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A Complete Guide On Call Center Software–Everything you need to Know About Convin’s Contact Center Automation Engine

Rimlee Patgiri
November 24, 2022
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November 24, 2022
Table of Content:

Can you guess a central point from which all omnichannel customer journeys and customer support activities start? 

If your answer is call centers, you are correct!

Call centers originated in the 1960s. 

It was also the era when businesses started building trust in these units to ensure potential prospects' smooth transition to successful customers. 

But the journey of call centers only improved over time as companies started comprehending the importance of connecting with clients. Over the years, clients began to appreciate a good customer experience in their buying journey. 

However, with increasing demands for call center agents, managers and leaders had to adapt to this versatile market. Also, call center conversations are a treasure of informative data that can create actionable insights. These insights, in turn, can kickstart many new opportunities that could boost sales. 

Hence, an incredible innovation was introduced- conversation intelligence software to save the day. 

Convin leveraged the conversation intelligence technology to build an automated contact center solution for agents, managers and leaders. 

Today, you’ll learn about Convin’s contact center automation capabilities. We’ll walk you through -

  • Everything you need to know about the Convin contact center product capabilities
  • Common use cases of Convin software for every contact center
  • Why Convin?

Let’s dive straight into our contact center product discussion.

Would you like to get a quick idea of what our product does? 

We bet you do!

Everything you need to know about the Convin products

Convin monitors and analyzes 100% of calls automatically based on custom parameters set by your organization. The conversation analysis offers 100% call auditing, winning behavior identification, and last-mile automated agent coaching

Convin stands tall on four contact center product capabilities -

Automated Quality Assurance Conversation Behavior Analysis Automated Agent Coaching Conversation Intelligence
Fast track call scoring, and eliminate random call sampling. Review and score 100% of customer conversations based on a custom scorecard. Repeat business-winning behavior and actions by generating winning probability from patterns, trends, alerts, and violations, in customer conversations. Elevate agent performance with personalized coaching and assessment at scale. Replicate top-performing calls into coaching moments. Uncover conversation insights that need attention by 100% call recording, transcription, and analysis of customer calls.

Let us understand each product capability one by one -

  1. Automated Quality Assurance, a.k.a Auto QA
    Research says that out of all the call center calls, only 1.4%-1.8% go through QA. Moreover, manual quality auditing is time-consuming and can burn a hole in your pocket. 
    On average, the QA team single-handedly takes care of more than 20-30 calls a day. So, the total number of calls that happen throughout the day can be strenuous to undergo QA. 
    Manual auditing has its cons–It encourages random and smaller sampling. The QA score is human-driven, biased, inaccurate, and inconsistent. 
    To save time, cost, and effort, scaling companies should invest in 100% call monitoring. Convin brings automated quality assurance to the table.
Custom call audit forms used by companies to evaluate agent performance.

Automated quality assurance features:

  • Automatically review and score 100% customer calls, chats, and emails based on a custom scorecard.
  • As an option, auditors can manually review and score conversations.
  • Along with AI score, call quality statistics are presented for every call highlighting talk ratio, talk speed, filler rate, etc.
  • Get access to customer sentiment and emotion analysis along with scores.
  • Managers can comment on transcripts and offer feedback on conversation parameters.
  • Commenting can be performed in text, audio and video format.
  • Agents receive scores and feedback by email.
Convin automatically generates customer sentiment analysis and quality statistics after completion of call monitoring process.

Benefits of Auto QA

  • Fast track conversation review and eliminate random call sampling & human bias. 
  • Generate consistent, accurate, and efficient results. 
  • Spend relatively less on manual QA.
  • Identify bottlenecks in contact centers
  • Discover top and poor performers
  • Take corrective measures to improve agent performance and productivity proactively. 
  • Monitor compliance and take timely actions.
Automated QA support for chats and email for all Convin users.
  1. Conversation Behavior Analysis
    Often, a voluntary action or word can bid goodbye to the customer once and for all. On the contrary, an unexpected phrase or behavior exhibited in the conversation can win their hearts.
Conversation behavior analysis helps win-loss reviews and prompts best practices for successful customer interactions.

