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Here’s Why Call Monitoring Software Frameworks are Super Important.

Mayank Dixit
August 18, 2022
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August 18, 2022
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Operations are running great at your contact center and there is nothing you can think of going wrong. A few years down the line, you start noticing something odd.

The retention rate is dropping, agents are finding it hard to convert the leads etc. You take certain steps but nothing seems to work. What’s wrong?

Customers are always looking for a ‘better experience in today's world. 

As per a study, nearly 55% of customers state that most companies need to pull their socks to provide a unique experience. 

So when more than half of the customer clan join in on a cause, you know they mean business. So, how can you tackle this? 

The root cause may not be immediately visible to you, but we know it has everything to do with the solutions being implemented at your organization such as call coaching software, call center monitoring software etc. 

Today's discussion will cover:

  • What is a Call Center Monitoring Software? 
  • Framework of Call Management Tool Matters!!
  • Why upgrading call center application framework is necessary?
  • An extensive explanation of how call monitoring systems frameworks play out in real-time.
  • The role played by AI contact center solutions like Convin

What is a Call Center Monitoring Software? 

As the name suggests, call center monitoring software is a tool that allows you to record and store all inbound and outbound calls. 

You can later listen to these calls to draw conclusions about your agent's performance and how well they attended to a customer. 

It further provides you insights into the customer response to your policies. You can analyze customer behavior to understand the parts of the call they were most responsive, parts where they were not so enthusiastic etc. 

Additionally, call monitoring software is an extremely helpful tool during call audits and quality audits. 

Framework of Call Management Tool Matters!!

Once the tool is up and running, you’ll have the power of a call quality analyzing platform in the palm of your hand. 

But with great power comes great responsibility!!!

Responsibility in the sense that the analysis drawn about your agent’s performance should be converted into actionable goals for them, achieved via coaching.

But recognizing an agent’s shortcomings and putting them for coaching is not enough!!

Over time, the customer service rep might lose track of the skills learned in coaching sessions. Or the requirement itself changes thanks to a dynamic change in customer buying behavior. 

A report mentions that a whopping 82% of customers highly value human interaction. Hence agents must assist customers in an enhanced manner. 

However, all of this can only be possible if awareness about the framework of your call center monitoring solution is created. 

This way, the framework can be easily tweaked when the situation demands. 

Some commonly followed frameworks are- 

  1. Connecting incoming calls as quickly as possible. The minimum wait time for an average customer should be clearly outlined. 
    You should take care that this time limit is strictly adhered to. 
  1. Finding out the exact need or issue concerning the customer. 
  1. Aiming to reduce the average hold time (AHT). 
  1. Aiming to minimize instances of escalation.
  1. Enquiring whether the customer needs assistance with any other issue before the call ends. 
  2.   Ensuring the agent's actions on the call comply with the set parameters. 

Here’s Why Upgrading Call Center Application Framework is Necessary

We told you above that a call quality monitoring system helps you identify the weak areas of agents and overcome them through coaching. 

Imagine a scenario where, during a call audit, you find out that a critical call recording skipped evaluation and as a result you lost a loyal customer. 

Scary isn’t it? You won’t realize how often this happens. You are also human and it is impossible to analyze each call. 

So instead of missing unsatisfactory calls, you can apply some key frameworks which are marked off as and when they are completed in a particular call. 

It makes your life as a manager relatively easy!! All you have to do is to see which frameworks were not adhered to in a call and then analyze it to obtain actionable insights for your customer service reps.

An Extensive Explanation of How Call Monitoring Systems Frameworks Play Out in Real Time

Let us take you behind the scenes of a customer service call and showcase how implementing certain frameworks can work wonders for your firm. 

A customer can interact with your business from any of the multiple channels you offer. 

Their life cycle begins the moment they place a call and get in touch with any of your customer service reps. 

It might happen that the customer is in the queue and waiting for the agent to get free from another customer. At this moment, your first framework comes into play. 

Don’t make your customers wait for too long. In a study, 80% of respondents mentioned speed as one of the important factors for a unique experience. 

Once the connection is established, agents should not take long to address the customer’s problems and suggest the best solution. 

Although pre-set solutions might work for several customers, certain buyers have unique problems that need customized approaches. 

This can cause a catch-22 situation. If the agent doesn’t spend enough time on this customer, they won’t be able to assist them, hence leaving them unsatisfied. 

But if the customer is put on hold for too long, it impacts their experience. Also, the waiting time for other customers in the queue is further increased. 

The resolution of such a scenario again requires frameworks that make it easier for agents to seek support while being live on the call.

Even after the agent employs all measures, escalation might happen. The customer is referred to a manager or product expert in such a scenario. 

In addition, these professionals have a thorough knowledge of how to deescalate the situation. 

It is clear that these professionals have an essential role to play and hence, similar to agents, need extensive support to offer an on-the-spot resolution to customer queries.  

So you saw how the establishment of frameworks makes customers see your business in a new light. Even if a customer is not satisfied with your assistance, at least you’ll be aware of steps to take to avoid repetition of such instances. 

The role played by AI Contact Center solutions like Convin

No two words in history have impacted industries like artificial intelligence. 

And the call center operations have not remained untouched by its impact!!

For a long time, the industry functioned using legacy mechanisms, but AI has helped call center businesses to place customers at the heart of execution. 

Gen Z customers, surrounded by AI-powered gadgets, are 40% more likely to trust a brand than the previous year. 

The companies with a smooth shift to AI already see the changes. Here’s how it can work for you too. 

  1. AI-enabled chatbots greet your customers when they land on your website. 

These chatbots are useful for guiding customers around your site and assisting them if their query falls under the ‘frequently asked’ category. 

  1. Conversational intelligence platforms use AI to derive deep insights from your recorded calls. 

These platforms can detect parts of the call where the agents used long phrases, parts where customers were not specifically enthusiastic etc. 

  1. With the help of AI, agents can obtain real-time feedback or suggestions based on the lessons from previous conversations. 
  1. AI is also instrumental in ensuring that every agent complies with the established framework. Additionally, it has the capability to flag off any cases of diversion. 
  1. AI-powered platforms lessen the coaching and training time required to bring agents at par with your expectations. 

As the great Shakespeare said, “call monitoring software frameworks are pretty useful man”. 

Okay, he did not say this, but that doesn’t take away the tangibility of call center quality monitoring solution. 

At Convin, we realize the importance of understanding your customers and assisting them to the best of their needs. Hit us up today and uncover the true potential of your business. 

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