8 Advantages Of Using A Cloud-Based Platform For Sales Training

Aarti Nair
June 27, 2022
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June 27, 2022
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There's no turning back once you sign up to the sales team! 

Your sole goal is to give the best performance for the company's success.

But how is it different from other departments? 

Your sales team is the linchpin between prospective customers and the company in promoting their product, service, or brand. Meaning they should know about all these through and through when they pitch or do sales calling. 

With a proper sales training program, your sales team can ace the skills of becoming proficient reps who can generate leads and the company’s success.

A great sales training program strengthens the team to focus on what matters when working together and close deals as easily as recounting ABC. 

When you’re running short of time, is it possible to do so considering the busyness of work-life? 

Virtual sales training comes into play in bringing all in one place when everyone is restricted by time and changing the market’s scenarios calling the business to go digital. Probably you’re already on the cloud that you never knew!

Need for a cloud sales training software

If you want to know what and how the sales training platform works?

Just click here!

With an online sales training platform, you can fit everyone’s schedule and conduct effective sales coaching. All you need is a systematic online sales plan that makes the learning convenient, flexible, and accessible to everyone.

Everyone deserves to be mentored to perform better, which is the ultimate goal for the business. At any given point, the sales rep should be able to gain knowledge and equip themselves to stand on par with the competitors in sealing every deal that comes their way and ever ready to face the changing market demands. 

A good cloud sales training software makes B2B sales training possible, ensuring everyone benefits from the training even if all can’t fit in one call. Based on convenience, you can schedule a call or provide information based on their needs.

You can't rush your learning process. It isn't a one-day affair, and one of the best ways to do slow and steady learning is to catch up on online training, where you're not time-bound and pick what you want at your pace. For instance, a content library with pre-approved content is easy to access and helpful for every member.

How do you track the participation of the members in the learning process?

There's something called training management, where you can track the usability of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to measure training effectiveness.

All you need to know about in-demand cloud computing

Cloud computing gained importance in the last few years when the business pushed to the digital world. With the world moving more towards content, there was a need for the organization to keep their important information and programs instead of storing them on in-house computers and eating up the storage. 

FYI, The system of cloud-based operation isn’t a new thing. The awareness and need for the solution compelled people to get used to the overall cloud system for everyday operations.

Cloud computing is a sought-after technology to manage and secure content easily. Cloud provides a central storage location from where anyone, including the potential prospects, can access the company's information. 

With more space, you can simplify content sharing and managing when dealing with large data. Everyday sales operation may look like a walk in a park when everything is streamlined and accessible.

You can’t the huge volumes of data on your office PCs and expect seamless and superfast operation. Remote sales training assistance is all you need regarding the sales team, which is constantly on the go. Using a cloud-based platform, learning and accessing data from anywhere becomes easier.

You might wonder why you need cloud-based learning. It takes place in a virtual space and is not linked to any computer. Whereas, in e-learning sites, you have to download or even pay for modules. Hence, online sales training is the best go-to option.

You barely get time to attend group training or on-site sales training programs, which calls for something that you access with cloud technology. Regardless of the place and medium, you can still take hold of the data. 

To keep bulk data and free your device storage, you’re already using some cloud computing technologies: Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc. As much as it’s beneficial for the business, it is convenient for personal purposes.

8 Perks of doing sales training on a cloud-based platform:

1. Accessible, flexible, and portable:

Every sales rep has devices that can easily use smart devices that can easily pair with others, including the clients—using cloud-based learning benefits all in such cases. 

Without switching or buying new gadgets, you can train yourself to access cloud resources. The device's portability makes the learning handy that you can benefit from any time.

B2b sales training online doesn't require you to download, install, or buy hardware, and all you need is to log in and access from anywhere– while traveling, at home, while on the job, or even with the prospects.

Another importance of using an online sales training program is you can take the course at your pace. It's not about who completes it first; instead, how effectively the reps grasp the training and put it into practice in the everyday sales process.

2. Always updated:

The current market is ever-shifting. The sooner the company follows up on the changes and adapts to the environment, the sooner the progress. 

Being at the forefront and facing the prospects, the sales team needs to know what they are looking for through proper market research. As a sales professional, you need to tap into the current change.

External changes need to be reflected in the workflow. Every team has to be updated, but it this impossible in a current setting to have a quick on-field gathering to update changes.

The cloud-based tool makes it happen! The changes are implemented then and there without affecting the training process. Using cloud sales training software, you can ensure everyone’s on the same page, focused, and catching up with the change.

The centrality of the content becomes an access point for the managers to make the required changes and reinstate the action. 

3. Manage the remote sales operation:

Usually, the sales team is stretched across the world. Cloud-based learning brings everyone under one umbrella without considering the geographical barriers.