Our call center software–Convin, detects important phrases, actions, and behaviors that can be used as repeatable assets to replicate winning behaviors.

Conversation Behaviour Analysis features:

  • Win probability correlation: Customer conversations are automatically classified as win and loss parameters. Repeats business-winning behavior and actions by generating winning probability from patterns, trends, alerts, and violations, in customer conversations.
  • Customer Intelligence: Make better business decisions from rich customer insights. The solution covers three aspects of the customer intelligence dashboard to offer these insights:
  1. Insights by Convin - Conversations data is analyzed on seven unique factors: Reasons, Questions, Objections, Geography, Product, Sentiment, and Competition.
  2. Discover the Unknown - A comprehensive word cloud analysis uncovering different words/phrases occurring in conversations, individual analysis, and the option to custom track.
  3. Custom Tracking - Tracking the occurrence of different words across channels and accounts with Win/Loss bifurcation to get insights.
Illustration of customer intelligence dashboard showing insights by Convin.

Benefits of Conversation Behavior Analysis

  • Agents perform better with winning behavior recommendations.
  • Eliminate losing actions and compliance violations early.
  • Create call scripts, discover missing and hidden components, and update the script based on market insights.
  • Structure the correct call flow for customer conversations at different buying stages.
  • Extract hidden factors that positively or negatively impact customer conversations.
  • Decipher which call quality component in the scoring sheet deserves higher weightage.
  • Identify competitor/s replacing you in the market.
  • Uncover products or services that outperformed or got dismissed by customers.
  • Find which call activities(e.g., handle time, response time, time of the day, etc.) are appreciated by customers.
Illustration of customer intelligence dashboard showing Discover the unknown behavior.
  1. Automated Agent Coaching
    Learning is a constant process, and every call center agent needs to fine-tune their performance from time to time. But coaching in a call center situation is either a neglected or delayed task. Managers and coaches barely find time to invest in coaching. Even if they do, due to multiple other jobs looming on them, the quality of manual coaching is not at par. Convin is trying to help call centers shift from people-incentive coaching to automated peer-to-peer coaching.
Automated agent coaching elevates agent productivity and ramp up time by 60%.
Agent coaching dashboard of Convin displaying the progress of each agent and the leaderboard comparison of all agents.

Automated agent coaching features:

  • Automated, targeted, custom, and personalized coaching for agents.
  • Share snippets from top-performing calls as coaching moments.
  • Get complete visibility into team and agent performance. 
  • Monitor call quality metrics and automated AI scores of individual agents. 
  • Identify will or skill issues in each agent.
  • Sort the contact center top and bottom performers. 
  • Encourage self-coaching with suggestions being displayed in emails and agent dashboards.
  • Use Assessments to evaluate and track agent’s progress and understanding of of a particular session.
  • Monitor coaching progress on a comprehensive dashboard.
  • Access the team leaderboard to get a clear and comparative picture of where agents stand.
  • Add manual coaching instances(files and videos) and assign it to all agents or a few agents.
  • Create a knowledge base in the form of Library and store multiple files with supporting call snippets.
Assessment with automated agent coaching helps you evaluate and track an agent’s progress.

Benefits of Automated Coaching:

  • Elevate agent performance and productivity with personalized coaching at scale.
  • Improve call quality score of agents to 85%
  • Remove human dependency with automated peer-to-peer coaching
  • Ramp-up new joiners faster and cut down time by 60%.
  • Improve importance of customer experience metrics such as average handling time (AHT), first-contact resolution (FCR), and customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  1. Conversation intelligence
    Imagine a scenario where you could find all the eyes and ears of information needed to enhance business sales. What if that information could analyze vast quantities of calls, transcribe the speeches, depict the tone, interactions, and much more? This is a reality today after decades of speech-to-text evolution. 
    Conversation Intelligence
    provides 100% call recording and transcription followed by an analysis that generates actionable insights. This information can improve performance, boost sales, and promote business growth.
    Conversation data can be easily integrated into the sales stack for various activities, including audits, feedback, and coaching. Call monitoring becomes the go-to place for all the data required to create a personalized sales playbook pertaining to diverse businesses.
Convin dashboard generates reports that contain actionable insights

