seasoned experts.

Train your sales reps with actionable insights.

With the power of AI and natural language processing techniques, Convin helps you create and monitor a training program that allows your sales reps to develop an effective online sales strategy! 

Leverage call insights to inform coaching recommendations, pinpoint wins quickly, and scale training impact. Even track sales reps' soft skills, and call skills with the help of Convin’s call scoring system.

Now that you know “how Convin can help” with the sales training program, let’s get into the “what,” “why,” and “how” of the sales training program.

Why is sales training a crucial element for sales growth?

For salespeople to embrace sales training, it's vital that managers build a learning culture where participants can voice their needs. This begins with the manager developing an understanding that coaching is supportive and not critical. As such, managers should begin by highlighting skills in which reps excel as well as identifying a few areas for improvement.

And this can only happen with the 3 A’s framework:

  • Ask first: Ask sales reps about their work, challenges, and any training they think is essential for them to do their job better.
  • Actively listen: Listen to their answers and sales calls to understand the challenges they face in every call and deal closure.
  • Assumption: Don’t start the training with the bad intentions or to put a rep down, but rather with the intention of rep and the company’s growth.

What to focus on in sales training?

It is vital to focus on areas that lend themselves to training. For the most part, these include sales and product knowledge, as well as opportunity management. Conversation intelligence technology can greatly assist managers and employees with important insights in these areas by analyzing customer conversations and speculating where improvements can be made based on regularities in the ways customers use products and how they talk about them.

Lastly, how to approach sales training?

Follow the following steps to ensure streamlined sales training:

  1. Identify the challenges and areas that need improvement
  2. Listen and go through call reports and recordings
  3. Provide feedback after every sales call
  4. Provide opportunities to test sales skills by creating sales games and programs
  5. Follow up regularly.

Apart from this, sales managers must also determine how to allocate coaching time. 

The highest ROI is based on coaching middle performers, where skills coaching can help an average-performing rep become a top performer.

He could also try asking the performance analyst to identify which leads need nurturing more urgently.

And lastly, we want to say:

Convin is the future of sales – are you ready for it? 

Never again will you have to listen to a scratchy, annoying voicemail that takes forever to get through. With Convin, all prospect calls will automatically be transcribed so your team can work quickly to identify and reinforce selling tactics.

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