With the right tool, you can go beyond borders to The sales team, usually scattered across different locations. Geographical boundaries no longer come in the way of business operations anymore. Shoot your emails or ping them because they are just one click away!

Use a cloud-based sales training platform to manage and track your global sales remotely. Top-notch companies worldwide do the same. Keeping their content on the centralized platform and training them from one corner of the world has become a doodle!

If you think monitoring and measuring the performance of the sales reps is rocket science, know that your platform will take you there! You can check out the timely updates, instant modifications, crystal clear coordinations, cluttered data, meaning collaborations, and closing of deals - all possible with the support of the cloud-integrated business.

At some point, if you feel stuck, you can always intimate your team lead about a particular session and clear all the clouds. These days, there is enough technology support for communication that you can integrate into your learning process. 

4. Provide a prompt message:

In the fast-paced world, it’s quite possible to get derailed from your own priorities because of the plans that pop up from nowhere that distract you from detailed learning. You need an online sales learning platform where it’s possible to take in piece by piece.

You don’t have to swallow the content in one go. Practically, it’s impossible because nobody has the bandwidth to digest a large chunk of information.

Providing knowledge nuggets, a small piece of information constantly shared to excite the interest of the learning community, makes the pace of learning slow, steady, and instant viewing.    

With their busy and sometimes unpredictable schedules, sales professionals look for bite-sized information, a smaller portion to elevate efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity at work. 

Content delivered on cloud platforms is suitable for the team when facing a time crunch. The updated information under the “just in time” concept helps big time, enabling the reps to refresh their learning and stay ahead of the pack.

As a sales caller, you can just glimpse the latest features and specialties while pitching the prospects and keep the interaction going.

5. Strong back-up:

Cloud-based platforms are easy to use on any smart device. While you risk losing your device storage, the cloud guarantees you the safety of content storage for the long term.

You rest assured knowing your content is stored in a centralized location on the internet and can’t be stolen or destroyed because of unforeseen circumstances. You can take no stress because there’s no risk of losing content at any cost. At any point, if you lose the device or login credential, you can still access it.

Online backup ensures your device battery stays long-lasting and data less consuming—no more external drives or internal memories when you have storage for a lifetime.

6. Secure content accessibility privacy:

Data security in a data-driven world is a must. Your competitor can’t wait to have an eye on what you do to stay ahead. While it’s possible to keep data sacred on the cloud, you should also enable privacy, allowing authorized members to access the data. Not everything you store on the cloud is meant for everyone.

Keeping the data highly confidential and secure is a major concern for every business. When you put security with encryption, it prevents unauthorized access. 

The sales process isn’t easy, especially because the competitors want to stand out. If only they knew what makes you different from the rest, they get the key to unlock your company details, which are supposed to be revealed only to the insiders.

Every bit of content counts, and the only way to retain its value is to keep it safe with the utmost care. Remember, content is the king.

You can enter using the secret pin and manage the content if you're an authorized member. Not every member can edit or add content, and the data is usually encrypted and password protected for additional security.

7. keep track of performance metrics:

Every company has KPIs, i.e., Key Performance Indicators, that help them measure the accomplishments or work in progress. 

Using these tactics, you can track the performance metrics of each sales rep and how much time they are consuming, from training and pitching to the closing of deals. 

Cloud-based training helps you dive into the real insights of each trainee to find them right where they are in their learning and equip them for higher goals.

The insights of training help the manager make better decisions towards growth. You can use the analytics and score them for performance motivation. As managers, you can view the time consumed from targets assigned to their achievement. 

With online training, managers can easily monitor the weekly and monthly performance. Having access to real-time metrics lets you give the right feedback to improve and enhance sales performance. 

8. Stay fresh to your stakeholders and clients:

Accurate information is crucial while presenting your product to clients and stakeholders. You can't bring stale content to the table and expect the well-read clients to glimpse them. 

It doesn't matter how well you cook; food is loved when it's fresh to eat. The same goes for your content or data. 

Real-life information is all you need, whether it's a product demo or coaching the newbies.

At that moment, the presented information must be accurate and up to date. For this reason, sales teams prefer cloud computing to store presentation decks and videos. 

Any changes made by the manager to original content come in handy to the sales reps, and they can access and show it to the client. 

The credibility of your business and product increases when you, as a salesman, know it in and out.

The dream of every sales professional is to deliver a compelling sales pitch, get that valued customer on board, and meet the company's needs. 

You, as a rep, are part of a bigger plan, which is significant when you're armed with the right platform that supports your dream.

Finding the right way to virtual commute is necessary in the digital world. Time plays a big role in business, and when you move fast, you have competitive advantages.

Bring the sales team together for a planned training program that they can access even when busy. For instance, you can train them through podcasts. 

A good cloud-based platform ensures the sales training material is placed at one central location, safe from piracy, accessed only by authorized connections, and up to date to face the competition. 

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