Conversation intelligence features:

  • Automatically run 100% call recording, transcription, and analysis of customer calls.
  • Differentiate calls as Good, Average and Need attention basis a call script. 
  • Generate reports that contain actionable insights. 
  • Reports can be customized according to parameters, agents, teams, and calls. Add any of the custom variables to the reports.
  • Access past recordings for review and conflict identification.
  • Jump to key moments in recorded calls and further analyze valuable discussions. 
  • Identify keywords, topics discussed, and action items.
  • Build a digital sales playbook with call recordings.
  • Automatically populate call notes in your CRM.
  • Investigate deal status, market trends, customer behavior, and agent performance–all under the same roof.

Conversation intelligence benefits:

  • Uncovers conversation insights that need attention.
  • Be an active listener. Take advantage of automated transcriptions and notes.
  • Automatically populate call notes in your CRM.
  • Improve follow-ups and call prep with comprehensive notes.
  • Access role-based reports and dashboards to accelerate decision-making.
  • Collect honest feedback on various topics, including products, agents, services, and more.
  • Make coaching decisions with automatic call statistics and call scores.

Some use cases of Convin software you should know.

Now that you have a thorough idea of Convin products, let’s discuss some use cases to show you how Convin makes life easier.

How contact centers benefit from Convin?
  1. Convin in Sales
    Increase close rates by 21% by investing in a solution that simultaneously improves agents' performance while assisting in delivering an exceptional customer experience.
    Now, bid farewell to manual note-taking. With Convin, sales reps can sit back and do the listening while Convin automatically pushes data to the CRM. 
    With the data pushed out by Convin, sales managers can build customer-centric sales scripts and call strategies by comprehending customer intentions and needs.
    Convin also aids in providing feedback on areas of improvement like monologue duration, patience level, objection handling, discussion points, etc. 
    Replicate words, actions, and phrases that win more revenue and select communication rules that build trust and shorten the deal cycle.
AI in sales shortens the deal cycle
  1. Convin in Support
    Stop worrying about customer experience issues like long hold times, delayed responses, poor product knowledge, and misleading information sharing. Convin takes care of all these challenges without letting a single hiccup get your way. 
    Good customer experience management can boost your business, making outcomes 3x more achievable. 
    Some perks include increasing CSAT by 27%, reducing handle time by 56 secs, resolving queries on the first call, handling customer queries better, and managing high-quality conversations.
AI in customer support reduces call handle time by 56 secs.
  1. Convin in Collections
    Collections can be a tiresome process. On top of the time-bound calls, compliance can be a tricky boundary to maintain. 
    With Convin, improve collections rate by 17% by assisting agents in honing debt collection skills that expedite repayment and prevent repeated payment delinquency. 
    Convin’s call monitoring software aids in the collection process while pertaining to compliance monitoring. Convin’s contact center software aligns collection agents for soft skill and technical skill coaching sessions.
    From tracking defaulters, negotiating settlements, enacting repayment plans, and persuasion skills, Convin arranges special coaching sessions for each unique case. Agents can counter difficult clients with the right set of techniques to encourage debt repayment that is appropriate for their situation.
Call monitoring software helps in debt collections.
  1. Convin in Compliance
    Preventing complacency in matters of compliance and regulations is a good practice. Tracking down compliance violations and taking immediate action to avoid lawsuits and hefty fines should be at the forefront of companies.
    Convin’s contact center software enables agents to adhere to 100% compliance trends using customizable parameters.  
    From an agent’s perspective, the compliance monitoring feature aids in utilizing automated coaching to train themselves on repeat disclosures and ethical practices, adhere to call scripts, and learn top-performing skill sets. 
    On the other hand, leaders and managers can closely track, monitor, and fix compliance violations, behavioral anomalies, customer complaints, negative customer sentiments, and similar red signals.

Why Convin?

Convin is an AI-backed conversation intelligence software that uses natural language processing.

