Trust conversation intelligence extract valuable customer

Break down complex omnichannel client conversations into digestible transcriptions. Unlock actionable insights from customer intelligence software that drive strategic decisions and business outputs.

Why do contact centers need Conversation Intelligence?

  • Proactively identify agent conversation challenges and fix them at source.
  • Ability to auto-score 100% of agent-customer conversations.
  • Ability to refine conversation strategy.
  • Identify coaching opportunities and boost agent productivity by 3X.
  • Reduce 1/3 rd agent ramp-up time.
  • Reduce routine and manual tasks. Make room for strategic activities.

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Bank upon AI-driven insights that close more deals

Improve seller and agent performance by identifying customer trends and uncovering
critical keywords and topics that reviewers can quickly jump to in recorded conversations.

Effortlessly extract rich
customer insights.

Draw more juice from conversations by analyzing recorded calls. Access past recordings, directly jump to key moments in calls/chats/emails. Identify keywords, topics discussed, and action items. Further, analyze valuable discussions while building a digital sales playbook with call recordings.

Improve seller and agent

Make Generate automatic transcriptions and notes from multi-channel conversations. Be an active listener and take advantage of automated transcriptions or notes. Improve follow-ups and call prep with comprehensive notes. Automatically populate call notes in your CRM

Stay ahead of market and
customer trends.

Pinpoint business patterns and trends in every customer conversation. Investigate deal status, market trends, customer behavior, and agent performance–all under the same roof.Access role-based reports and dashboards to accelerate decision-making.

Take proactive measures
and actions

Track false and misleading information before you lose customer trust. Get automatic violation notifications and take corrective actions before it’s too late. Customize tracking and analyze which activity, behavior, or phrase leads to loss of deals.

How does Convin Work?

Enterprise-grade security & trust

Why Customers Love Us?

Shanti Oppenheimer

Sales Director
Care Connection

Convin's call evaluation is one of the most concise and easy to use interface in comparison to their competition. Additionally, their ability to track terms being used in calls over time and have AI-based recommendations on which words should be followed based on how often they occur is unique compared to their competitors. Convin allows us to leverage our customer conversations for market insights that benefits our go-to-market strategy.

Rishabh Goel

CEO & Founder

Reviewing the recordings is like an athlete watching game-tape to try to improve. Collaboration with management is easy, and my reps are learning so much faster by watching the best.

Aaron Drummond

Account Executive
Place Technology

Having a library of key topics and next steps mentioned by each rep on each call helps streamline coaching moments and 1-1s, this keeps me from bouncing back and forth to programs and gives me more time to coach and help my team perform. Convin has been highly instrumental in our sales team's success and coaching workflows.

Great Companies Love Convin

Convin helps decode and comprehend
conversations in a whole new way.

Uncover meaningful conversation insights and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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