Least Occupied Agent

Least Occupied Agent

Hi, I’m Conviner - your call center terminology assistant. I’m super excited to discuss what least occupied agent is in a call center.

The "Least Occupied Agent" is a mathematical concept used to distribute tasks evenly among a group of agents, ensuring fair workloads. It's not about secret agents but optimizing efficiency and fairness in task allocation

1. What is least occupied agent in call centers?

In call centers, the term "least occupied agent (LOA)" refers to the agent with the fewest ongoing or incoming calls at a particular time. This metric determines which agent is available to handle additional calls or assign new tasks. 

The (LOA) least occupied agent is typically the one who has completed their previous call or is in between calls, making them ready to handle new customer inquiries or tasks. Assigning calls to the least occupied agent helps ensure efficient call distribution and minimizes wait times for customers.

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