Let’s start from the beginning. 

You may already have a contact center with the required workforce to handle everyday tasks. Everything must be taken care of, from inbound to outbound calls, customer services, and clarifying information. 

However, is there a slight chance that operations are not streamlined? Even more so, could there be the slightest chance for performance going downhill?

Here are some factors to consider while answering - ‘Why Convin’?

  1. Beating cut-throat competition
    We dwell in a versatile market today, and the competition is stiff. With the competition on the brim and numerous similar products/services in the market, Convin makes sure you stand outside the box. 
    With Convin, human-intrinsic tasks are replaced by AI which saves time, provides quality, and leads to better outputs.
  1. Boosts sales
    As mentioned earlier, Convin aids in boosting sales. But the question is how?
    Through peer-to-peer coaching, a sales rep can always get a hold of his/her performance, understand the pros and cons of speech and end up promoting improved sales.
  1. Better customer experience
    A salesforce research, 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience.
    Just as much as increased sales are profitable to businesses, customer retention and churn rate are cut from the same cloth.
    Convin carries out compliance monitoring and lets businesses set customized parameters to prevent violations.
  1. Empower Agents
    Call center reps can often feel exhausted and overburnt by the constant calling and rejections. Even if they do everything the right way, sales call become tedious.
    If not completely, a considerable percentage of this challenge can be tackled by Convin. Through Convin, call center agents can use the insights to understand their customer conversations better.
    Convin reflects on the mistakes or areas of improvement, making it easier for agents to perform better.

In short, contact center software can be the tool that will upgrade your call center and help you step up ahead of your competitors. Want to take the first step to unleash the full potential of your call center? Sign up today!


  1. Does Convin support traditional phone calls along with cloud-based calls?
    No, Convin doesn't support traditional phone calls directly, as it only supports cloud-based telephony along with web conferencing calls like Google meet, zoom, etc.
    However, traditional phone calls are supported with a limited number of devices.
  1. Can the admins configure the parameters for compliance monitoring themselves?

    Many things are running in the backend, so the user doesn't have direct access to configure the violation parameters. However, users can always probe their requests, and the Convin team will take care of the configurations as per requirements. Moreover, the admin can change configurations like who should receive the alerts or which calls they want to send alerts for.
  1. What happens if a violation takes place in the Convin software by an employee?

    If a violation takes place by an agent, a violation alert from the Convin call monitoring software is triggered to the supervisor automatically in the form of an email.
  1. What are the violations in Convin call center software?

    The violation feature in Convin prompts the managers or supervisors when agents breach any parameters established by the company. These custom parameters can include moments when an agent wasn't being empathetic, being abusive, not closing a sales call well, etc.
  1. If we have traditional telephony, can Convin integrate our system without taking data into the cloud?

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to analyze without not transferring the data into the cloud. However, a requirement-specific FTP can be established, and cloud-based transfers can be carried out.
  1. How does Convin solve manual auditing?

    Automatically increase the call audit coverage from 2-3% to 100%. Through Convin, managers/auditors can review 5x more calls manually, all at once.
  1. What is the customer intelligence feature in Convin?

    Convin's customer intelligence features help businesses to recognize direct competitors, customer behavior, and winning target keywords through customer conversations.
  1. Is there a PI masking mechanism available in Convin contact center software?

    Yes, Convin enables masking of PI data as per requirement. Any particular information to be made confidential can be coordinated with Convin, which is reviewed and masked accordingly.
  1. Does Convin have the capability to monitor chat transactions as well?

    Yes, apart from voice monitoring, Convin monitors chat and email transactions.
  1. What languages can Convin call center software support?

    Convin supports English, Hindi, and Hinglish. Furthermore, Convin will be supporting more languages starting from regional languages.
  1. Can Convin monitor voices with a different accent?

    Yes, as long as the language is English, Hindi, and Hinglish, Convin can detect different accents.
  1. How will the managers or supervisors connect with the agents regarding the Convin feedback?

    By default, the agents can be kept in the loop for feedback through email and chat. However, it is also possible to integrate through other platforms as per company requirements.
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